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Tretinoin Microspheres™ 0.04% / 0.1%

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✓ Two strengths | Non-oily water base

✓ Advanced chemical exfoliator peel Retin A Micro Gel

✓ Microsponge® technology – action without irritation

✓ Deeper skin penetration, faster action w/o dryness & redness

✓ Strong acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation fighter

✓ Proven to help you get the powerful results you want

✓ Reputable manufacturer J&J Janssen

Retin A Micro Gel 0.1% is a high-quality cosmeceutical included in the retinoids family and made by reputable Janssen (Johnson&Johnson daughter company). Designed to be applied on the skin to help reduce acne including whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples, as well as aging signs.

Retino-A Tretinoin gel microsphere is a microsponge formulation containing 0.04% or 0.1% all-trans retinoic acid for the topical treatment of acne, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging.

Size: 15g / 0.53oz
Brand name: Retin-A Micro Gel, Atralin, Renova, Avita, Supatret, Signatret, Trunex MS

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What is Retin A Micro Gel 0.1 microsphere?

Retino-A Micro® gel uses a patented technology Microsponge® (methyl methacrylate/glycol methacrylate cross polymer porous microspheres) for better delivery of active substances to the skin without irritations.

Retin-A Micro contains different concentrations of 0.04% – 0.1% tretinoin belongs to a family of retinoids, also known as Retinol, Vitamin A cream, Retinoic Acid or Yellow peel is a long-time skincare staple, and as most dermatologists suggest, should be included in a person’s everyday routine.

A strong cosmeceutical skincare solution for your skin Retin-A Micro 0.04% or 0.1% tretinoin Supatret Microsphere gel  – the most technologically advanced time-release formula with the micro-gel base to penetrate deeper into the skin and absorb faster with special Microsponge delivery system.

Tretinoin Micro gel is a medicated gel used to treat acne. It may decrease the number and severity of acne pimples and promote quick healing of pimples that do develop. Tretinoin belongs to a class of medications called retinoids. It works by affecting the growth of skin cells.

One of the most effective and affordable anti-aging medications available today is tretinoin – a topical retinoid that can reduce the visibility of wrinkles, liver spots, skin discoloration, and other signs of aging. Tretinoin works by speeding up your body’s production of new skin cells, letting you replace old skin with new skin faster.

As well as anti-aging, it’s also widely used as a topical acne treatment. Like most medications, tretinoin isn’t instant. Below, we’ve explained how tretinoin works as an anti-aging and wrinkle reduction treatment, as well as how long it normally takes for the effects of tretinoin to become visible.

Retin-A Micro® gel is a high-quality cosmeceutical grade tretinoin gel in a microsphere formulation for the topical treatment of acne vulgaris and wrinkle treatments as well, which uses a patented technology Microsponge® – for the delivery of active substances to the skin, to enable inclusion of the active ingredient, tretinoin, in an aqueous gel. Retino-A Micro gel has two strengths: moderate 0.04% and strong 0.1%. Tretinoin microsphere gel has all the capabilities of a simple plain all-trans retinoic acid but with a technologically new penetration and delivery system called Microsponge®.

Microsponge® is the most technologically advanced time-release formula with a micro-gel base for deeper skin penetration, it absorbs faster with a special microsponge molecular delivery system, reducing skin irritations and redness, promoting faster results and benefits. There are three main types of topical tretinoin – a cream, a gel, and a microsphere. There is often confusion when discussing several different formulations, tretinoin vs tretinoin microsphere, so let’s review the difference between them.

Our Retino-A Micro is a topical gel with an active Vitamin A metabolite that is used to reduce and gradually remove the appearance of wrinkles, pimples, blackheads, age spots, and the roughness of facial skin while also facilitating the disappearance of darker and lighter spots. Given its oil-free nature, it is also suitable for people with oily skin. Retin A Micro gel must be used with a total skin care and sunlight avoidance program. FDA approved Retino-A Micro gel as one of the most effective solutions that minimize the signs and severity of acne vulgaris.

Retino-A Micro gel prevents the reappearance of blackheads, pimples and other skin disorders by blocking the hardening processes of the outer layer of the skin. It also facilitates the shedding of old skin cells to better promote the formation and growth of new ones. It also improves skin pigmentation by speeding up melanin elimination processes in the skin. Once we combine all these effects together, we get a product that not only speeds up skin cell turnover, but it also clears up blackheads, pimples and other acne symptoms that could be so hard to get rid of under normal circumstances.

Not all the tretinoin gels are the microsphere formula. The regular gel is not a time-release formula, and the gel itself contains a high amount of denatured alcohol. Plain simple tretinoin gel is clear – you can find it here. The tretinoin gel Microsphere formula does not contain as much denatured alcohol and is an opaque, yellowish color. The difference is that tretinoin gel Microsphere uses a special delivery system called Microsponge, which is composed of tiny, sphere-shaped particles with a porous surface. The porous surface allows for a sustained flow of the tretinoin out of the sphere and is what makes the tretinoin gel Microsphere a time-release product. It’s worth noting that the spheres are so small that you hardly see or feel them in the product. This Retin A tretinoin microsphere gel has two different concentrations: Retino-A Micro 0.04% gel and Retino-A Micro 0.1% gel.

The exact mode of action of tretinoin is unknown, current evidence suggests that the effectiveness of tretinoin in acne is due primarily to its ability to modify abnormal follicular keratinization. Comedones form in follicles with an excess of keratinized epithelial cells. Tretinoin promotes the detachment of cornified cells and the enhanced shedding of corneocytes from the follicle. By increasing the mitotic activity of follicular epithelia, tretinoin also increases the turnover rate of thin, loosely-adherent corneocytes. Through these actions, the comedo contents are extruded and the formation of the microcomedones, the precursor lesion of acne vulgaris, is reduced.

Additionally, tretinoin acts by modulating the proliferation and differentiation of epidermal cells. These effects are mediated by tretinoin’s interaction with a family of nuclear retinoid receptors. Activation of these nuclear receptors causes changes in gene expression. The exact mechanisms whereby tretinoin-induced changes in gene expression regulate skin function are not understood.

Retino A Microgel is strong and safe acne, wrinkles, and discolorations fighter. The new microspheres formula of retinol A gel permits controlled and regulated delivery of retinol to the skin. Retinol is the first-line treatment for acne, oily skin, and blackheads. Recently, it became a common ingredient in anti-wrinkle skin products because of its potential for combatting skin aging.

Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A. It has potent peeling and exfoliating properties. At higher concentrations, retinol causes skin irritation and inflammation. Many patients abandon retinol treatment before results become visible because of excessive skin irritation. With normal retinol formulas, topical application results in a bulk load of irritant molecules on the skin. The new microspheres formula allows for small quantities to be absorbed over the night. The sustained delivery of retinol to the skin maximizes efficiency and reduces the irritating side effects. With lesser irritation, patients can tolerate and adhere to the treatment.

Retinoids and skin cells turnover with a large surface exposed to the harsh environment of the outside world, the skin needs a lot of maintenance. Thus, the skin cells are in a constant state of turnover where the deep layers produce new skin cells to replace the ones damaged by constant tear and wear. Skin cell turnover is vital for healthy and youthful-looking skin. In the turnover process. The new supply of fresh cells locates in the skin-deep layers while older cells gradually travel to the surface where they become loaded with keratin and die. The dead skin sloughs off in a process called exfoliation.

Retinoids boost skin cells turnover, enhancing skin renewal is rare. Retinoids also prevent dead skin build-up in pores and follicles by facilitating dead skin detachment and peelings As a result pores become able to expel their oil and debris, making it more difficult for acne to develop.

Retino A Micro gel for skin aging. The skin is the biggest organ with a vast surface exposed to the external world. To protect itself and the body, the skin is in a constant state of renewal where newly made cells lie in the deep skin layers and dead cells travel to the surface to provide a protective hard surface. Aging affects the skin in two different ways. Intrinsic aging equally affects all body organs and causes a uniform state of reduced cellular life and proper functioning. The bones become less dense and the muscles lose structure, likewise, the skin becomes thinner and dehydrated. The other mode of aging is external aging and is strongly related to heavy sun exposure. UV light boosts the skin aging process. It causes enhanced collagen production and damage to the nucleus of the cell.

Additionally, the skin renewal rate slows down and becomes less efficient. Retinols have dual age-fighting effects on the skin. Retinoids boost the skin repairing and
renewal cycle, allowing for a new healthy supply of skin cells that increases skin thickness and fills the atrophied and wrinkled areas. Moreover, retinoids enhance collagen production which confers to the skin its elasticity and tone.

Retin-A Micro Supatret gel was originally prescribed to help fight acne, this topical gel is also an effective wrinkle fighter and helps improve overall skin tone, also tretinoin is very effective against melasma and different types of skin hyperpigmentations due to its skin exfoliating and penetrating capabilities.

Retin-A Micro® is a vitamin A derivative and part of the retinoid family, Supatret .04 – .1 percent tretinoin micro gel works by increasing skin cell turnover, and a dermatologist may help determine which one is right for you. Retin-A Micro tretinoin 0.04/0.01 gel is often applied at night in very small amounts. It’s typically recommended to use only a pea-sized amount and spread a super light layer on your face. Because retinoids increase sun sensitivity, it is crucial to wear ample sunscreen every day, even in winter or when it’s overcast. Most dermatologists recommend at least SPF 30 sunscreen when used with retinoids.

Microsphere Gel (Micro® formulation) contains micronized yellowish color tretinoin molecules which can penetrate deeper into the epidermis and deeper skin layers, it is a time-release form. Tretinoin is one of an acids family called retinoids, a powerful exfoliant, and is effective in preventing acne and healing different skin imperfections.

While you are adjusting to Supatret Retin-A micro gel you might experience some skin redness, dryness, itching, scaling, or even find that skin conditions worsen during your first few weeks of wrinkle treatment. Stick with it. Results often take several weeks to appear. You may start by applying the product every other night, or ask your dermatologist about using a lower dose or weaker strength, to help the adjustment period.

All-trans-retinoic acid aka tretinoin component is important in terms of not only increasing skin-cell growth rate but increasing cell membrane nutrients to increase oxygen transport, which supports the collagen matrix. It is a daily aid to keep the cells functioning properly, not just increasing cell turnover. The skin-cell maturation process may take 21 days. But the movement of cells and maturation is hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Different cells are transforming all the time, every second. When the primitive look is to say cell turnover is every 28 days — it’s every second.

Pure retinol (retinoic acid or tretinoin) is the skin product that allows that and it should be included in everyone’s anti-aging skin care regimen if the dermatologist prescribed it to you. Always consult your dermatologist first prior start using any retinoids and tretinoin-containing creams/gels.

Everything about Retin A Micro Gel OTC

Tretinoin Micro gel tube contains 15g or 20g of microsphere aqueous gel which is well suitable for oily to normal skin types. Micro Aqueous Gel is a form of vitamin A. When applied on the scalp, it works by promoting the growth of hair follicles, thereby stimulating hair growth. When used on the skin, it reduces oil production in the skin, treats acne, replenishes acne-prone skin, and helps keep your pores open.

This retinoid gel is for external use only. Use it in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Check the label for directions before use. Clean and dry the affected area and apply the gel. Your skin may look worse before it improves: tretinoin, as well as other topical retinoids, are well known for causing a “purge” during the first few weeks of treatment. While your skin adjusts to tretinoin, it’s not uncommon to experience a high level of dryness, as well as issues.

Retin-A Mirco is a retinoid microgel. It treats acne and oily skin as well as wrinkles and fine lines. Retinoids are vitamin A derivatives that have taken global credit for their efficiency and availability to treat the most pressing dermatological issue. Tretinoin is a member of the retinoids family and the active ingredient in true. It reduces acne breakouts by changing the skin environment. It makes it difficult for acne pimples or blackheads to develop. Additionally, it treats acne-related scars such as dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Adding to the acne therapeutical effect of tretinoin, it is good at fending off aging signs. The consistent topical application of tretinoin rejuvenates the skin and reverses fine line appearances.

Tretinoin acts on the skin cell cycle. It causes a rapid skin layer turnover. This process is necessary for skin maintenance. As the skin is the biggest organ in the body with a large surface in the outside world, it has many tears and wears. It needs constant repairing and maintenance. Thus, the new cells continually replace the dead and worn-out cells, which end up shedding off from the skin surface. Skin cell turnover is the milestone behind skin looks. It influences many skin conditions such as CNS, blackheads, and psoriasis.

Cell turnover is a biological process that slows down with aging. It keeps an optimal level of cell turnover to find wrinkles, fine lines, and skin discoloration. How does tretinoin work? Retin-A Micro Gel is tretinoin with versatile use. It helps patients with one better manage the outbreaks, and it enhances skin youth. Tretinoin is a vitamin A receptor derivative and binds to the retinol receptors on cells. Tretinoin changes the duration of a skin cell cycle, making it more rapid.

Moreover, it reduces skin inflammation. These activities translate to enhanced collagen production and a subsequent increase in skin thickness. With a significant supply of new cells and collagen, the skin becomes more toned and youthful.

Tretinoin – the best Anti-Aging ingredient

Retin-A Micro Gel is a chemical tretinoin gel getting popularity for its skin-friendly benefits. The formulation is high-quality cosmeceutical grade tretinoin gel in a micro gel for the treatment of acne and wrinkles. Tretinoin gel is a Vitamin A metabolite plain water-based retinoic acid gel. The gel contains retinoid i.e. tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative in different concentrations. It is the purest, medical-grade retinol available on the market. Tretinoin Micro Gel is an amazing formulation to treat acne, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. The gel is also a solution for wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation.

Tretinoin acts on the skin cell cycle, causing a rapid skin cell turnover. This process replaces dead skin cells with new healthier ones. Moreover, our formulation uses advanced patented technology (micro sponge) for better delivery of the active substance. Both of these benefits combine together to give back your skin its natural glow and beauty.

Get the glow you want. Improves and firms the skin texture, enriched with necessary vitamins, our anti-aging retinoid gel helps repair aged or damaged skin cells. This retinol gel resurfaces dull skin by exfoliating at a cellular level to give a brighter and even skin tone.

No more dark spots. The gel helps fade dark spots, age spots, sun spots, and skin discoloration; restores radiance for a healthy, younger look.

More than a gel. The formulation with Vitamin A derivative also has amazing exfoliating properties that enable it to remove dead skin cells from the surface and replace them with new healthy cells to give your skin a fresh and youthful look.

Tretinoin Micro Gel Age-defying potential

Aging affects the skin in two different modes. Intrinsic aging occurs equally in all the body s organs. It results in premature cellular death and slower biological functions. The skin is as affected by intrinsic aging as the heart or liver. Extrinsic aging is the result of environmental assault on the skin, mainly UV exposure.

Unblocked sun exposure is the reason behind photoaging. It boosts elastin and collagen breakdown as well as alters cells’ DNA. Subsequently, UV light causes thinning of dermal and epidermal layers.

Tretinoin’s antiaging potential has been extensively researched. Several studies showed the reversal of aging mechanisms after six months of topical tretinoin application. There is evidence that tretinoin boosts collagen production, and reduces inflammatory cytokines production and the expression of their receptors. A long-term tretinoin treatment provides an increased skin thickness and a significant decline in wrinkles depth.

The modifications last for ten months after treatment cessation. In conclusion, Tretinoin Micro Gel is a potent tretinoin gel preparation. It smoothes rough and dry skin as well as combats aging signs.

How Does Tretinoin Micro Work?

Tretinoin micro-works by dramatically increasing your body’s rate of skin cell turnover – the process through which new skin cells are produced. As we get older, our bodies begin to produce new skin cells at a slower speed (slower metabolism). For example, an individual in their 20s might complete a new skin cell cycle every month, while someone in their 30s or 50s could take around two months to complete a full skin cell turnover.

Skin cell turnover is the biological process through which your body replaces old skin cells with new ones. New skin cells are formed in the bottom layer of the epidermis (the outer layer of your skin that’s closest to the surface). After the cell is created, it gradually travels up towards the surface layer of your skin, where it’s exposed to sunlight and air.

The longer your upper skin cells are exposed to sunlight and air, the greater the effects of photoaging – the process through which your skin starts to develop wrinkles, spots, smile lines, and other signs of aging. By stimulating skin cell turnover and exfoliating the layers of your skin that are exposed to direct sunlight, tretinoin plays a powerful role in slowing down and reversing the development of lines, wrinkles, and discoloration.

How Long Does Tretinoin Micro Take to Reduce Wrinkles?

Tretinoin micro starts working immediately – you’ll start to get the benefits from this retinoid as soon as you apply it to your skin. However, it usually takes several months before you’ll see a noticeable improvement in your skin’s clarity and quality after using tretinoin, generally, it is taking from 3 to 8 months to see dramatical results with tretinoin.

In one study, researchers observed a clear improvement in skin quality after participants applied topical tretinoin for 84 days. After 84 days, the participants showed a significant improvement in supralabial wrinkles (facial wrinkles near the lips), the nasolabial fold area (“smile lines” or “laugh lines”), and pigmentation (dark or discolored patches of skin, melasma).

Another study from 1990, which lasted for 12 weeks, showed “significant improvements in fine wrinkling around the eyes, crease lines around the mouth and cheeks, wrinkling on the dorsum of the hands, and yellow discoloration” after treatment with tretinoin cream.

Additionally, a 1988 study of topical tretinoin as an anti-aging treatment found that 14 out of 15 people given tretinoin cream “had an improvement in photoaging,” compared to none of the people given a non-therapeutic vehicle cream. In general, studies of topical tretinoin for anti-aging usually show results after two to four months of daily use.

Tretinoin Works Best as a Long-Term Treatment

While tretinoin produces anti-aging results in as little as 84 days, it’s even more effective as a long-term wrinkle and aging prevention treatment.

Long-term studies of tretinoin tend to show the most dramatic results, with people experiencing significant reductions in the appearance of fine wrinkling, coarse wrinkling, skin laxity and other signs of photoaging.

In a 1989 study of people with photodamaged facial skin, half of the participants were given a cream containing tretinoin for daily use, while the other half of the study participants were given a non-therapeutic vehicle.

After six months, participants given tretinoin showed significant improvements in fine wrinkling, coarse wrinkling, sallowness, looseness, and hyperpigmentation. These patients also reported a self-perceived improvement in an appraisal questionnaire.

A 1991 study of long-term tretinoin treatment showed similar results. Participants given tretinoin .04% gel for 24 weeks showed an “overall improvement in photodamaged skin,” including a reduction in fine wrinkling, mottled hyperpigmentation, roughness, and laxity.

Interestingly, study participants given a cream with a lower amount of tretinoin (.01% tretinoin, as opposed to .05% in the other group) didn’t experience the same anti-aging benefits as the participants were given tretinoin .05% cream.

Another study from 1991 produced similar findings. Participants given a 0.05% tretinoin cream saw an increase in epidermal thickness (skin thickness), as well as a reduction in skin melanin content and compaction of the outer layer of the skin after 24 weeks of tretinoin cream use.

The study concluded that the changes in tretinoin-treated skin “establish the biologic activity of the new emollient cream formulation” (tretinoin cream) and “may partially account for the clinical improvements in photodamage observed in the same group of subjects.”

In simple terms, tretinoin not only produces an improvement in skin quality and a reduction in wrinkles in short-term studies – it’s also highly effective at reducing wrinkles, discoloration and other signs of aging when used over the long term.


Supatret gel aka Yellow peel came in two strengths – moderate 0.04% and strongest available 0.1%, it is a cosmeceutical grade skin care solution for your skin. Microspheres gel has all the capabilities of plain  All-trans-retinoic acid gel but has a new skin penetration and delivery system called Microsponge.

The most technologically advanced time-release formula with a micro-gel base for deeper skin penetration absorbs faster with special Microsponge molecular delivery system. There are three main types of topical tretinoin – a cream, a gel, and a gel Microsphere gel. There is often some confusion when talking about the two gel formats, Tretinoin Gel, and Tretinoin Gel Microsphere. So let’s review the difference between them.

Not all Tretinoin gels are the Microsphere formula. The regular gel is not a time-release formula, and the gel itself contains a high amount of denatured alcohol. Plain old tretinoin gel is clear – you can find it here. The tretinoin gel Microsphere formula does not contain as much denatured alcohol and is an opaque, yellowish color without preservatives. The difference is that tretinoin gel Microsphere aka Micro uses a special delivery system called Microsponge, which is composed of tiny, sphere-shaped particles with a porous surface. The porous surface allows for a sustained flow of the acid out of the sphere and is what makes Microsphere a time-release product. It’s worth noting that the spheres are so small that you cannot see or feel them in the product.


Tretinoin (all-trans retinoic acid) was developed by Dr.Albert Kligman and Dr.James Fulton in 1969 as an acne treatment ingredient and was known under the brand name Retin-A, a brand name that is still the most recognizable of the retinoid products available today. It works as a cell-communicating agent, signaling cells in the deeper layers of the skin to create new, healthy skin cells and increase cellular turnover. It was later discovered that the very mechanism that allows tretinoin to eliminate acne also helps heal photodamage, reduce wrinkles, and slow the aging process.

Generally, tretinoin gels are used and created to treat acne, but also flawlessly used to reduce and gradually remove the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age and sun spots, uneven skin tone, and the roughness of facial skin while also facilitating the disappearance of darker and lighter spots on photodamaged skin and hyperpigmented skin. Showing good results in combination with other topical treatments to treat alopecia and other kinds of hair loss. Any tretinoin gel must be used with total skin care and sunlight avoidance program.

Tretinoin is a very powerful anti-aging treatment agent, as it is the actual pure all-trans retinoic acid, which is derived from Vitamin A. Over-the-counter retinoids such as retinol are indirect forms of all-trans retinoic acid, meaning that ingredient itself is not an all-trans-retinoic acid, but your body eventually converts it to one once it’s been absorbed.

A yellow peel is a combination of phytic acid, kojic acid, and azelaic acid or is sometimes used just as plain concentrated retinoic acid to achieve the same exfoliating/regenerating results. It is touted as being helpful for melasma. Very few things are helpful for melasma.  Also, certain individuals with darker skin may have deeper pigment than any peel including this one.

Retin a Micro For Wrinkles (Anti-Age Therapy)

  • Eliminate facial wrinkles – reduced signs of skin aging, collagen production boost, restoration of skin;
  • Reduction and prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin natural elasticity, texture whitish tone, younger looking, glossy, firm, toned, and tightened skin;
  • Increase in radiance and luminosity of the facial skin, elimination of dry, rough, scaly skin when used with moisturizers and vitamin serums as a skincare routine;
  • A gradual effective decrease in skin hyperpigmentation such as sunspots, photo-damage, age discoloration spots, and other related dark spots;
  • Acne scars removal, regeneration of damaged skin, enlarged pores tightening;
  • Stretch marks reduction in combination with Vitamin C serums and medical moisturizers;
  • The effective solution against melasma/chloasma and freckles, oily skin conditions;
  • Fast and extremely effective results when used in combination with hydroquinone creams;
  • Good for sensitive, tired and mature skin, in bumpy, rough, uneven skin tone conditions.

✓ Microspheres technology helps control the release of tretinoin

✓ Improves photostability, even in the presence of benzoyl peroxide

✓ Deeper skin penetration, faster action w/o dryness and redness

✓ Strong acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation fighter effect

✓ Two strengths | Non-oily water base

✓ Advanced chemical exfoliator peel gel w/o preservatives (Supatret)

✓ Microsponge® technology – action without irritation

✓ Deeper skin penetration, faster action w/o dryness & redness

✓ Strong acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation fighter

✓ Proven to help you get the powerful results you want

✓ Reputable manufacturers only


  • Treatment for acne-prone skin, acne scars, Fordyce spots, deeper lumps (cysts and cystic acne);
  • Blackheads & whiteheads self-removal features, any type of pimples / comedone treatment, pores unblocking;
  • A solution for seborrhea & seborrheic dermatitis, pearly penile papules, acne conglobata;
  • Pyoderma faciale, any kind of problematic skin, Staphylococcus aureus (golden staph);
  • Demodex treatment – a genus of tiny parasitic mites that live in or near hair follicles, face smell;
  • Carbuncles, impetigo, sore, sebaceous, pilonidal sinus, keloid scars, shingles, nodules;
  • Milia, old stretch marks, skin scars, different skin imperfections, skin spots, and marks;
  • Keratosis pilaris, keloid scars, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, skin large pores tightening.


Tretinoin gel is an active Vitamin A metabolite that affects the way skin cells behave and adapt. Tretinoin in Microsphere gel uses a special delivery system called Microsponge, which is composed of tiny, sphere-shaped particles with a porous surface. The porous surface allows for a sustained flow of the Tretinoin out of the sphere and is what makes the tretinoin gel Microsphere a time-release product.

It reduces all symptoms of acne, fine wrinkles, and age spots caused by aging or sun damage. Tretinoin prevents different skin disorders by blocking the hardening processes of the outer layer of the skin. It also facilitates the shedding of old skin cells to better promote the formation and growth of new ones (exfoliates the skin). Once we combine all these effects together, we get a product that not only speeds up skin cell turnover but also clears up pores from blackheads and whiteheads, pimples, and other acne symptoms that could be so hard to get rid of under normal circumstances.

You can buy Retin a micro online in the skin care store okdermo. Brand names: Retin-A Micro, Renova, Avita, Refissa, Atralin, Obagi.


  • Either pregnant or may become pregnant during use, lactation period;
  • Allergic to any of its ingredients or suffering from eczema (tretinoin may cause severe irritation);
  • Suffering from rosacea or perioral dermatitis skin conditions or using any skin peeling cream or other substance that contains resorcinol, salicylic acid or sulfur are, or have been, exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time;
  • Do not use it more than once a day. Using more frequently does not improve results and may lead to adverse reactions.

What is Retin-A Micro Generic Gel

Retin-A Micro contains 0.04% and 0.1% Tretinoin Micro (Microsphere) as an active ingredient, which is an advanced formula of simple Tretinoin plain gel. Retino-A Micro is considered a Generic form of Retin-A Micro Gel. Tretinoin micro (Retin-A Micro) is an expensive keratolytic drug used on the skin to treat mild to moderate acne and is very effective in the treatment of wrinkles. It is working by regenerating/renewing the upper layer of the skin, peeling and shredding the old skin, and speeding up the renewal cycle of your skin. It is a trans-retinoic acid, many times stronger than simple OTC Retinol cream. Retin-A Micro is less popular than comparable drugs. It is available in brand and generic versions. It is not covered by most medicare and insurance plans, but with its discount coupons and super affordable prices can help offset the cost. Avoid using it if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Retin A Micro Gel is a topical form of vitamin A that is applied to the skin and is prescribed for mild to moderate acne treatment. This medication helps the skin renew itself by reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles and mottled skin discoloration, and to make rough facial skin feel smoother.

Retin-A Micro contains 0.04% tretinoin microsphere gel for skin as an active ingredient, which is an advanced formula of simple tretinoin plain gel. OKdermo is bringing you a 100% authentic formulation of Retin-A Micro. Buy high-quality products online at affordable prices from our website.

Retin-A Micro is a topical form of vitamin A applied to the skin for mild to moderate acne and to fight unfortunate signs of aging. It is a Trans retinoic acid, many times stronger than simple otc retinol creams. Basically, they are retinoids.

Retinoids are naturally occurring skincare topical products, that tretinoin and retinol belong. Derived from vitamin A, retinoids are a broad category of amazing skincare products that have miraculous benefits for the skin. Retinol and all other retinoid speeds up skin cell turnover, stimulate the growth of new healthy skin cells, treat hyperpigmentation, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It would be no loss to buy tretinoin cream online or a retinol formulation for your skin.

Advanced microsphere technology. Retin-A Micro topical with advanced microsphere delivery system technology helps control the release of tretinoin, improves photostability even in presence of benzoyl peroxide, provides deeper and faster penetration into the skin, and proves to be a strong defense against acne, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation.

The ingredients inside our tretinoin gel for skin work in synergy with your skin. Professionally designed to go with the normal physiological course of skin. Passed through a number of clinical trials, our products are proven to be safe, effective, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

Boost skin firmness and elasticity. This anti-wrinkle and anti-acne Retinol gel through powerful anti-aging vitamins smoothens your skin texture for a healthy radiant complexion. This anti-aging gel doesn’t clog pores. No oily or sticky feeling.

If you are facing any kind of skin problems like hyperpigmentation or severe acne, just give Retin-A Micro by OKdermo a try and get amazed by the results. To know more about our products, visit our website.

It’s all about your skin

Retino-A is a high-quality cosmeceutical-grade tretinoin gel in a microsphere for the treatment of acne and wrinkles. The gel is introduced into the dermatological market by reputable Janssen and getting popularity for its skin-friendly benefits. Retino-A is a vitamin A metabolite in plain water-based retinoic acid gel. The gel contains retinoid i.e. tretinoin, a vitamin A derivative in different concentrations. It is the purest, medical-grade retinol available on the market.

There are two concentrations of Retino-A Microgel by OKdermo available in the market. These are moderate 0.04% and potent 0.1%. Retino-A Microgel is an amazing formulation to treat acne, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. The gel is also a solution for wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation. Our formulation uses advanced patented technology (micro sponge) for better delivery of the active substance.

High-quality skin care regimen. Improves and firms the skin texture, enriched with necessary vitamins, our anti-aging retinoid gel helps repair aged or damaged skin cells. This retinol gel resurfaces dull skin by exfoliating at a cellular level to give a brighter and even skin tone.

Highly effective for dark spots, wrinkle treatment, and acne treatment. The gel helps fade dark spots, age spots, sun spots, acne marks or acne itself, and skin discoloration; restores radiance for a healthy, younger look.

Excellent as a chemical peel. The formulation with vitamin A derivative also has amazing exfoliating properties that enable it to remove dead skin cells from the surface and replace them with new healthy cells to give your skin a fresh and youthful look.

Effectively removes wrinkles. Our retinol anti-wrinkle face gel works at a cellular level to stimulate collagen production and cellular renewal, slow down the natural aging process and rejuvenate skin.

Benefits of Retin A Micro tretinoin gel microsphere

  • Microsponge technology in Retino-A Micro® tretinoin gel is actively absorbed and provides a more consistent treatment of acne without irritation than the conventional plain tretinoin gels.
  • Proprietary Microsponge formula reduces side effects such as dryness, redness, and irritation;
  • Retino-A Micro® tretinoin gel reduces the production of sebum, relieves inflammation, and exfoliates dead cells;
  • Totally removes dark spots after acne and actively heals existing inflammation;
  • Retino-A Micro® tretinoin gel effectively rejuvenates the skin, and evens tone and wrinkles, by the way, it is approved by FDA.

Do not use Retino-A Microsphere® gel

  • If children are under 12 years, or pregnant or planning to be pregnant in the following 3 months, lactation;
  • Acute inflammation (including eczema) lesions of the skin (dermatitis, seborrhea, and others);
  • Rosacea, skin lesions (wounds, burns, etc.), photosensitivity, diseases of the rectum;
  • Hypersensitivity to any component of the gel (discontinue use and consult a dermatologist).

Side effects of Retin-A Tretinoin Microsphere

Side effects from using Retin A Micro gel reaches a peak within the first week of treatment, and then spontaneously go away: scaling, dryness, burning, redness; increased sensitivity to sunlight and UV rays.

Rarely (in 5-12% of cases): erythema, itching, temporary hyperpigmentation (possible with multiple applications of tretinoin).

How to use Generic Retin A Microgel 0.1

  • Always consult your dermatologist prior to starting to use Retin A Micro® gel;
  • Before using Retino-A Micro® gel apply the cleanser and wait until complete drying of the skin (20 minutes);
  • Apply topically Retino-A Micro® gel a thin layer on the entire affected surface 1 time a day in the evening, avoiding contact with the eyes and mucous membrane of the lips;
  • Later, when skin is used to Retino-A Micro® gel you may apply 1-2 times a day for 1-6 hours and then wash off with warm water;
  • For people with fair and dry skin exposure time at the beginning of the treatment is 30 minutes, and the duration of exposure can be gradually increased;
  • Avoid the use of other products in the treated areas (at least 1 hour after application of tretinoin), if there is dry (after an hour of applying the gel), apply a moisturizer;
  • The result will be seen after 1-4 weeks of treatment. Treatment time – 3-4 months and as directed by a dermatologist.
  • Use only as directed by your doctor
  • Applying more medicine will not improve acne faster
  • If in the sun, cover treated areas with protective clothing and use SPF 15+
  • Your doctor may change your dose if you have skin irritation

Wash your hands before applying this medication. Gently clean the affected skin with a mild or soapless cleanser and pat dry. Apply a small amount of gel in a thin layer, usually once daily at bedtime or as directed by your doctor. Patients should wait 20-30 minutes after cleaning their faces before applying this medication.

Avoid getting this medication in your eyes. If this medication gets into your eyes, flush with large amounts of water. Wash your hands after using the medication to avoid accidentally getting it in your eyes.

Use it regularly in order to get the most benefit from it. To help you remember, use it at the same time each day. Do not use a larger amount or use it more frequently than recommended. Your skin will not improve any faster, and it will increase the risk of developing redness, peeling, and pain.

Caution: The effects of Retin-A Micro Gel are unknown therefore it potentially can be harmful to an unborn child. Before taking this medication, tell your doctor if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant during treatment. Retin-A Micro topical can pass into breast milk and may harm a nursing baby. Do not use this medication without telling your doctor if you are breastfeeding a baby.

Usage recommendations Retino-A Micro® tretinoin gel microsphere

Do not get Retino-A Micro gel in the eyes, mouth, vagina, or the corners of the nose. Use it exactly as directed by your dermatologist, and do not use more of it or more often than prescribed; it will not work any better or faster and may cause more side effects. Strongly not recommended to use Retino-A Micro® gel if you have wounds, burns, or symptoms of eczema, dermatitis, or rosacea. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the drug. If any of the symptoms of allergy – contact your dermatologist immediately. Do not use for a week or two after the irritating procedures (peels, hair removal, etc.). The use of excessive amounts does not give a rapid effect, but on the contrary, can make the skin more irritable and dry.

A transient sense of warmth and a slight burning sensation may be noted after application, and excessive dryness of the skin, it is a sign that we should reduce the frequency of applications, and possibly the numbers. If this does not work, apply the gel for 5-40 minutes and rinse with water. Your skin should gradually adapt to it. Also if there are dry, it is necessary to use moisturizer for better therapy.

Users with hypersensitivity to the sun should exercise particular caution. When applied topically should protect skin from exposure to sunlight and artificial UV exposure, wind, cold. Having a tan, treatment should begin after the weakening of tanning. If contact with mucous membranes of the mouth, rinse with water, do not use with products that have irritation or desiccating properties (for example, sulfur, resorcinol, salicylic acid, containing alcohol, and others.). Avoid contact with the peel of lime. In the early weeks of therapy, may occur exacerbation of inflammatory lesions, but this should not be considered as a reason to discontinue wrinkle treatment therapy.

Retin a Micro Gel 0.1% Ingredients

Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) manufacturer.
Composition: Tretinoin USP (as microsphere) 0.04%, Appropriate overages of tretinoin added, Sorbic acid IP 0.125, Benzyl alcohol IP 0.9, Aqueous gel q.s.

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Additional Information

96 reviews for Retin-A Micro® Tretinoin Micro Gel

  1. 5 out of 5

    Kelly Leonard

    Good Treatment If you can persevere through the first 6-8 weeks where your acne worsens and your skin looks horrible, you will be encouraged with the good results. My son and I both used Retin A, my daughter’s sensitive skin couldn’t tolerate it. The thing I notice with Retin A is that it quits working after about a year and you need to take a month or two off. I have switched over to Avene Diacneal which contains AHA and retinaldehyde for the summer. I may go back on the Retin A later. It is also a good antiaging product if you can tolerate the side effects. I am 50 years old and no wrinkles (yet) due to tretinoin, hopefully 😉

  2. 4 out of 5

    Nettie Medina

    It took about 4 months before my skin start clearing but when it start clearing, the scars went away, few line went away, my skin looked like it never had severe acne before.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Bradford Jones

    This worked for me. I had moderate but persistent adult onset acne.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Jackie Johnson

    I was hesitant because of the warning that my acne may get worse. I started 1x every other night, then increased to every night. I think this lessened that part of the treatment. I have to be mindful of moisturizing or my face will get dry and peely. And I don’t use any other acne drugs, just a good oil free cleanser. I have beautiful skin now. I still get a pimple here and there (5 a month or so). I can’t pick them…my skin is tender and will tear. No waxing…no picking…moisturize, and be consistent and you can succeed on this drug. I reccommend it highly.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Hector Mann

    it really helped my acne,i really like the way it peeled my acne scares away

  6. 4 out of 5

    Tony Valdez

    I used this when I was younger and had severe acne. I eventually was able to get off all meds, but now, after 10 years of being off everything, I’m back on it. My cystic acne, blackheads, and little whiteheads are creeping back into my life. Ugh! I worked for a dermatologist for 6 years and am now employed by a major cosmetics company (to remain nameless), and let me tell you that there is nothing better to help cure acne. Yes, it will cause peeling and redness in the beginning, but if you stick with it, you will get the results you want. A good moisturizer is a must (frangrance free, etc.) and sunscreen is also. A lot of moisturizers now days have both in them. The key is to stick with it and just use a very small amount where needed, and if you see irritation, back it off to every other day. This is a great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone suffering from acne h—! And in regards to aging benefits as well, it’s true. In fact, a lot of insurance companies will not pay on it until a doctor sends them a letter stating it’s not being used for cosmetic purposes. But okdermo offers it OTC, it is awesome, great thanx for that affordable price! So, you get clear skin and help with some fine lines and wrinkles too! Bottom line, it works, just stick with it and don’t give up hope within the first month. It’s worth it!

  7. 4 out of 5

    Tomas Hawkins

    Begining is unpleasant, but long term works great I started out on plain Retin A when I was in the 8th grade, but the peeling was awful and it was hard to remember to use it 20 minutes after washing. Later, I tried Retin A Micro. While the side effects were still bad for the first month (red, peeling skin — scrubbing just makes it worse!), afterwards it was perfectly fine. My acne was short-circuted, and I almost never get breakouts. As an added benefit, Retin A is also an anti-aging agent. If your dermatologist suggests this product, I would wait until either Christmas or Summer break to start, preferably Christmas because it does make you more sun-sensitive.

  8. 4 out of 5

    Stuart Schwartz

    Great Product. I’ve been wearing sunscreen everyday I go outside at all for over 5 years but I still needed something stronger than my serums and moisturizers to help improve my skin.

  9. 4 out of 5

    Hubert Warren

    I got retin-a mirco to maintain healthy skin and reverse some sun damage. In the beginning it was very drying and gave me pih.

  10. 5 out of 5

    Jesse May

    No long term scarring-now have beautiful skin Worked wonderfully, was relatively knew drug back in the ’80s. I had the dark cysts that make pits, and thankfully my Mom got me to the dermatologist at an early age. Used Retin-A in a combination with topical and oral antibiotics for several years. I now have clear skin, with very minor blemishes of any kind.

  11. 5 out of 5

    Christopher Stevenson

    Doctor first prescribed another topical acne medication that DID NOT help. It was horrific. After a couple months on tretinoin my face is clear, bright and smooth. I swear it has given me a whole new younger looking face that seems to glow.

  12. 3 out of 5

    Spencer Edwards

    It did nothing to cure my acne had a burning sensation when I put it on. I do not have overly sensitive skin…but I hated this. I ended up changing dermatologists because he would not listen to my complaints.

  13. 4 out of 5

    Marjorie Newton

    Does not completely cure but does control acne I used Retin-A for a long time as a teenager, and I’ve returned to Tretinoin, the generic version, in my late twenties/early thirties. It works as well as ever. I still get pimples here and there, but they don’t occur as often and they go away more quickly. My skin does get dry on occasion, but it’s not too bad. I am using Tretinoin in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel and Tetracycline (500 mg). I also changed my contraceptive to Ortho Tricyclen Lo at my dermatologist’s request.

  14. 5 out of 5

    Alyssa Bridges

    Well this took quite a bit of trial & error to get comfortable with. If you can hold out in the first six weeks, then you will start seeing some progress. Watch your sun and wind exposure & also try to stay away from any harsh facial washes. This has really helped dark spots and fine lines along with acne. Sun screen is just vital with this. For me the side effects are worth the benefits.

  15. 4 out of 5

    Dorothy Payne

    This prescriptive-strength medicine WORKS!

  16. 4 out of 5

    Connie Hogan

    It burns pretty bad but they say beauty is pain. I guess if that’s what it takes, I’ll have to do it. I want so badly to have clear skin.

  17. 5 out of 5

    Ronald Bowman

    At first when I took Retin A micro I was very skeptical. I had been prescribed it many years but never seemed to use it regularly. It was only until my mid thirties which I am now that I decided to give it a good try. My skin was uneven, discolored and dull. I have been using Retin A regularly for about two weeks and can already see a big difference. My skin has become very smooth. The discoloration has faded some and along with hydroquinone and cocoa butter I am achieving maximum results. I did experience some mild side effects of peeling but this is just the medication doing its job. I lightly exfoliate three times a week and everything is kosher.

  18. 4 out of 5

    Rolando Carroll

    I asked for this prescription in July, but my doctor recommended I begin this in the fall, when the UV index was much lower. I think this was a great suggestion. I really think the peeling during the direct hot sunlight days would have been a bad idea.

  19. 5 out of 5

    Courtney Alvarado

    Tretinoin – Clears and Dries My Skin Effectively I have used tretinoin-based topical medicines for about three years.

  20. 4 out of 5

    Wendy Burton

    I tried pro active aswell but after a couple of weeks with no real change I sorta gave up and stopped using it consistantly. I had to stop using retin-a when I became pregnant, and that was very upseting. not only did my acne come back but it came back with vengeance. If anyone has used product while breastfeeding let me know I what to get back on it asap!! oh also you CANNOT get your eyebrows all! they tell you its ok if you aviod putting the cream in the surrounding areas for a few lie that you’ll regret as you apply a load of aloe to your raw skin.

  21. 4 out of 5

    Suzanne Martin

    Now 6 months later it has evened out my skintone and it looks better than before I started, my skin is plump, smooth, bright, healthy and no longer dry. I used to get a couple pimples around my lip, jaw, and chin around the week of my period or if I ate unhealthy sweets — it also has eliminated this problem, I havent had a pimple in 3 months. Strongly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their skin.

  22. 4 out of 5

    Dominick Lambert

    OMG… this stuff is THE BEST. I have been using Retin A for tretinoin cream (0.025% or 0.05%) over ten years and I still have trouble using it more than twice a week as I get so damn dry. A few weeks ago I tried applying the 0.05% every other day for the week and was SO DRY and peely. Frustrating. I went to see my dermatologist who recommended Retin-A micro. Of course it isn’t covered by my insurance as I am in my late 20s, but he was able to recommend okdermo store and I got a tube of the stuff for just under $35. I have been using it for about three weeks every other night and it is MIRACULOUS! No redness or irritation, and no dryness I can’t deal with (just a little around my nose). My face looks glowing. I can’t believe that switching to the micronized version would be this significantly better for my skin, allowing me to use it every other day!

  23. 5 out of 5

    Jesus Frazier

    Incredibly effective acne treatment.

  24. 4 out of 5

    Nicolas Howell

    Okay so I read all these reviews and I freaked because I was scared of my skin peeling off & it didn’t. If you use a good moisturizer before putting it and before you sleep you should be safe. Sunscreen is super important!! I am in my 5th week of use and breakouts are a lot more minimal and the other ones are practically gone. I used to get lots of small pimples but now it’s like 1 regular sized in an area which is much much better. Optimum effects are said to come around 8-10 weeks so yay!

  25. 4 out of 5

    Kristin Caldwell

    I would say that Retin-A changes your complexion ALL OVER. My top eyelids are drier, even though I never applied Retin-A there.

  26. 2 out of 5

    Katie Greer

    Retin a hurt my face I never had any blemishes on my skin. The skin on my face became sensative recently, while in my early 20’s. I got a few cysts and instead of surgically removing them all, this dermatologist gave me 4 different medications to use. The most recent was Retin-A. I used it on my close to “perfect” skin, and not only did the cysts remain, my entire face has been fire red, burning, and peeling for the past 2 weeks. I haven’t even used it in one week, yet the embarassing redness persists. I am very worried for my face. I am in the wrong industry to have this problem.

  27. 3 out of 5

    Mona Wise

    It’s really great for getting rid of acne, which is the main goal, for sure. But I can’t get pass how terrible the side effects are. My chin and around the nose is SUPER dry and flaky after 24 hours of just one use. I’ve had the prescription a little less than a year, and still so hesitant to continue its use because of the extreme redness and dryness. Every time. And sadly, covering it with foundation makes it more obvious. But hey, if you can stick it out all for getting rid of stubborn acne, go for it! The dryness isn’t worth it for me, but it may be for you.

  28. 4 out of 5

    Bonnie Osborne

    EASE into this gel slowly. I started prepping by using for a few weeks a drugstore bought, weaker Retinol first.

  29. 5 out of 5

    Tommy Lindsey

    My acne did get worse at first, and my face got a bit redder, but after a few months my face was completely clear of acne. After using it for a year I only get a solitary pimple here and there/on rare occasions. Retin-A also helped heal scarring.

  30. 5 out of 5

    Pam Quinn

    You have to be very careful about costmetics, and washes. They need to be gentle and not have any other acne treatments in the ingrediants. I found my skin is very peely. My skin definitely has less pimples. I am going to keep using it.

  31. 4 out of 5

    Beth Roy

    I’m on Day 4 of using this med and it’s already done the job I wanted it for. I was having issues of tons of tiny blackheads all over my T-zone and my dermatologist put me on this. I’ve had a few big boy zits rise straight up to the surface but were gone within 24-36 hours. The blackheads? Virtually completely gone on my forehead and shrinking constantly on my nose and chin. I highly recommend pairing this med with a good face gel and using SPF (zinc based) during the day to combat healing and damage.

  32. 2 out of 5

    Bennie Colon

    I had a horrible experience with this product. I used it for 8 months and for the entire time my skin was constantly flaking and peeling off no matter how much I moisturized. It was even more disgusting than acne and impossible to cover up with makeup-makeup wouldn’t even stick to my skin in that condition

  33. 4 out of 5

    Darin Gibson

    Yep, it’s true:
    – you will peel. I peeled off sheets of skin!
    – you will become sensitive to UV light. This will ingrain the SPF habit into you!
    – you can stop using any other exfoliating product for now (ie. benzol peroxide, AHAs, salicylic acid, etc.)
    – your skin will look smoother, lines will diminish, surface imperfections will be sloughed off

  34. 5 out of 5

    Geneva Parker

    I want to write a review for all those out there hearing about “the purge” horror stories. When I started this medication (a mere week ago) I was terrified I would be dealing with my skin purging for a couple of months. I have mild, but painful cystic acne, primarily along my jawline. The purging lasted the first four days, and my skin has been looking better and better (the last three days have been miraculous!) Even the discolouration from old cysts is fading as the skin renews. Highly recommend – if your acne isn’t severe, you will probably not purge for long (based on my experience), and even if you have severe acne, I would wait out the purging – I think it will be worth it.

  35. 4 out of 5

    Dianna Rios

    I am using Retin A micro 0.04% for treatment of closed comedones/clogged pores and mild inflammatory acne. I have always had mild acne, with the occasional cyst (typically when I don’t leave a pimple alone or if I consume dairy).

  36. 3 out of 5

    Doris Ruiz

    I have always had mild acne since high school. Recently I have had more acne than usually. The dermatologist prescribed retina a micro gel. The dermatologist warned me that the acne may get worse before it gets better. However, I did not think the acne would get this bad. My face burns and is peeling badly around my nose. I now have acne in places on my skin I have never had before. After a month and a half I have decided to give up.

  37. 5 out of 5

    Tommie Walters

    I had closed comedones for over 8 years, (I am currently 24) & absolutely nothing worked for me. I tried all sorts of oral medications, topical medications and even expensive chemical peels. I found out about Retin A Micro on my own via the internet and decided to give it a shot. This medication has been a life saver. I have been using it since March 2014 (It is now September 2014) and my skin has NEVER looked better. My skin got much worse in the first few months than it had ever been, but other users advised to stick with it through this tough period. I also use Aczone – Dapsone with the Retin A Micro. Honestly, I would recommend this to everyone. Stick through the dry skin, the redness & the increase of acne for the first few months and you will not be disapointed!!

  38. 4 out of 5

    Leah Castro

    I have been on this product for only 3 weeks and Luv it!!! I have tried everything nothing worked and not only has this cleared up my skin but is removing the scars and wrinkles..I use botox on my forehead and this is just better im sooo happy I recoment it to anyone ..and yes ur skin will dry and might feel itchy but it goes thing ever have paid for chemical peels had Laser this is better..

  39. 4 out of 5

    Roosevelt Reid

    Was somewhat helpful. I read a lot of information about how it BURNS or leaves your skin reddish. I think that my face is way too oily. It has never burned or turn my skin red. I don’t have to avoid the sun. But most people do, and should. The gel and gel both worked the same for me. It was somewhat effective at preventing the severity of outbreaks. More effective that OTC medicines. However be aware: most people hate it and it dries them out TOO MUCH. I would recommend this only if you have oily skin and large pores! Also stick with it. Isotretinoin (accutane) take a couple of weeks to see results. Tretinoin (Retin-A) is the same, at least for me. It seems like those with the best success are those with nodular acne, or acne that causes small dents in the skin. In other words if you have the occasional break out and nothing else, don’t use this stuff.

  40. 5 out of 5

    Leona Pope

    I have cystic acne on my chin as well as other pimples that I have been fighting for years. After many trials and tribulations I found a good dermatologist and she prescribed this to me as well as Duac gel or Clinoxyl. There is a transition process with the retin A, it does cause burning (temporary) and peeling, but that is because it is shedding all the dead skin cells, and as long as you exfoliate at least 1/week it’s not that bad. I use it 3-4X week, any more than that might be too much for my sensitive skin. I also used a combination of salicylic acid and sensitive skin cleansers. Retin A has been the ONLY thing to clear my skin. I stopped using it for a few months because my skin was doing so well, but sadly the acne came back, but the retin A cleared it up quickly ( less than 1 month) so I will continue to use it. Just important to wear sunscreen!!!

  41. 5 out of 5

    Marc Chavez

    This gel is amazing. Its only been 3 weeks and my skin looks so smooth and soft. I noticed a change after the first 3 days that the gel was applied. I have mild acne along with large pores that look as though i have freckles on my face.I also have acne on my chest and back. Since i started the gel my pores have decreased in size dramatically. I still do have some pimple appearing but i guess this is apart of the ” get’s worse before it appears to get better” stage..I must also add that once a pimple appears ,as soon as the gel is applied the inflammation decreases over night.I do suggest a good moisturizer to be applied once you wash your face in the morning.The gel does make my skin feel dry once its washed off ,but i apply Nivea to take care of the dryness. Overall this gel is wonderfull…

  42. 4 out of 5

    Timothy Brown

    Too putrid to stand, too difficult to apply After complaining to my doctor that the bp he prescribed was not woring, he prescribed tretinoin. He said it might make things worse for the fist few days, but my skin would be clear within the month. I had gone back to school weeks earlier. While it did make things worse after only one day, I was not clear-skinned after a month. Just pimply, and sunburnt. Not a fun experience. He said that he could increase the dosage – that it might help, but I refrained. My main trouble-spot, my back, was difficult to apply the medication to. Also, the scent which would linger on my fingers after applying the stuff was unbearable, and would not wash off. It didn’t work for me, and I didn’t have the stomache to experiment further; but I may be an abnormality. I’ve seen it work wonders for friends.

  43. 3 out of 5

    Rudolph Allen

    I have been on retin a micro gel 0.04% for six weeks now. so far I have noticed no improvement.

  44. 4 out of 5

    Tamara Berry

    My oily, sallow, tired looking skin has been transformed into smoother, younger looking complexion with a brighter pinkish colour after only 3 weeks. Yes, I looked red and chapped the first two weeks. (Someone asked if I just went running!) It works by accelerating the turnover rate of skin cells. It reduces the buildup of dead skin cells in pores.

  45. 5 out of 5

    Becky Phillips

    I started using tretinoin cream 0.0025% in April, after 3 months my doctor put me on Retin A Micro because he thought I needed a stronger drug. After 3 months on tretinoin my skin was at its absolute worst, as it has to go through the “purge” phase. But, after 5 more months on Retin A my skin has never been better. I encourage you to stick with either of these drugs for the long hall!! My skin has virtually no pimples and my scars have faded drastically. The side effects were minor for me, dryness, and the worsening of my acne. However, it was all completely worth it. Before this I tried almost every drug out there besides Accutane, which I cant take for other health reasons, and nothing worked. I would highly recommend either of these drugs. Tretinoin micro from Janssen has neutral/glue smell, yellowish unconsistent color but it is due to tratinoin micro which is yellow powder raw material originally, I can even see micro granules within this gel.

  46. 5 out of 5

    Olive Schmidt

    Retin a has kept my skin looking younger I am now 48 years old, and started using retin a 11 years ago. I started with a lower dose and now use the strongest. It will cause redness and peeling in the beginning. That usually subsides within a few weeks. I really feel it has helped to keep my face smoother and free of wrinkles. However, I have been a faithful user of sunscreen for many years, as that is a must for preventing aging skin. I have started using other products along with retin a in the past couple years, a product called placentrex, and topical vitamin c, both of which I purchase from All 3 combined has definitely helped my skin.

  47. 5 out of 5

    Jim Curry

    I was terrified before starting Retin-A Micro .04% gel. I had heard all the horror stories and I was grudgingly preparing myself to look the worst ever yet for the next couple months hoping it would be worth it in the end. I was so nervous but I decided to go for it even though I had a busy summer planned and would be seeing lots of people. Another thing is I absolutely HATE makeup, I would rather die than wear foundation. I NEVER wear makeup, I’m an all natural, simple type of girl but I painfully betrayed myself and bought 100% Pure heavy foundation in order to save myself from the humiliation of what I thought would ensue upon starting Retin-A micro. I applied it, woke up the next morning, ran to the mirror and was shocked. My acne scars from recent breakouts were faded overnight and no new acne!!! I assured myself this was just the first day, the side effects just haven’t kicked in yet. But, I have now been using it for almost a month now and my skin has looked the best it’s ever been in years!!! And…I have had NO side effects!! Okay, a teeny bit of peeling around the sides of my mouth only because I was too stupid to apply it close to my lips. NO redness, no peeling, no initial breakout, NOTHING!!! My mom and sister the other day both commented on how great my skin looked with makeup on. I was shocked but with indescribable joy I was able to tell them that I did not have ANY makeup on, not even a swipe of mascara; they couldn’t believe it! Every morning I look in the mirror and smile instead of cringing and looking down like I used to. I dress cute every single day because I have my confidence and happiness back. I can be myself and not feel worthless because of acne. My face right now is COMPLETELY clear, acne scars gone, no more acne, and I now have a glow that I’ve never had before. Thank you Retin-A micro! And okdermo also 🙂

  48. 4 out of 5

    Walter Henderson

    This was the only cream that has ever worked, although it took a few weeks to notice a real differance.

  49. 5 out of 5

    Alex Rogers

    I have mild acne. I have been on Retin-A micro for approximately 9 days. I apply it every evening. I noticed the results after the first night, and by results I mean, what I expected to occur. My skin began peeling and more spots appeared, but as I mentioned, this was expected. Then, after a couple of nights, the spots started disappearing as my skin continued to shed. At first I struggled with the peeling, but then I began a routine of Cerave hydrating cleanser at night to remove makeup and then rubbing my face with a mixture of granulated sugar and moisturizer which I would then rinse off in the mornings (this got rid of all the shedding skin). So far, there’s been noticeable improvement. I have confidence that this product works.

  50. 2 out of 5

    Casey Turner

    Burned my face I absolutely hated this stuff.

  51. 5 out of 5

    Ignacio Christensen

    I used to bounce back and forth with different medications with my dermatologist attempting to find the best one. I used the retin a micro gel and that dried my skin out extremely. My skin is very sensitive. Once I started using the lower concentration, I was nothing but happy with my results! I had a little bit of dryness at first, but nothing that wasn’t fixed with a little exfoliation & moisturizer. After using it for a while though I NEVER get any dryness. I use it at night time after washing my face with Cetaphil and put on a moisturizer after I let the Retin-A Micro sink in for a few minutes. My acne (which was mostly just bumps in my T-zone that would never turn red or form a head) has never been better! As long as I’m consistent using my medication and washing my face (especially before bed) I never get breakouts! Couldn’t be happier.

  52. 5 out of 5

    Andrew Tucker

    I’ve used this for 3 years now and my skin has never been clearer- the first 4 mths was horrible but push through it and you will get amazing results- what helped was using every other night and only a pea sized amount. I applied it over a gentle moisturizer and my peeling lessened immensely- I exfoliated the dry skin in the am with a very gently scrub (st Ives green tea cleanser) and wore neutrogena sunscreen everyday- my skin is smooth, even toned and acne free- a added bonus is that it smoothes wrinkles. Don’t give up on it, just manage the side effects and don’t use so much, and don’t expect miracles overnight- it has to purge the bad to get to the good.

  53. 5 out of 5

    Louise Harrison

    I started using this about 5 years ago in high school when I had moderate and persistant acne. I started out with a low dose adaptaline and moved up to .04 Retin-a micro. I now have normal skin with smooth texture and no acne scars. Starting this is frustrating because it can make your skin worse before it gets better if your using a too high dose or if your skin gets flaky and irritated but your skin will eventually adapt and you can move up to a higher dose. After about a month and a half of beginning Retin-a micro the flaking and irritation stopped. Though I would still consider my skin to be sensitive, I am able to use exfoliators to improve it’s effectiveness with hardly any irritation.

  54. 2 out of 5

    Loretta Stewart

    After using it for a couple weeks I cannot go on with it b/c my acne has gotten so much worse and the peeling, dryness and soreness is not worth it for me to continue and see if it clears up.

  55. 5 out of 5

    Colleen Barnett

    I never had acne in my life til I turned 40. My beautiful complexion was ruined by horrible acne scars. I have only been on this medication for 2 weeks and I notice a 85% improvement already. Not one pimple and the scarring is barely noticeable. This has been the best medication prescribed

  56. 5 out of 5


    The best solution i’ve ever used, thanks okdermo, would not recommend that to newcomers, its quite strong cream!

  57. 5 out of 5

    Amos Cannon

    I have been using retin a micro .1% for 4 months. I had a terrible initial breakout that lasted for the entire first 3 months. Everything is looking clear. My nose tends to get very dry and peel, but I’m currently looking at ways to prevent this from happening.

  58. 4 out of 5

    Lula Jennings

    useful for acne control Retin A may cause extensive peeling and sensitive looking skin unless used sparingly, mixed in with carrier moisturizers. It should be used on a regular basis even when acne is not present, as a preventative. Its combined use with benzoyl peroxide in limited amounts can also lighten acne scars, important to self esteem and the ego.

  59. 5 out of 5

    Pat Lynch

    Works better than anything else I’ve tried. Don’t expect it to clear your skin up right away. You have to be patient: I was blotchy and peeling for a while before my skin began to look better. You have to stick with it. STAY OUT OF THE SUN.

  60. 1 out of 5

    Sonia Thompson

    My face is swollen, splotchy, unsightly and the acne looks worse than before. I have only been using it for 4 full days. I understand the acne can get worse before it gets better. It is very uncomfortable.

  61. 2 out of 5

    Sophia Andrews

    It burns, drys out your skin, makes it peel. I couldnt stand it!

  62. 4 out of 5

    Darla Mcgee

    I was on Retin-A Micro 0.1% several years ago for chronic acne, but my insurance would not pay for it, so I went back to “old reliable”–birth control pills. Other than the BCP’s, the only other treatment (besides the Retin-A) that has ever worked for me has been mega-doses of tetracycline, which has damaged my liver. Obviously, the antibiotic is no longer an option for me. A few years ago, I began having seizures and had to begin a new regimen of medications which rendered my BCP’s ineffective. As a result, my acne returned with a vengeance. Having dealt with this condition for 20 years, I was desperate enough to pay full price. Being nearly 40 with a pre-teen daughter, it is terribly embarrassing for me walking around with a face-full of hideous bumps. I found okdermo and Retin-A Micro here is amazing, I would recommend Sun Pharma manufacturer by the way. In a way, I wish that I had never stopped using it all of those years ago. I am currently going through the “sunburn” phase, but I know that in a few more weeks, I will once again have the complexion of a seven year old. While this medication works wonders for me and countless other, it may not work for everyone. It is very strong. I, personally have tried everything on the market to no avail. I would only recommend seeking treatment with this if you have tried everything else and are still having complexion problems.

  63. 5 out of 5

    Jin D


  64. 4 out of 5

    Kent Patton

    Only positive feedback to site support and a product is perfect

  65. 4 out of 5

    Cesar Jordan

    First of all i need to say, my skin is extremely OILY and not sensitive at all, which makes me a perfect candidate for retinol treatment. I have suffered from bad acne since i was 9, been to several dermatologist whom had given me no hope and told me I would ” grow out of it”. I am not almost 21 with acne still. When first using this, It does make your skin worse because it “extracts” the acne that is underneath your skin. It does peel my skin where blemishes are, but after using it for a couple of months my skin began to clear up and i get fewer pimples. This stuff will make your whole face “glow”, makes skin smoother, and firmer. I hear it works well for wrinkles, and I can also say it DOES work well on stretch marks. I would reccomend retinol treatment for people with severe acne that do not have sensitive skin.

  66. 4 out of 5

    Ernestine Floyd

    I’ve been using the gel for about 3 weeks, in the first week my acne became much worse. I then started to have peely, red very dry skin. I went and got a new face lotion with SPF(sun protection) in it and no other acne medications included in the lotion because that can make skin worse combining medications. My acne is finally starting to clear up but my face is red and very dry. So for the past week i’ve been using it every other night…hopefully it continues to get rid of the acne and not dry my face out as much.

  67. 4 out of 5

    Terri Willis

    Retin A has worked for me faster than any other acne medication however, I dont like the drying and peeling.

  68. 5 out of 5

    Clayton Brock

    Generic Tretinoin Gel I use Clindamycin in the AM and Tretinoin (Retin A) in the PM. Within about 3 weeks, my skin is completely clear, and it can be maintained easily. If I stop the treatment–duh–the results disappear within a couple of weeks. Getting both drugs generic, they’re not too expensive, and tubes last a long time. I’ve had absolutely no trouble with my skin drying out, even after using this combination for years. This will NOT be as effective without clindamycin! I used Tretinoin alone for a while and only saw dramatic results when I combined the two drugs.

  69. 5 out of 5

    Peter Gross

    I was very satisfied with the drug it took about 4 weeks to work but it cleared alot of the dark marks and inperfections on my face.

  70. 5 out of 5

    Josephine Steele

    Shipping really fast!Excellent product and service!

  71. 3 out of 5

    Kelvin Obrien

    Didn’t seem worth it I used Retin-A for quite a few months with little success. My face was red and peeling for most of it, but still breaking out like no tomorrow. I feel like Retin-A may have aggravated my acne and made it worse. I know many acne treatments have periods of getting worse before better, but my experience with Retin-A was just worse before it got worse.

  72. 3 out of 5

    Gerald Cortez

    Traumatizing I hate this stuff.It made my sking raw and scaly. I had so much dry skin along with the acne make-up looked freakish when I tried to apply it. I used to take strips of shipping tape and put pieces on my face. Then I’d rip if off so it would take most of the dry skin with it. Then make up could begin. I would do this everyday before going to middle school. Needless to say I spent three years never looking a person in the face because they would see how I ugly I am. Only plus to this gel is I found an old tube of it after I had my son. It helped very well with stretch marks with vitamin c combination.

  73. 5 out of 5

    Rose Simpson

    It took about 4 months before my skin start clearing but when it start clearing, the scars went away, few line went away, my skin looked like it never had severe acne before.

  74. 5 out of 5

    Beauty granny

    I am over 70 and have used tretinoin 0.5% every night for at least ten years. I have no fine wrinkles–only creases around the mouth and above the bridge of my nose. Okdermo has delivered my orders promptly, and the online payment process is easy to do.

  75. 4 out of 5

    Morris Padilla

    I am on my 8 th week on tretinoin gel, to be honest definitely you need have patience. I start using Retin-a micro gel while m taking birth control pill ( Levonorgestrel ), that pill having negative side effect on my body. I asked to my doctor she recommend retin- a gel, now i’m quit satisfied.

  76. 5 out of 5

    Happy customer

    This was my fist purchase with okdermo skincare and it was perfect. The product is exactly what I wanted and arrived in less than 2 weeks. Very happy!

  77. 5 out of 5

    Francisco Wilson

    After using consistently for a year my skin was clear but red,very dry and always peeling. Switched to Vitacid cream from okdermo which is less drying while extremely effective.

  78. 4 out of 5

    Tina Gill

    I have only been on the medication for 2 days plus dorxy and spironolactone. So far my skin is dry and slightly peeling around my chin around. It has only been day 2 but my pimples have come to the surface and are ready to pop my blackhead are so much more noticeable on my nose which looks so ugly but I made one rule for myself- No mirror at work if I carry one i will pick at my face which isnt a good idea since your skin gets very thin. I wish everyone luck on their joruney with Retin A Micro Gel

  79. 4 out of 5

    Anita Howard

    I am only 5 weeks into treatment so I will update again in a few weeks with my progress.

  80. 5 out of 5

    Kate Wimble

    So glad I found this site with tretinoin products. It is a pleasure to order products from. Great product and fast delivery. Thanks

  81. 5 out of 5

    Melissa G.

    An excellent transaction, superb quality product!

  82. 5 out of 5

    Lori Bradley

    I started using this medicine to get rid of adult acne, soften wrinkles and improve skin appearance. Was a rough go at first with intense flakiness (like face dandruff!). So I would exfoliate with scrubs and buff puffs which I thought was helping – but my derm. said is making it worse. He said just use at night (every other day, working up to every day) on a dry face and mix with a little moisturizer when applying – and no exfoliating. Took a month or two but worth the fantastic results. I occasionally get compliments on my skin (which surprises me bc my face isn’t perfect, with beauty marks, a scar, etc.) but I think, as my derm put it, there’s a healthy glow about it (that results from retinoid use). I’d recommend staying with it using above tips for a month or two first. I found it was worth it for me.

  83. 5 out of 5


    Tretinoin works greats acne and fast! Really best medicine

  84. 5 out of 5

    Perry Munoz

    I also use Retin-A in combination with Benzoyl peroxide gel to kill any antibiotic-resistant bacteria and to augment the action of Retin-A, as it posesses no antibacterial properties.

  85. 4 out of 5

    Cora Garner

    It’s been one month of Retin-A, and my naso-labial lines have disappeared. The crease between my brows has also diminished drastically. I am completely ecstatic over the changes with this powerful treatment.

  86. 5 out of 5

    Jamie Dawson

    I have been experiencing adult acne for a little over 10 years. I have tried over the counter topical medications & perscriptions. When I was prescribed Retin A Micro, this has cleared my face like no other. This is the best acne medication!!! I have been using this medication for over 10 yrs. Depending on your skin type, I would not recommend using it in the winter because it will severely dry out your skin.

  87. 5 out of 5

    Sean Buchanan

    Every since I have started on this cream my acne clears up so fast. It reduces swelling and in the morning almost all my pimples are gone or hardly noticeable. Since using the cream, I have rarely needed to wear makeup and my skin looks so good. Although, it does cause some redness when you first use it, the redness seems to go away in a week or two. It just takes some time for your skin to get use to it. Moisturizer will be your best friend in the mean time! I would recommend this product to anyone. It is safe and effective and very easy to use.

  88. 5 out of 5


    Nice formula, absorbs quickly and keeps my skin smooth, works for me.

  89. 5 out of 5


    Package arrived quicker than expected! I didn’t want to purchase the 1% cream/gel because it would have been too strong. The .05% still dries out my skin, but the dryness is manageable. After using the gel for a few days, all my active pimples have decreased in size and the redness subsided. Very powerful stuff, so sensitive skin beware.

  90. 5 out of 5

    Leigh Dean

    I used this, combined with an oral medication, in high school when I had bad acne. I tried Differin first, which was very ineffective. My dermatologist then prescribed Retin-A Micro, and it worked great. It got rid of troublesome zits in a few days of treatment. My only complaint is that it can really dry out the area of your skin on which you apply. This was not a big deal for me, I would just use a regular OTC hydrocortisone lotion for moisturize it and keep it from itching. Some dry skin is much better than red zits everywhere!

  91. 5 out of 5

    Ross Wood

    I like the medicine, though I agree that you have to WAIT at least 10 minutes after washing your face to apply or it stings. I actually was prescribed it to see if it could eliminate some scarring, sadly I haven’t noticed a difference in that area though I am acne free.

  92. 5 out of 5

    Brooke Perez

    Cost-effective alternative, thanx okdermo!

  93. 5 out of 5

    Isaac Gregory

    I am a 43 year old acne suffer and this is the only thing that has been able to keep my acne under control.I have to use this product or within a week of not using it my acne returns with a vengence.

  94. 5 out of 5

    Lynne Larson

    Starting to see favorable results after 3 weeks of daily use at night. Need to keep your skincare regime simple to avoid interaction with other products that can cause a chemical reaction (burning, stinging & peeling), including cleansers. Regular vaseline gives instant relief to any flaking and itching, which has started to subside with regular use. Use only sparingly amounts of moisturizer as even the mildest contain a boatload of harsh ingredients. I only use a cleanser at night and rinse with warm then cool water in the morning. Also avoid foundation makeup, including minerals, if you are serious about wanting to clear up. By not over stripping my skin I have a nice natural glow. This is helping much more than Differin (Adapalene), Duac or Tazarotene (which practically burned the skin right off me).

  95. 4 out of 5

    Phil Tran

    I haven’t really experienced any burning though…just peeling and redness. I work at a dermatology clinic so I get lots of advice and tips and the doctor there HIGHLY recommends Retin A and told me that over a period of using the drug for 5 years it helps with reducing aging. He has excellent skin so I’m listening to him.

  96. 2 out of 5

    Katrina Gardner

    Only made matters worse Retin-A cut down on the acne a little, but my whole face was red 24/7 from all the skin peeling. Plus, there were times when the peeling couldn’t be washed away, and my whole face looked cracked.

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