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Fillers For Body

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Although dermal fillers are often associated with the face, they’re also excellent for treating certain problem areas of the body.

Because dermal fillers provide lift, volume, and a smoothing effect, they are great for temporarily improving many areas of concern – from the hands to the chest to even the feet.

The skin of the décolletage (the area below your neck and above your breasts) becomes crepey with age, which can distract from the natural beauty of this body part. Collagen-building fillers are excellent for addressing these areas.

Body fillers or your own fat can be used to create a higher and more curvaceous behind. These fillers add volume and lift, and enhance your natural contour. In addition, fillers can improve the appearance of cellulite and trigger new collagen growth, which achieves tighter smoother skin.

As the years go by, the skin of the upper arms can become thin and crepey-looking, causing many individuals to feel the need to hide their arms. However, body fillers can be used (often in combination with EBD) to improve the crepey texture.

A keystone of the non-surgical mommy makeover is using hyperdilute fillers along with various EBD to maximally stimulate collagen and improve stretch marks as well.

It’s incredible how much better the knee area can look with a little help. Wrinkles and lines above the knees and thighs make the legs appear older, but can be greatly improved with dermal fillers. By injecting the right filler, this area can be smoothed and tightened, giving you the confidence to wear short dresses and cute shorts again. The legs and thighs can also be significantly improved with dermal filler.

Fillers are the main cornerstone for treating cellulite. While other techniques exist to break the bands that cause cellulite, that space then needs to be filled and tightened, and the skin needs to be thickened. Body Fillers are used to fill in the depressions and thicken the skin. This combination achieves amazing results in just one treatment.