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Skin Depigmenting / Vitiligo Treatment Products

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Vitiligo or the ‘white spot’ is not a medical disorder, yet it has been frustrating 1-3% of the population. It is characterized by areas of hypo or de-pigmentation on the skin surface due to the destruction or loss of melanocytes. These are areas where the normal pigmentation of the skin is missing or deficient. These spots can be many or few; they may be tiny or cover the body. While it is not a serious or life-threatening disorder, it has an impact on the social and psychological well-being of the people affected.

No one treatment is ideal. Each individual treatment has its own benefits and disadvantages. The ideal treatment is a combination of different modalities. This combination therapy is customized depending on the age, duration, type of Vitiligo, area, and extent of the disease.

Buy safely high-quality and authentic best products for skin depigmentation on the market, carefully selected among reputable manufacturers and brands. Check with your dermatologist/doctor for the best suitable solution for your particular case.

A common autoimmune skin disorder that results in partial loss of skin pigmentation, ie white patches of skin is named vitiligo. MBEH or monobenzone is the most commonly used depigmenting agent used in vitiligo. It is the only topical depigmentation treatment ingredient for extensive vitiligo that has been approved by the FDA.

Monobenzone unlike hydroquinone, almost always causes irreversible depigmentation, as it results in the death of melanocytes (the cells that make skin pigment or melanin). Depigmentation therapy refers to medical treatments that remove skin pigmentation causing contact leukoderma. Depigmentation therapy with skin depigmentation treatment products is used in someone that has widespread, but incomplete, vitiligo on the face and/or other sites, in an attempt to improve their appearance.