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Placentrex® Placenta Topical Gel

Fresh Sterile Human Placenta Extract 0.1% + Nitrogen 0.25%

(31 customer reviews)

USD $22.00

Placentrex gel with natural fresh placenta extract and a nitrogen is developed by Albert David Labs as an effective wound treatment substance.

A fresh placenta is rich in nutrients and has many benefits to using them in aging facial skin care and treatment.

Placentrex gel reduces minor skin problem, widely used as a general anti-aging remedy for wrinkles and skin sagging treatment (lifting effect).

The placenta contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, as well as peptides, amino acids, nucleic and hyaluronic acids.

Placentrex gel is all natural substance and there is a low risk of having any negative side effects from using it.

Size: 20g / 0.7oz
Brand name: Collagen Placenta Topical
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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Placentrex gel with natural fresh placenta extract and nitrogen is suitable for sensitive skin. The gel is developed by Albert David Labs as an effective wound treatment substance. Placenta extract is rich in nutrients and has many benefits to use in aging facial skin care and treatment. Other benefits of that gel – it reduces minor skin problems, widely used as a general anti-aging remedy for wrinkles treatment. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using pure fresh placenta cream.

Using a pure placenta Placentrex gel can help you erase those stubborn lines and wrinkles on your face. They can also help you to keep your skin hydrated and fresh, which gives you a younger-looking appearance. In a study completed by New Zealand researchers, 70% of women saw a decrease in the redness in their faces. This is great if you are suffering from rosacea. While it cannot guarantee that you will be completely rid of your facial redness, it does state that you will notice a significant decrease after only a few weeks of daily use.

If you are like most women, you will begin to notice wrinkles in your skin and slight sagging as you age. While some women prefer to age naturally without the help of medical treatments and “fountain of youth” products, there are some extraordinary creams on the market that can give you a younger look without making you look “fixed up.” If you are looking for a solution that can help even out those fine lines and wrinkles and also keep your skin hydrated, then you might want to look into a Placentrex gel with natural and fresh Placenta extract with Nitrogen.

Placentrex placenta extract gel is created to protect the skin from damage from the violent sun, specifically the UV, signs of aging, and dry skin. It has a real placenta as one of the main ingredients. The placenta nourishes the fetus while in the uterus, transferring foods and many other essential nutrients from the mother to the growing unborn fetus. It is most likely that this life-giving element of the placenta is the original inspiration behind using it to give individuals a youthful and essential appearance. Sheep placentas used in Placentrex gel are most generally made use of sterile human placentas, as humans are known to be sturdy with tough immune systems.

Not all placenta solutions and creams actually contain any placenta at all, in the traditional feeling of the word. In many cases, the products utilize plant placenta, and no animal items are entailed. While technically these products are making use of the placenta (plants do have a placenta, yet not like the one that exists in mammals), it is not exactly what people anticipate when they see the term “placenta cream”. Placentrex gel goes with an additional component in it – collagen and vitamin E and nitrogen. Placentrex gel is utilized as an elegant product, but its general purpose is that it serves for healing injuries. The living cells in the gel are thought to aid to raise blood flow to the location where it is applied.

To make Placenta extract gel, placentas are collected and taken to the production area for processing. The placentas are sanitized to eliminate any sort of opportunity of illness transmission or various other undesired adverse effects. A special, live-cell extraction method is utilized to separate living placental cells for use in the cream, after which the cells are combined into the product.

There are no known negative side effects of using placenta gel, but negative effects of other sorts of placenta therapy have been reported. For the best benefit to the skin, individuals ought to stick with using placenta therapy topically and never try to make use of such items, or comparable products, through shots.

The product brings into the market a formula based on human placenta extract. Placentrex placenta topical gel by OKdermo is a new innovation in skincare sciences and dermatology. Let’s have a deep insight into its features.

Rich Source of skin-friendly nutrients: Placentrex gel with fresh natural human placenta extract and nitrogen is introduced by Albert David Labs. It has a real placenta as one of its ingredients. The Placenta nourishes the fetus while in the uterus as it has the function of nutrient transport from mother to baby.

The placenta contains a variety of useful amino acids, peptides, nucleic and hyaluronic acid. No wonder if such a nutrient-rich ingredient that gives birth to a new life be used to nourish the dead skin also.

Placenta extract help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face thus standing out in the range of anti-aging remedies. The extract also helps to keep your skin hydrated giving it a fresh, youthful look.

Anti-aging formula: This unique formula is a pure placenta extract that helps prevent the loss of collagen from the skin. The gel enhances skin elasticity and gives it a natural glow. If you are fighting the unfortunate signs of premature skin aging, then this placenta extract is the ideal formulation to help you.

Excellent wound healing properties: The placenta extract, Placentrex has outstanding healing properties, reduces small scars and wounds. This makes it a suitable candidate to be used in plastic surgery for tissue regeneration.

Safe and natural: The formulation is totally safe to be used in both men and women. No artificial colorants, flavors, hormones, fillers, binders, gluten, or milk derivatives are added. The extract is all-natural and sterile and there are no reported side effects.

Directions to use: Apply Once or twice daily, gently massage into cleansed face and neck with a circular motion until thoroughly absorbed. Don’t let your skin get deprived of its natural beauty and glow. OKdermo is here to help you with its wide range of professionally formulated products. To find more about our skincare products, visit our website.


  • Placentrex gel has excellent healing properties, reduces small scars and wounds (commonly used in plastic surgery for tissue regeneration);
  • Gradually slows the aging process, smoothes and prevents wrinkles on the face and fine lines around eyes, stimulates the production of new cells;
  • Prevents photoaging, protects against harmful UV rays, may also be used as an SPF medicated solution;
  • With antiseptic properties, gel eliminates any inflammatory and pustular processes in the skin, making it healthy;
  • Dramatically reduce excessive oiliness of the skin and normalizes the activity of facial sebaceous glands;
  • Keeps natural moisture balance of the skin, improves the overall tone, and complexion;
  • Perfectly absorbed and assimilated, ideally for sensitive skin;
  • Absolutely hypoallergenic, well-tolerated, and approved product, do not have any registered side effects.


  • Wash away oiliness and dirt from the skin, by applying a cleanser or soapy water;
  • Apply a small amount of gel directly on the problem areas of the face;
  • Do not rinse, wash hands after application;
  • The results will be seen even after two weeks of usage.


Fresh Human Placenta Extract 0. 1 %

Nitrogen compounds 0.25 % W/W

HIV Antibody Free

HCV Antibody Free

Hepatitis B-Surface Antigen Free