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Bharat Biotech is an Indian biotechnology company, headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The company was founded by an Indian scientist, Krishna Ella. Bharat Biotech has a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant in the Asia-Pacific region, parts of which are leased out to other pharmaceutical companies.

To offer affordable, safe and effective healthcare solutions to combat mankind’s dreaded illnesses and to thus eradicate or at least control their occurrence in the years to come.

We seek to address the health care needs of the 5.8 billion people in the emerging markets by driving innovation and being a frontrunner in research and development of new vaccines and biotherapeutics.

Bharat Biotech started operations in 1996—the year Dr. Krishna M. Ella and Mrs. Suchitra Ella returned from the US to set up a company dedicated to creating innovative vaccines and bio-therapeutics. Dr. Ella was returning from a research and teaching stint in the US and he wanted the new company to be an intellectual capital powerhouse. In the years that followed, he assembled a team of bright scientists and led the creation of path-breaking vaccines.

Today, Bharat Biotech has over 160 patents. As a leading biotechnology company, we seamlessly straddle the worlds of product research and manufacturing to create effective vaccines and therapeutics for patients around the world.