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Fat Dissolving / Lipolysis

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Injection lipolysis, lipolytic mesotherapy, fat-burning microinjections, and lipolytic injections are all different names for introducing drugs into adipose tissue using a needle that destroys subcutaneous fat directly at the injection site.

Lipolysis is a fat-destroying drug injection. The key to successful and safe injectable fat destruction is the correct choice of lipolytic drugs and the right way of doing such injections.

Today there are various lipolytics, i.e. drugs that cause the death of fat cells, change the structure of fat and lead to a decrease in body shape. The doctor chooses the drug based on the age of the patient, location of fat, type of fatty deposits, and any present diseases. A number of fat-destroying drugs are contraindicated in hepatic, thyroid, and cardiovascular diseases. That is why the choice of a safe but effective lipolytic for you remains with the doctor.

Fat deposits in the double chin and cheeks, thighs (“galife”), above the knees, and lower abdomen respond best to correction.

The introduction of fat-destroying drugs is painless. Discomfort and swelling after facial lipolytic injections introduction last for 1-2 days. The treatment is repeated several times at least every 10 days.

Facial lipolytic injections can reduce nasolabial folds, remove double chin and make beautiful facial contours.

Doctors do not recommend lipolytic injections to those who expect to reduce their body weight this way. As fat is destroyed within a radius of several centimeters from the injection sites, it cannot be considered a method of general weight loss for people with a large excess of body weight. Lipolytic injections serve to shape the body and do it effectively.