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Pure Hydroquinone 4% Skin Whitening Cream

Hydroquinone 4% USP Skin Lightening Agent

(98 customer reviews)

From USD $25.00

Introducing Hydroquinone 4% Cream, a powerful skin lightening and bleaching solution specifically designed to target hyperpigmented skin conditions such as age spots, freckles, melasma, and other discolorations. With a high-potency pure hydroquinone 4.0 formula, this cream effectively treats melasma, skin pigmentations, and dark spots for a brighter, more even complexion.

Hydroquinone 4% Cream works by penetrating and purifying the deeper layers of the skin, erasing blemishes, age spots, and uneven pigmentation along the way. For enhanced, safer, and more natural results, consider combining this cream with Azelaic Acid 20% Cream. Hydroquinone 4% is the ultimate skin-lightening solution for freckles, age spots, melasma, and other pigmentations caused by pregnancy, skin trauma, sun exposure, birth control pills, or hormone replacement therapies. It can also help diminish the appearance of dark acne scars and various skin disorders.

Size: 20g / 0.7oz, 30g / 1.05oz
Brand name: Eldoquin, Melanox, Expigment, Eqinon, Melloderm
Title Range Discount
Items: 2 - 4 5%
Items: 5 - 8 10%
Items: 9 + 15%


How does Hydroquinone Cream work?

Hydroquinone skin lightening cream is a powerful topical solution that targets hyperpigmented skin by interfering with the synthesis of melanin, a complex pigment responsible for skin and hair coloration. With the use of hydroquinone cream for melasma, you can expect a reduction in the appearance of dark patches and spots over time.

Pure hydroquinone cream achieves this by inhibiting tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for converting tyrosine into melanin. Hydroquinone cream 4 percent also promotes the selective damage of melanosomes and melanocytes, which contain and produce melanin, respectively. These dual actions of hydroquinone usp 4 skin bleaching cream result in a decrease in melanin production, leading to a lighter complexion.

Hydroquinone 4 topical cream works in two distinct yet complementary ways:

  • Firstly, it reduces melanin production in the skin cells
  • Secondly, it accelerates the breakdown of melanosomes that contain melanin

By decreasing the presence of melanin, 4 percent hydroquinone cream helps the darker skin areas gradually match the patient’s normal skin color, resulting in a more even and balanced complexion.

Hydroquinone Cream Dosage

Before starting treatment, apply a small amount to the affected area to test for sensitivity. Only apply to affected areas, avoiding normal skin, eyes, mouth, or mucous membranes. After application, wash hands thoroughly to prevent skin lightening on fingers.

Apply hydroquinone before non-medicated cosmetics, lotions, or sunscreen, and wait several minutes before applying other products. Properly washing the face with lukewarm water and soap before application is also crucial.

Apply 4% hydroquinone to affected areas twice daily, as directed by a healthcare practitioner, for four weeks to see noticeable improvement in skin condition. Discontinue use if there is no improvement after eight weeks.

Please check out the hydroquinone before and after photos in the gallery and see the actual results to expect.

How to Use Hydroquinone 4% Cream

To safely use hydroquinone cream, follow these steps:

  1. Test your skin sensitivity by applying a patch of the cream to a small area of hyperpigmented skin. If no itching or redness occurs within 24 hours, proceed with the application.
  2. Clean and dry the skin before applying a thin film of 4 hydroquinone cream twice daily to the affected areas, avoiding unaffected skin. Remember to wash your hands after use.
  3. Avoid applying the hydroquinone cream 4 percent near the eyes, mouth, and other mucous membranes. When using cosmetics, sunscreens, or moisturizing lotions, apply hydroquinone cream first and wait several minutes before applying other products.
  4. Be cautious of sun exposure, as hydroquinone 4 topical cream can increase skin sensitivity. Use sunscreen and wear protective clothing on treated areas while outdoors.
  5. Consult your doctor if your condition persists or worsens after 2 months of using hydroquinone cream for melasma or other hyperpigmentation issues.

Purchase pure Hydroquinone cream and other products from trusted sources like OKDERMO, which offers safe and discreet worldwide shipping to countries like Canada, the USA, the UK, and more. Review Hydroquinone 4 before and after pictures to determine how effective the cream is in treating hyperpigmentation and skin discoloration issues.

Where should I buy Hydroquinone cream online?

Are you wondering where to buy hydroquinone online? Look no further! Hydroquinone is a popular and effective ingredient for addressing skin concerns like dark spots and hyperpigmentation. When it comes to purchasing hydroquinone online, you need to find a trustworthy source offering a variety of concentrations, such as hydroquinone 2 percent and 4 percent.

When purchasing hydroquinone online, always consider the concentration you need. Options such as hydroquinone 2 percent and hydroquinone 4 are available, so be sure to choose the appropriate product for your skin. Additionally, prioritize platforms known for their credibility and customer satisfaction.

To find the best deal, compare prices across different websites to ensure affordability. Whether you’re looking for cheap hydroquinone cream, a platform like OKDERMO offers competitive pricing to help you save. They also have a wide range of skin lightening products, making it easy to find where you can buy 4 hydroquinone cream.

Can I buy Hydroquinone 4 Cream Over The Counter / OTC?

If you’re wondering whether you can buy hydroquinone 4 creams over the counter, it’s essential to be aware that the availability of different medications depends on regional regulations and policies. However, for a reliable and hassle-free experience, consider ordering hydroquinone from a reputable online source such as OKDERMO.

To ensure you’re choosing a safe and effective product, research is crucial when looking for hydroquinone cream 4 over the counter. Hydroquinone topical cream is known for its ability to address dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and melasma. By selecting a high-quality product like the best hydroquinone cream 4 percent from a trustworthy source, you can optimize your results.

For those who may struggle to find hydroquinone 4 cream, alternative options like over the counter skin lightening cream or bleaching cream for dark spots are available. While these alternatives might be less potent compared to hydroquinone 4% creams, they can still offer significant results for skin discoloration.

Storage Guidelines for Hydroquinone 4 cream

  • Suitable Storage Conditions: Ensure to store the cream in a sanitized, refrigerated, and desiccated area, and make sure that the temperature does not surpass 25°C. It is recommended to protect the medication from dampness, ultraviolet rays, and elevated temperature.
  • Child and Pet Safety: Keep the medicine away from the reach of children and pets to avoid any unintended consumption.
  • Expiry Date Alert: Do not use the medicine after its expiry date, which is mentioned on both the tube and the box.

Hydroquinone Cream Side Effects and Precautions

Hydroquinone 4% cream is typically well-tolerated, but some individuals may experience dryness, irritation, itching, redness, inflammation, peeling, mild contact dermatitis, or allergic reactions. Rare cases of Ochronosis, a blue-black or grey-black discoloration, may occur with prolonged high-concentration use on dry skin or large body areas.

Warnings and Cautions

Before using hydroquinone cream, consult your doctor if you:

  • Have a skin infection or allergies
  • Are taking other medicines or treating health conditions

Keep in mind that hydroquinone can falsely increase capillary glucose readings on glucometers. It is for external use only and should be combined with daily sunscreen application, especially when outdoors.

Avoid direct sun exposure and avoid using the cream alongside benzoyl peroxide, hydrogen peroxide, or other peroxide products, as this can cause temporary skin darkening. If combined accidentally, wash the area with soap and water. Additionally, avoid using with photosensitizing medications or if hypersensitive to any of the cream’s components.

Pregnancy Considerations

Melasma, also known as chloasma or the “mask of pregnancy,” may resolve after pregnancy, so treatment is typically delayed until after delivery. Hydroquinone 4% is a Pregnancy Category C drug, with animal studies showing risks and insufficient human studies. Do not use during pregnancy unless benefits outweigh risks.

When the cream should not be used

  • Allergic Reactions: Hydroquinone cream should not be used if you are allergic to any of its ingredients, including hydroquinone. Moreover, pregnant or breastfeeding women should also avoid using it.
  • Avoid Peroxide Products: Avoid using HQ 4% cream along with hydrogen peroxide, benzoyl peroxide, or other peroxide products as the combination of these chemicals may cause temporary pigmentation of the skin.

Related resources/references:

  1. What is melasma and hyperpigmentation
  6. American Academy of Dermatology Association. Melasma: Overview. [Accessed May 5, 2023].
  7. Harvard Health Publishing, Harvard Medical School. Unmasking the causes and treatment of melasma. [Accessed May 6, 2023]. of-melasma
  8. Chelsea Schwartz; Arif Jan; Patrick M. Zito. Hydroquinone. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing. Sept 2020.

Additional Information

98 reviews for Pure Hydroquinone 4% Skin Whitening Cream

  1. Theresa Fuller

    Very effective for melasma!

  2. Bentley Shannon

    I have been avoiding it for years and never wore anything sleeveless because I was afraid of the side effects. But finally tried it and saw results even on second week of application, will continue to use the next 2 weeks and will see the final results.

  3. Quinten

    Before I began this, makeup looked awful as I tried to coverup the uneven skin tone. Trust me ladies, this is so worth the time and the money.

  4. Wilma

    Best For Clearing Hyper Pigmentation

  5. Bruce H.

    Really satisfy with the result

  6. Gayle Munoz

    Ordered 15 days ago, not yet receved

  7. Lucille H

    I use it, and I would repurchase if I lost the tube, but I often don’t have the patience to dab for three months straight. My spots are lighter, but that may be a combination of time, retinoids, BHA, AHA, Vitamin C and niacinamide (I rotate products and generally do not use them daily).

  8. Jerry Vargas

    I had pretty good skin to begin with and I was just battling a few small issues that were easily covered by a tinted moisturizer. Although I imagine with continued use this could work for people with worse issues.

  9. Cindy Schwartz

    I also ordered some Kojic acid and Arbutin creams from okdermo, all were delivered promptly within 2 weeks to UK, thank you for the great service as always!

  10. Konner Wilkins

    I’ve been diligent with the sunscreen and have noticed no adverse effects from the sun exposure that I do have. I highly recommend it for folks in my same situation as mine – melasma faciale.

  11. Cary Kelly

    This one has much creamy base then other “creams”.

  12. Marquis Kirk

    Worked well for me.

  13. Kolten C

    Miracle cream for hypopigmentation issues! Almost INSTATANEOUSLY noticed the difference. The edges of my melasma started fading away within less than a week and I have full confidence it’ll be gone in a couple of months at most.

  14. Irvin Phillips

    It does eventually stop working because it will only lighten your skin up to a certain point.

  15. Tiana M

    I know how to use hydroquinone – few months on, few months off. Do not forget that recommendation.

  16. Finley Nielsen

    You are supposed to use it for no more than 90 days and then rest from it for a while. Sunscreen is a must, otherwise the applied areas could easily become darker. Prior to its restriction, there were a number of creams with a combination of retinol and hydroquinone. IMO, 2%, which is more widely available, doesn’t do very much.

  17. Otis Kelley

    Fades discoloration fast!

  18. Jimmy

    After a month of using it I didn’t notice any changes on my facial complexion. First week of second month when I started noticing that my face becomes lighter and brighter, it also cleared my blemishes and lightened some of my pimple scars. It became firm, and the pores became smaller. After continued use (now on my 2nd bottle) it kept my face getting more lighter, i always apply sunblock on my face. This is the only effective whitening product ive ever tried. It is also a very effective anti-aging. I ‘d say i can give it more than 5 stars.

  19. Eric D.

    Takes time to see results on darker skin and darker hyperpigmentation

  20. Lola Winters

    I have to set the record straight :hydroquinone is safe! I have used 4% HQ on my underarms for three months, then I gave two months off and it worked wonderfully , all the darkness was gone.

  21. Veronica G

    THIS IS THE PRODUCT OF MY DREAMS! Fades discoloration fast! It is also, luckily, one of the very few products that don’t break my face out.

  22. Itzel Duran

    I want to emphasize again that this product works like a miracle. Anyone with brown splotches should not hesitate to buy this stuff if they want to see RESULTS.

  23. Monique Mckay

    My skin tone is more even, brighter and lighter. If I had to put a number on it, I guess I would say about a 25-30% improvement thus far.

  24. Immanuel

    The latest batch I ordered from okdermo was about to expire within 12 months of my receipt date, which is great! And most important worked well for me, have made my skin better. May recommend it but prior visit your derm.

  25. Nathanael Frye

    On a side note, I’ve done the research and am thoroughly convinced that hydroquinone is safe to use topically at 4%. In fact, there’s some research out there that suggests it’s a powerful antioxidant and may have more beneficial effects than just lightening.

  26. Diego Powers

    This is NOT a product you can use long term! There are safer alternatives really!!

  27. Rodney Vega

    it still works

  28. Kiera Mills

    Take my advice (I am 66) and use the 4% Hydroquinone cream. I had also heard that doctors had to stop prescribing the 4% Hydroquinone anymore because it was found to be harmful, but in the end I realized that those nasty rumors were being circulated so plastic surgeons could make a lot more money on treatments that not only wouldn’t work after a person spent tons of money on them, but would actually make the situation worse.

  29. Trace W

    This is the ONLY product that has managed to really make a difference on my hyperpigmentation but just as important it has made the skin on my face look so much better.

  30. Martin M

    I want to know whether I can use hydroquinone 1% or 2% cream in order to get rid of all those blemishes and hyperpigmention ?

  31. Jerome Shelton

    I had tried many over the counter products with little results. So far I am 3 weeks into it and already there is a noticeable difference. You do need to “take a break” after a few months” and then resume. I am glad my brown spots are fading.

  32. Marvin M

    Works for melasma!!!

  33. Guadalupe Curtis

    Want to order

  34. Leo Rivera

    Better not to expose your skin to the sun, it is the best recommendation I’ve ever received.

  35. Iyana Yu

    This Rx product works more quickly and effectively than anything else

  36. Jackie V

    I have bad liver spots on my face, after trying so many different whitening products with not much change, I am almost given up on trying anymore but after using Eukroma, I can see a big improvement on my skin, the spots are fading away after about 8 weeks, now I am still using this product, highly recommend to other users.

  37. Campbell Chang

    As for actual effectiveness, also lik ethe other reviewer, i’ve been using Melalite XL 2% HQ + bha w 2% HQ for a while now. i was using that twice daily for a few months and saw great results, but still have some sun spots and acne red spots that i wanted to lighten and figured i’d give the 4% a try since i was going to order careprost from OKDERMO too.

  38. Ryder Gallegos

    In my opinion it is controversial for reasons beyond safety and I guess the reason is the issue of skin color prejudice, otherwise is not more harmful than tanning.

  39. Julien L

    I have always used serums (vitamin C, Ferulic acid, etc), retin-a, AHC and sunscreens so my skin generally looks good but I always had some hyperpigmentation on my upper cheekbones. Now they disappeared after I started HQ 4% and used it for 5 weeks already, it is working.

  40. M..Mayer

    This cream is amazing it really does work I used it 3 times a weak and saw a big difference in the second does smell strong a bit of a bleachy smell which gave me a headache the first few uses but now it’s great giving fantastic results. Thank you for a great product! !!

  41. Cathy

    Eukroma workin perfect for me, I have been using Eukroma for about 6 months, all of my freckles and age spots have faded away, almost gone forever. I have fair skin and a skightly dark complexion, my skin is now clear and beautiful. I am thankful okdermo! Will definitely buy again, it worth it!

  42. Zoey Moody

    Where is the *Love button for this product? 🙂

  43. Oxy Beth

    Super, thanx!

  44. Diamond Gaines

    I’m surprised there arent more reviews for this!

  45. Grant

    To allay anyone’s fear, at least for me, this hasn’t really changed the color of my skin.I don’t know how it reduces my hyperpigmentation while not changing the color of my skin but I definitely do not look like I have bleached skin.

  46. Gilberto W

    Some types of skin are prone to melasma (dark patches) due to hormones. In my case I have been on the pill for 10 years due to a high testosterone level than normal. I have melasma on all of my forehead and in the summer I will get it on my cheeks if I am not anal with the sunscreen (tan makes it much worse). My old dermatologist put me on 4% hq for about a year and melasma almost went away. After a while it came back. I went back to the docs but there was a new dr at the clinic, which is the best clinic in my area. The new doc put me on combinations of kojic acid/trentinoin which I have been on for over a year with no results at all execpt for very smooth skin. Now my doc has just put me back on 4% hq, but only for 1 tube. She expalined to me that if you use this product for more than 6 months it can make your skin turn dark permamently. I have heard that it can cause skin cancer but my derm thinks otherwise.

  47. Lawrence M

    So a lot of people look to Hydroquinone just to remove spots or lighten their skin but for a woman close to 50 years old, I’m thinking it is just as effective at resetting the tone of your skin to make you look younger.

  48. Alonzo

    Unfortunately, this product did was make my break-outs worse 🙁

  49. Saniya Lowery

    I have had oily, acne prone skin all my life and occassionaly I suffer from those dark spots (hyperpigmentation) that is associated with acne scarring. This product works and I only paid $25.00 at okdermo. Ok, it smells funny, but a 1oz tube last you for about a year and it actually works. I apply it nightly and spot treat in the morning.. you have to wear sun protection to offset re-darkining. This is the best product by far for African American skin, so do your self a favor go see a derm. and get some! You won’t regret it!

  50. Israel Mason

    Do not like the plastic/glue smell of it

  51. Vern

    Best Whitening product ever!!!!!

  52. Happy customer


  53. Toni W

    Works great!

  54. Kara Glover

    The cheaper the better! This one is amazing, it is sad that 20g tube only

  55. Andre

    Other skin lightening products I have used have helped with my sun spots but did nothing for my melasma. This one the only removed practically almost it!

  56. Brendan Monroe

    Smells so bad!!

  57. Ruth D

    I love this product. It works best if used with the Tretinoin gel 0.1 for skin lightening in several tones!

  58. Linda Gustavo

    I’ve been using this product for about a week & half and already my brown spots on my hands are starting to fade. Might need a second tube but well worth it.

  59. Miranda Salvadore

    Good results with HQ 4, like your store! Gracias!

  60. Alexa Mata

    I discontinued the use and most of my post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation returned to near pretreatment levels.

  61. Joanna P

    Yes, this product works wonders for discolorations, but it is not safe to use long term.

  62. Lawayne White

    Works as it should, respect, shipping to US around 2 weeks

  63. Karin Sanders

    Yes, got it, pure HQ 4, working like a charm

  64. Priscilla

    If you’re struggling with getting rid of your hyper-pigmentation, I’d definitely suggest this product!

  65. Jadon Duarte

    It was the best decision of my life and I can just strangle all these naysayers and paranoidal people online saying it’s going to kill you and it’s toxic, etc. I used this product for two weeks and my melasma is virtually GONE. Like 92% gone. I am not joking. I thought I was going to die with these patches on my face but this product works. I am beside myself with relief and joy. I can’t describe it. I guess you have to have gone through what I did to understand. And also to understand that you should NOT listen to all these paranoid people online telling you the horrors of hydroquinone. I used this product for two weeks. I am not alternating with Vitamin C oil and will stop using it in a while. If it should come back, and a lot of people say it will when you stop using it, I’ll start using it again.

  66. Gavyn Morales

    I’ve been using this for a couple weeks now. I think to get my skin where I want it to be I would probably only need to use this for another 4 to 6 weeks. And then stop and switch to just retin-a for anti-aging.

  67. Noemi

    My advice is consider decreasing your usage of retin-a (tretinoin), AHA or other products that may irritate your skin when first introducing this product and then ramping back up

  68. Kody Barrera

    I am a fan of 4% with caveats. I have older spots from dermatological laser (I am NC 30-35, Asian, combination skin, tending towards dry, and relatively accustomed to BHA, AHA and both prescription and non prescription retinoids). Currently, I believe 4% is limited by prescription in a number of countries due to the carcinogenic and other risks. However, my dermatologist believed that it would be acceptable for me to try, given that I was only going to use it sparingly on a few spots. This does not sting, feel uncomfortable, dry out, peel, or cause purging or other issues on my skin. No problems with scent. I did not need to reduce my usage of retinol during the time that I used this product. (If you experience any irritation, I recommend reducing or ceasing any and all irritants).

  69. Emiliano

    I just started using the product yesterday and I regret waiting so long before going to the dermatologist; however, I did go so here we are. I was prescribed Hydroquinone 4%. The doctor said I should see some type of results as the days progress. I’m seeing old friends on the 14th so I pray that the spot is almost gone by then. The spot is a small dark mark on the bottom outside of my mouth. I’ll check back after a few weeks to give an update. Oh the packaging was okay and I’m keeping it in the box so as not to let too much light in.

  70. Cameron

    I don’t think you can expect significant results in under 90 days, but if you have the patience to dab it on (avoiding the lighter surrounding skin as much as possible) and use sunscreen, it’s very possible to lighten. If you get it on surrounding skin, or (I have read) if you are among the unlucky few, it may make things darker.

  71. Alejandro N

    It is a quick fix and good for jump starting the lightening process which can be maintained using other products.

  72. Jane Clements

    I tried a lot of expensive and famous whitening creams but none worked since the darkness was caused by rubbing. This one worked like a charm! Thank you for the wonderful cream, okdermo!

  73. Christie H.

    I have face melasma due to pregnancy and sun exposure and I tried numerous products to treat it. Eukroma works the best. I did not expect instant skin transformation when I started using it. I realize that it takes some time, especially if your skin has suffered severe discoloration. I am diligent at applying Eukroma daily and also using face sun screen to prevent further sun damage. Eukroma works! After a few weeks most of the discoloration on my upper lip and forehead was gone. The cream does not irritate my skin and I will keep using it.

  74. Kiley P

    NOTHING has ever made such a difference in terms of luminosity, clarity and diminishment of hyperpigmentation like Hydroquinone.

  75. Kasen

    I was given by my derm a 6% Salicylic gel which I used once a day. It immediatly began to flake away the outer layers and I noticed a huge difference! I also got topical tretinoin gel which I also used liberally to exfoliate the skin. Once I began to notice some of the major dark patches sloughing off, I started using my hydoquinine 4% at night. Sometimes in the past I have started a regime… seen results and then stopped! Not this time! The difference in my skin in the last 8 weeks is amazing!!!

  76. Allen

    Life changing

  77. Ricky

    Results after two applications

  78. Simon F.

    This is an excellent product that really does what it claims to do

  79. Iyana Maddox


  80. James

    Good product. Needs time for results

  81. Bea Cameron

    It’s the only thing that truly gets rid of brown spots. Shipping was slow

  82. Byron

    Because Melalite cream is quite thick, I put on my serums and retin-a first and layer this on top. It’s thick like a diaper rash cream but not oily – but before my lotion

  83. Yandel Brennan

    I felt compelled to write a review on this product because I did not believe in miracles until I tried a 4% hydroquinone cream, in my case, called Melalite, available over the counter at okdermo skin store. I have been avoiding hydroquinone for years as I battled a stubborn case of melasma (which I’ve writen about on several reviews on here) because of all this paranoia online about it.

  84. Penna B.

    I was pleased with how quickly I was able to see results (within a week). I gave it 4 stars because I wish there were more product for the price. I’m tempted to re-purchase, but may shop around for a better ratio of product vs. price. I do like it though.

  85. Lillie Turner


  86. Jay Ruiz

    It is safe, effective and should be used exactly according to the prescribed regimen, then it will be the most effective skin lightening product.

  87. Kaylyn Barry

    Hydroquinone has been considered one of the most effective skin-lightening treatments for hyperpigmentation. No doubts, very often it becomes first line of treatment for patients with sun damaged skin, age spots or post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Nevertheless some researchers claim that it alters the melanin-protein complex, causing uneven skin tone. But that occurs predominantly in dark- skinned people. Sunscreen plays an important role in everyday life, especially, if you use skin-lightening products.Please, apply a sunscreen before leaving your house, do not let your treatment go to waste from damaging UV rays. Your MD.

  88. Henry Stephenson

    I was prescribed a 4% hydroquinone cream to suppress melanin production before and after brown spot laser treatment. The results of using this product were slight, if noticeable at all. Initially my skin burned and stung but either the potency of the cream faded after I opened the tube or my skin’s tolerance increased because by the time I finished the tube it didn’t bother my skin at all. It smelled plastic-y upon application but I only used it at night and the smell didn’t bother me or affect my ability to fall asleep. In the morning, my skin felt smoother but the affect on my brown spots/freckles was minimal.

  89. Marques H

    I’m 49 years old and all of the sudden age seemed to catch up with my complexion in one swoop! I had dark patches which made parts of my skin not effected look like white circles… Not a pretty site!!! So my derm prescibed a combo of Rx meds to get rid of the dark patches and make everything smooth and even again.

  90. Devin Pratt

    Definitely 5 stars! Rermoved my spots in 3 weeks! Now hiding out the sun,

  91. Samir Montes

    Hydroquinone is the most effective topical I’ve ever used in terms of lightening scars and sun spots, it really can fade them almost completely. Unfortunately it is the type of drug you have to keep using in order to sustain results.

  92. Rudolph B

    Love love love! Searched the web for something to rid me off hyper pigmentation on my knees. It works very well!

  93. Francis

    I am very impressed and pleased with this product. I can see a significant decrease in the melasma on 75% of my face, which developed after I had a baby 7 years ago. It absorbs quickly and does not leave a greasy film. Not very much is needed at one time and the odor of it goes away soon after applying.

  94. June G

    I went to visit my sister after not having seen her for close to a year and she took one look and said she had never seen such velvety, clear, glowing skin. I’m not trying to compliment myself but rather how effective this product is as an adjunct to your regular skin care system.

  95. Jane

    Great product. I have been using Melalite Forte and other lightening products from okdermo for marks and breakouts for more than 3 months and have never had an issue, it worked.

  96. juan garcia

    good product works good. just itches and burns a little

  97. Dina Ripple

    Always buy Melalite cream, it is the best among others, easy to apply ointment texture/base. If you’d like more creamy feel check Melapik or Hydrip-4.

  98. Michelle Rosado (verified owner)

    Started seeing results in a week! I have quite a few dark areas and spots from acne, skin irruptions and injuries and 2% didn’t do a thing. This cream is light, not greasy and a little bit goes a long way. I do use spf of 30 or higher to protect from more darkening. Highly recommend.

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