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Resilient Cosmeceuticals

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We believe innovation is the core for meeting unmet medical needs. This rapid change in lifestyle invites innovative yet unique product range to keep one’s skin and hair health intact. We at Resilient thrive to provide medical solutions to enhance skin and hair health. We have various products to our name which are launched by us for the 1st time in India.

Resilient Cosmeceuticals is an organization with the philosophy to be different from conventional pharmaceutical culture. This difference reflects in the name itself.

‘Resilience’ is the fierce determination we carry to help overcome disease and bounce back to good health. ‘Cosmeceuticals’ is a word that represents the need to treat not only the disease aspect but also to restore the cosmetic appearance of an individual.

Resilient is a Pharmaceutical company having its marketing office in Pune, and has been successfully operational since 1997. The Company has arrangements on loan license (LL) and Principal-to-Principal (P2P) for manufacturing its pharmaceutical products.

Our logo asserts the symbiotic relation between the Pharma and Medical faculties which are partners in ensuring the well-being and prosperity of mankind. As a team, we are focused on Dermatology, Gynaecology and Physician specialties. However, as the word ‘Cosmeceuticals’ suggests, we have a unique range for Derma.

It is a known fact that global warming and rampant pollution has given rise to skin problems which would multiply manifold in time to come. The major challenge of the Dermatologists will be to offer tailor-made solutions to these problems. Anticipating their need for the time, ‘Resilient’ has focused on Dermatology.