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A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel

Tretinoin 0.025% / 0.05% / 0.1% USP

(75 customer reviews)

From USD $25.00


Uncover radiant skin and reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles with a game-changer in skin care – A-Ret® Gel. This active exfoliator, formulated with tretinoin, works effectively to improve the overall quality of your skin. Derived from Vitamin A, the potent ingredient dives deep into skin layers, not only refining the skin’s texture but also treating persistent acne.

A-Ret® Gel, often referred to as ‘Retin A‘, is more than an over-the-counter cream; it’s a revolution in a tube. It’s easily applicable with clean fingertips or a cotton swab, designed to be absorbed swiftly into the affected area. Remember, protective clothing is crucial while using this product to avoid allergic reactions. With the consistent use of A-Ret® Gel, reveal smoother, brighter skin that feels as good as it looks!

Size: 20g / 0.7oz
Brand name: Retin-A Gel, Atralin, Renova, Avita
Title Range Discount
Items: 2 - 4 5%
Items: 5 - 8 10%
Items: 9 + 15%


What is A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel?

Uncover A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Topical Gel, an exemplary Menarini product that promises radiant skin. This active exfoliator revamps your skin cycle, erases fine wrinkles, combats acne, and provides skin lightening, bringing transformative changes to your skin care routine. Buy Tretinoin Gel Online now for ultimate skin rejuvenation.

Understanding Tretinoin as a Key Ingredient

Tretinoin, the active ingredient in A-Ret® Gel, is a derivative of Vitamin A, a key player in skincare. As a potent exfoliator, it stimulates skin cell turnover, reducing acne, redness, and the appearance of fine lines. Its power in treating these conditions derives from its ability to accelerate skin regeneration, resulting in clearer, rejuvenated skin.

Incorporated into Menarini’s A-Ret® Gel, Tretinoin’s effects are harnessed and targeted. This Retinol A Gel offers a smoother, healthier complexion, bringing about a significant transformation in skin quality. Opt for this Tretinoin Gel USP 0.1, to redefine your skincare routine.

What Makes A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel Stand Out?

A-Ret® Gel consisting of the purest form of Tretinoin stands distinctly in the crowded skincare market. This Menarini product, widely recognized as a Retin A gel, is formulated with Tretinoin 0.1%, effectively treating acne and skin aging signs. Unlike its competitors that merely offer surface-level solutions, A-Ret® Gel penetrates deep to address the root causes of skin concerns, earning it the label of a highly active exfoliator.

What sets A-Ret® Gel apart is its superior formulation. When applying a thin layer of this topical medication, Tretinoin actively stimulates skin cell turnover, improving collagen levels, and reducing fine lines. Its powerful exfoliator properties encourage the shedding of old, hardened skin cells and the emergence of fresh, rejuvenated skin. Opting for this Retinol A Gel delivers not just superficial skincare but a total skin transformation.

Your Ultimate Skincare Ally – Step-by-Step

Step 1: Cleanse – Clear the Path to Radiance

Embarking on your skincare voyage begins with Step 1: Cleanse. Clearing the path to radiant skin necessitates starting with a clean canvas, removing the daily buildup of dirt and oil. Utilize a gentle cleanser to purge these impurities, preparing your skin for maximum absorption and effectiveness of topical medications, like A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel. Opt for a mild soap to prevent skin dryness and promote a soothing cleanse that prepares your skin for the transformative power of tretinoin cream.

Step 2: Apply – The Power of Precision

Next is Step 2: Apply. The power of precision lies in your fingertips. Apply A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel carefully, massaging the gel delicately onto your face. Avoid the delicate eye area and commence with a small skin area to test for potential allergic reactions. Tretinoin may cause a mild sensation, so it’s recommended to gradually increase usage as your skin acclimates. In the event of severe irritation, call your doctor immediately. This method ensures optimal results while managing potential side effects.

Step 3: Protect – Shield Your Skin’s Future

Concluding with Step 3: Protect. Shield your skin’s future against harmful UV rays and weather extremes. After using tretinoin, your skin may become more sensitive to sun exposure. As a result, protective clothing is essential alongside broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher during daytime hours. If you’re curious about other topical medications or herbal products that might complement this regimen, ask your doctor or a trusted healthcare professional about additional treatment options. Remember to protect the treated areas, ensuring your skin’s radiant future. Adopt these steps, and let A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel become your ultimate skincare ally.

Where to Buy A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel

Ready to embark on your skincare journey with A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel, but unsure where to buy? As you prepare for the transformative power of this acne-treatment powerhouse, consider sourcing it from authorized retailers. OKDERMO is a reliable platform that offers worldwide shipping. This easy accessibility enables you to obtain your tretinoin cream hassle-free, right at your doorstep.

Notably, for those looking to buy tretinoin 0.1 online, OKDERMO provides a wide range of options. Here, you can find a myriad of products with a verified buyer guarantee. This empowers your commercial investigation and allows you to make informed decisions. So, why wait? Begin your acne treatment journey with A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel, your reliable ally against acne.

Is expired Tretinoin still effective?

The efficacy of expired tretinoin, a medication used to treat acne, often raises questions. Just like any other prescribed medicine, it’s important to take note of the expiration date stated on your tretinoin cream tube.

Expired tretinoin may not yield the same results as it might have lost its potency, possibly reducing its effectiveness in improving fine wrinkles, affected skin areas, and overall skin quality. Therefore, always check the expiry date and consult your doctor to ensure you’re applying tretinoin cream that’s within its active lifespan for optimal results.

Can you be allergic to Retinol or Retinoids?

Yes, it is indeed possible to be allergic to retinol, a vitamin A derivative often used to treat acne and fine wrinkles. As an active ingredient in many skin care products, some people might exhibit allergic reactions to it.

These reactions can include a rash, skin irritation, or even swelling. In such cases, it’s important to stop using the product and call your doctor immediately. They might advise you to seek help from your local poison control center. The application of protective clothing may also be recommended to shield the affected skin area. Always remember, each individual’s skin reacts differently to retinol. Therefore, it’s important to monitor your skin’s response to it.

Safe and Effective Skincare with OKDERMO

A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel stands as an efficacious remedy to treat acne, a condition that haunts many. Its active ingredient, tretinoin, is known for its proficiency in acne treatment, improving fine wrinkles and enhancing overall skin quality. However, as with any potent skin medication, its usage necessitates caution.

Initially, mild irritation or redness may occur, which usually subsides with regular use. However, certain individuals should refrain from using tretinoin. Pregnant women, or those planning to conceive, should consult their doctor before using tretinoin due to potential risks. Moreover, if you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, have eczema, rosacea, or perioral dermatitis skin conditions, tretinoin may cause severe irritation. People using skin peeling creams containing resorcinol, salicylic acid, or sulfur, or those exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, should avoid using tretinoin. Remember, less is more – using more than the prescribed amount doesn’t enhance the results and may lead to adverse effects.

Potential side effects include:

  • Increased sensitivity to the sun, so wear protective clothing
  • Dry skin
  • Redness or scaling of the skin
  • A temporary spike in acne
  • Sensitivity to cold

If any side effects persist or worsen, seek immediate medical attention. When used correctly, A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel can revolutionize your skincare journey.

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Additional Information


  • Tretinoin USP 0.1/0.05/0.025
  • Preservative Methylparaben IP 0.2
  • Preservative Propylparaben IP 0.05
  • Gel base q.s.

Exposure to sunlight and UV light must be avoided. If unavoidable, use strong sunscreen lotion.

75 reviews for A-Ret® Tretinoin Retinoid Skin Gel

  1. Jeff Ortega

    For my skin (which is dry-to-sometimes very dry, sensitive, a d acne prone as well), I plan to just stick with using Retin A 0.1 gel for helping to control my adult acne and for its added anti-aging benefits too.

  2. Josephine

    Support response time is extremely long, zero

  3. Crystal R

    Appreciate fast response of support, great website!

  4. Ronald Gonzalez

    I developed whiteheads on my cheeks and had rather large pores on my nose with blackheads. I have been using the medication for a total of six months now. Initially, I had some redness, moderate peeling, and some slight burning right after applying the medication. After about three weeks, the side effects subsided and I started to notice my skin clearing, pore size minimizing, and an overall evening of complexion. I used Phisoderm Deep Cleansing face wash morning and night and then used Neutrogena Oil-free moisturizer with SPF 15 in the morning. My face is very oily so I did not experience much dryness.

  5. Kristopher Neal

    I have been using Retin-A along with the oral antibiotic Clindamycin for 4 months now. I am 20 and have had severe cystic acne since I was 11. I also had a lot of hyper-pigmentation and scarring, to the point where my face was always bright red and bumpy. In just 4 months my face has completely cleared up and smoothed out, it is visibly brighter. The hyperpigmentation is lightening significantly at this point, a few small pimples or blackheads occasionally but mostly clear! The only other product I use is witch hazel as a toner and an oil free moisturizer.

  6. Troy

    I highly recommend this product to anyone suffering from acne! I started breaking out very badly and I was out on this gel by my dermatologist and I am so happy with the results its only been 5 days that I started using it and I am very happy with the results so far!

  7. Forrest Reed

    I’ve dealt with moderate acne since I was roughly 12 years old. I’ve tried just about every acne treatment out there with no prevail. When I started my Retin-A (0.025) treatment 5 months ago I became really discouraged by my skins immediate discolouration, mostly red, and the flakiness it created. I came close a couple times to giving up, especially when my skin wasn’t clearing up and how sore I was some days from the continuous use. But this past month has been the turn around. I feel I am finally out of the so called ‘purge’ and my skin is becoming clear and smooth like it has been in past for short stints. The best advice I can give any user is to have patience. It’s not an overnight fix, but the long term results are worth it.

  8. Vicky

    Retin-A is a life-changer!

  9. Myrtle Holland

    It’s a powerful treatment.

  10. Marie Gibson

    Alcohol smell, do not like it, using micro instead.

  11. Helen Mclaughlin

    Peels my skin! My god!!

  12. Paul Bennett

    Love that product but shipping taking forever

  13. Vivian

    Acne is gone! Thanx okdermo

  14. Dolores

    Delivered with a second try

  15. Marian Simpson

    After 10 months of Retin-A, my skin is much brighter and tighter. I had a couple of freckles that disappeared, too! My skin tone is nice and even. I get “empty pimples” once a month. But they’re only visible if I can’t resist….. And squeeze. :-p MOISTURE IS EVERYTHING! GET A GOOD HEAVY NIGHT gel!

  16. Sophie Clark

    effective skin treatment

  17. Cameron Johnson

    I’m 29 and have used Retin-A gel 0.05% for 3 years now. I’ve tried everything from Proactive, Accutane and over the counter medicines. Nothing helped me like Retin-A gel. Sure there was an initial breakout in the beginning but now my skin is so smooth, acne free, healthy and bright that I don’t even care about the initial breakout. After 3 months of use I am Acne free thanks to this medication. I will not stop using it.

  18. Brandon Washington

    I am a 72 year old woman who has been using Retin-A for thirty-four years. I started using it because I had adult acne at the same time my teenage son had acne. I routinely am mistaken for being twenty years younger than I am. I have very few wrinkles. My skin still has dry patches occasionally but they are short lived. I have tried to get several people to use it but they always get discouraged with the redness and peeling in the beginning. This phase does not last forever. Please continue to use it, you will never be sorry.

  19. Ethel Burns

    This medication is extremely effective when used properly.

  20. Erick B

    Thank you!

  21. Edwin Gross

    I’m on my second tube of 0.05 gel and nearly finished with it. Obviously I started out quite slowly, mostly due to fear from reading reviews. I think this has served me well, because I have experienced only ONE day where my chin peeled a very little bit.

  22. Bradford Collier

    I was on accutane (isotretinoin) from December 2015 to July 2016. I had severe acne all over my face, chest, back, and shoulders. Post-accutane my skin was clear as water and I got so many compliments on my skin. My skin was clear and I never got one pimple until mid April 2017 I noticed pimples reappearing on my skin. I got in touch with my derm and she prescribed me tretinoin 0.025% and a face wash- sodium sulfacetamide with salycic acid. I am now on 0.05% and I have been on the gel for a little over 8 weeks. I have seen significant improvement since I started and I did experience about a month and a half of initial breakout. I highly recommend this gel and don’t give up! It takes time and my skin is still clearing up. Patience!!!!!

  23. Claude Waters

    Retin A honestly changed my life!

  24. Alexis

    I will continue to buy it… It saved my life!!

  25. Delores Lawson

    At first, you will most likely have your ugly-phase (flaky skin, break outs), don’t worry, just suck it up and get over yourself. It’ll pass! 🙂

  26. Erik Higgins

    I’d been on Clinoxyl (benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin) for about 3 years before it stopped working very suddenly. Like, one day my skin was clear, and the next, I had breakouts on my chin and cheeks again. Anyway, I’d ordered a tube of 0.05% Retin-A online via okdermo a while ago and used to use it as a spot treatment, which worked , for a bit. I think that was too strong for me. Just starting PRESCRIBED 0.025% Retin-A gel and, the morning after use on my entire face, my skin was less inflamed. I noticed 2 new pimples surfaced, but they were easily extracted. I use cetaphil gentle skin cleanser and then a toner + moisturizer in the mornings. Cetaphil cleanser – wait 20 mins – Retin-A – wait 20 mins – and neutrogena hydro boost moisturizer at night. I have noticed some blemishes come to the surface and minor peeling. But, my general skin tone looks so much better than when I was using the Acanya, despite those two drawbacks. Will keep using and see what the long-term results looks like!

  27. Nancy P

    May recommend okdermo and this A-ret gel, my preferred choice, even better than Micro gel, but with more alcohol in it.

  28. Clyde Aguilar

    Will never buy again 0.1, it is super strong concentration, even pea-size drop makes my skin irritated, red and flaky as hell!

  29. Monica W

    Super fast response time from website support

  30. Jamie Harrington

    I haven’t been using long enough to give it a review on effectiveness, but I will say that switching from Tazarotene to Retin-A has been a game changer for my skin. Tazorac/Tazret fried my face. It was red and irritated every day, which made it difficult to use products that help with acne control.

  31. Douglas Romero

    I did my research on Retin-A Gel before starting it. I was apprehensive about trying Retin-A, however my acne was so aggressive after quitting birth control I was willing to try anything.

  32. Anne P

    I’m using RA because I’m almost in my 30’s, I want to prevent wrinkles, and boost collagen. I was starting to get little lines around my eyes and on my forehead. -I’m really expressive -hence my expression lines!

  33. Monique Boone

    I’m 23 and have battled all sorts of acne through my life. That came along with some serious scarring. While there is definitely a ways to go for the scarring, its helped tremendously.

  34. Lee Walters

    My experience with Retin-A has been a life saver! I have used it for at least 20 years. It has helped with my acne problems over time… But it also helped soften & vanish much scarring. I was also amazed at how fast it would help my lesions heal. It was recommended to me years ago by a dermatologist along with an Aqua Glycolic face wash.

  35. Judy

    Happy with purchase and fast welcome service-Thank you.

  36. Verna Graves

    Retin-A is proven to increase your stores of collagen. And after using it for 2 and a half years now, my facial skin is firm and plump and *not saggy or droopy*. At all. It’s amazing at my age! You’ve gotta try it if you haven’t already!!

  37. Jane Walker

    The first 6 months were awful. Hated my skin more by the day. But there is a huge silver light! Fast forward a few months and my skin is glowing, smooth, and hardly a single breakout.

  38. Gilbert D

    I’m sure this is not better than benzoyl peroxide for sensitive skin. It’s so irritating and it makes skin more sensitive

  39. Ida P

    Works great as $150 brands

  40. Ollie

    High quality products at good prices. Shipped quickly and arrived in the UK within 7 days. Items were thoughtfully packaged with great care. Highly recommend.

  41. Dexter Patrick

    Warning: Retin-A dries your skin out. I have found Cetaphil SPF 50 is the best moisturizer. Also, over time my skin has adjusted to the Retin-A and the dryness is not as dramatic.

  42. Jeremy Williamson

    I’ve been using Retin-A for about a week now. If you have oily skin or experience breakouts every morning like me, I would definitely recommend this. I use the .01% dosage recommended by my doctor. They told me I may experience peeling of the skin. My skin has peeled in some spots, but it’s not very noticeable. I removed the peeled skin by using baking soda and water(great exfoliant!) Skin varies by person. I’ve given up on every acne regimen and decided to see my doctor. I swear by this stuff. All my acne scars are fading and my skin has become significantly smoother.

  43. Wendy Carlson

    It’s taken me awhile to find the perfect routine for my face.. Because I’m now extremely sensitive & dry. But, I finally got it!

  44. Megan Parks

    Retin-A is a commitment. Your acne will more than likely get worse before it gets better and it WILL take 9 months- 12 months to really “work”.

  45. Melissa Fxo

    Best from all i’ve ever tried from chemical peels, it is truly best, wish to try all your products okdermo, thank you!

  46. Jasmine Nguyen

    Got on retinol because of acne scars. I was hesitant in the beginning because everyone complains about how it makes acne worse before it gets better. My advice to you is start out slowly and allow your skin to adjust. I started off with using it once a week..and gradually moved on to 3 times and I have not experienced purging.Also my skins pretty smooth and my scars are fading. Another thing…just use vaseline as a moisturizer…why should you bother your skin with extra chemicals? Also be wary of doctors who just hand you the retinol with no proper instructions. I researched extensively before buying the product and to my surprise the doctor couldn’t even advise that only a pea-size amount is to be used. Patience pays people 🙂

  47. Marsela Lovely

    Great product for acne skin noticed a huge difference in my skin within a week and a half. Keep yourself very moisture with this product

  48. Norma

    Exactly what I needed, fantastic!

  49. Micheal Tate

    As I live in a northern climate (Canada), the cold temperature and dry wind REALLY dries out my face even more while I’m on this treatment. Moisturizing and daily 60 SPF are a must. A weekly green clay mask seems to loosen the flakey top layers well.

  50. Herbert Obrien

    Hey guys!! I started using retin-a 0.1% two years back but within a month my skin became very dry i stopped using it though there was no other side effects. But after reading comments here I got inspired and got courage to use it again. So I have started to use it again and hoping that it will work for me as well. I’ll leave an update my experience soon.

  51. Fernando Cummings

    It’s now 3 months since I started using Retin-A. My skin has calmed down with the crazy peeling, and I peel just minimally now. I’ve increased the strength of Retin-A on my forehead to 0.1% because that’s where most of my fine lines were. Overall, my complexion looks smoother, brighter and my wrinkles are much less pronounced. I got carded at the liquor store about a month ago — proof that I’m looking more youthful!

  52. Orville Davidson

    I have used Retin-A .01% gel for acne for the past 20 years. I find it to be very therapeutic to my skin. Recently my doctor switched me to the gel and its incredible the way it feels. It is not tacky or greasy. Its a very greaseless lightweight gel. There is a little bit more alcohol in the gels than gel but overall it feels great on my skin and is keeping the Acne at bay. I highly recommend this gel, or even the gels for acne but you have to know how to use it. Speak to your doctor if you have any questions and do exactly what he says. Your skin needs to get used to the strongest strength of them all to treat the acne. Its a wonderful, wonderful product.

  53. Monica Ferguson

    I’ve been wanting to use a Rentin A product for years but I didn’t because I thought I need a prescription until I came across this website from a youtube video. I’ve been using skinsceuticals for years but it is so expensive. I can already tell the difference using this product. I’m starting to peel slightly. Thanks okdermo for bringing us customers quality products at a fair price that until now I thought we’re only available through prescriptions.

  54. Madam Tiusso

    Great product! Fast shipping. Easy order process!

  55. Rebecca Seamon

    This product is amazing I use it for my acne treatment and the result is excellent this time I am not going to mix it with anything the last time I did my skin was really sensitive but after two weeks of treatment my skin was looking brighter and oat of my acne had dissapear. I have recommended it to a few of my friends and I will continue to use it .

  56. Helen J.

    Works great!!!! Super fast shipping (2 weeks to US) and pleased with the support, thank you Angela!

  57. Miguel Buchanan

    Not as good as described on my skin

  58. Miss Wonder

    This product works well and the service is excellent, wonderful

  59. Joanne B

    Using too much or using it too frequently will not make it work faster, in fact, it will do the exact opposite.. Trust me, I know this from experience. 🙂

  60. Kitty B.

    I have been using Retin-A related products for quite a few years in conjunction with the Obagi Nu Derm line. The 5th step is a blender that you mix with Retin-A, and use at night. The problem is that the Retin-A is Rx only, and without a prescription, it’s hard to get in the US. I’m glad to know there’s a reliable online source now that’s not only affordable, but includes fast EMS shipping. Thanks!

  61. Kelly W

    The best skin treatment over

  62. Mary Bates V.

    Best anti-aging product i’ve ever used! Retin A is a time-tested, recommended product for the correction of fine lines, wrinkles, clogged pores, and uneven skin tone. It takes time to see the results and patience in proper usage and application, but it is worth it. If you have any of the skin conditions mentioned, this is the product to buy.

  63. Rickey Flowers

    Delivered in broken tube, reshipped for free, thanx but taking too much time

  64. Theresa

    Excellent product. Bought one for me, one for my daughter. She has cyst acne and it cleared her existing cysts overnight! Fast shipping and excellent value. Thank you!

  65. Linda Gustavo

    Works wonderful for scars. Ive purchased this before from and it worked great then & still does. I only use it 3-4 days a week . I started out with only 2 days to test my skins tolerance. You must be careful about what products you use on your face while using this. I suggest a skin sensitive product because at first yes your skin will be sensitive. A little peeling started a few days in as expected w/ each lil peeling I saw scars clear up that a dermatologist told me would never clear up. He was wrong!! This stuff works, be patient & use slow at 1st I did feel a lil tingling burning at first not bad but my skin felt super sensitive.. That’s when I use it 2 days a week , to give my skin a break. My items came quickly with no hassle. It won’t disappoint. If you have acne scars , lupus scars , etc… Get this now & you will see clearer skin . be patient

  66. Mika UK

    Thank you! Best service ever!

  67. Andre Blair

    I started using the .05% in the gel version. I used it for about 2 months using every other day and didn’t notice ANYTHING happening, not for good or bad. So, I upped my dosage to 1% in the gel version. Now, like I said, take it slow. I didn’t and I paid for it. I started using every day for the first 2 weeks. I was peeling.. All over.. Mouth, nose, eyebrows, eyes.. I couldn’t even smile without the corners of my mouth cracking open (and that shit takes forever to heal).

  68. Evelyn Brock

    I am on my 5 th week on tretinoin gel, to be honest definitely you need have patience.

  69. Shelia Brewer

    Got it on 25th day since dispatch date, unacceptable

  70. Treva Desautels

    I love this site!

  71. Lareo


  72. Tracy Adigwe (verified owner)

    This is indeed the best site! I order a bunch retin a and Hydroquinone in different strength and of cause the price was a lot which would have resulted to me paying a huge amount for costumes clearance. I got my package today and I was surprised I didn’t get to pay anything because they somehow managed it .. the packing I must say is really good. I would definitely order from this site again

  73. Ginger Espinoza (verified owner)

    I gambled and purchased this product through this website. Yes it too forever to get to the US, but when it did–The product sent from India works and for less money. The drug pricing in my country is crazy out of control, so I chose to purchase on this site to save money. The product itself WORKS–got the 0.01% for my freckles and for anti aging around my eyes–went through the ugly phase, but over all I get the rosy glow of what Treninoin promises! My next purchase will be the Tri-LUma which goes for $200 in my country–ridiculous! On this site, $38.
    Don’t get all crazy wishing it to be delivered over night–be patient, pay less, get the product and use it. I will be a return customer and am very grateful we have a way to buy these prescriptions without the US Pharma prices.

  74. Dee cee (verified owner)

    Great product. Will buy again

  75. Therese (verified owner)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! This pharmacy is my new favorite. The products (tri luma and A Retin) I puchased are both 100% the real deal. I have already gone through a significant peel with the tretinoin and am starting to incorporate the triluma now. Bottom line, I am extremely pleased and will definitely buy again…and again…and again…and 🙂

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