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Rejusure® Mandelic Hyaluronic Serum

Mandelic Acid 5% + Hyaluronic Acid 2%

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USD $25.00

Rejusure® Mandelic Hyaluronic Serum hydrates and plumps the skin. Fades fine lines and wrinkles. Unclogs pores and reduce sebum production, strengthens the skin’s natural barriers, and clears hyperpigmentations and blemishes. Rich with antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and photodamage. Exfoliates and regenerates dull skin cells.

Mandelic Acid is a go-to anti-aging ingredient in the world of skincare. It works to accelerate cell turnover by dissolving the tiny bonds that hold skin cells together, helping to remove dead skin on the surface that can lead to dull complexions, as well as fine lines.

Hyaluronic Acid effectively binds water to cells and is responsible for making the skin resilient.

Glycerin acts as a humectant, that allows the skin to retain moisture. It increases skin hydration and relieves dryness.

Size: 30ml / 1fl.oz
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What is Rejusure® Mandelic Hyaluronic Serum?

Rejusure 5% Mandelic Acid + 2% Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum works with a dual mechanism to bring a youthful and bright skin look. It delivers potent moisturization through hyaluronic acid and rejuvenates skin cells.

The innovative formulation gently exfoliates the superficial skin layer and soothes dry, rough skin areas. It causes the shedding of damaged and dull aged skin cells, replacing them with renewed cells. The rapid cellular turnover translates to lesser age lines and a brighter complexion.

Mandelic acid removes the top skin layer where damaged skin cells look dull and produce irregular melanin. It evens skin tone, fading hyperpigmentation, and dark spots. Perfect for photodamaged skin, it reverses the UV light impact by increasing collagen production and brightening the complexion.

Hyaluronic acid is a biological marker for young and healthy skin. It is a potent moisturizer, deeply hydrating and plumping the derm.

What is Mandelic Acid?

Mandelic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid used to treat acne, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. Alpha hydroxy acids are superficial peeling agents. Because of their exfoliating and keratolytic properties, they have extensive use in multiple dermatological issues.

Alpha hydroxy acids are natural compounds found in sugarcane and milk sugar. They structurally have minimal acidity. Therefore, they are FDA-approved for over-counter skincare.

Exfoliation is a controlled skin injury. It causes the death and removal of damaged and dull superficial layers followed by their replacement with new cells. The removal of the stratum corneum induces high cellular turnover by several mechanisms. For instance, it causes fibroblast to begin active collagen secretion, resulting in matrix remodeling.

Exfoliation is valuable for aged skin. Young skin completes the cycle renewal in 28 days, compared to 60 days in old skin. With age, cellular functions slow down so does cellular turnover. The consequences are dead, dull keratinocytes adhering to dehydrated skin.

Mandelic acid fights aging signs by increasing skin thickness. By loosening the adherence of corneocytes, it allows new cells to fill the thinned skin creases. Additionally, it boosts glycosaminoglycans and collagen synthesis, enhancing skin elasticity and firmness.

Hyaluronic acid skin benefits

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoside and is a naturally occurring skin compound. It mediates multiple functions, including collagen synthesis and skin hydration.

Young skin has high levels of hyaluronic acid. However, its production decreases starting from the twenties. Supplementing the skin with hyaluronic acid plumps restores skin softness.

How to use Rejusure Mandelic acid and hyaluronic acid facial serum?

  • Apply a pea-sized amount to your fingertips
  • Spread on a clean and dry skin surface
  • It is preferable to apply once daily at nighttime