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Brinton Pharma

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Brinton Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a publicly-traded organization that works not only for easy profits but also in order to make the lives of people happy, healthy, and safe.

Developing year after year, since its founding in 1974, the group has expanded in a geometric progression and has become one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies, which distributed network worldwide.

The company supports the desire of people to “live better and longer,” and diligently works to improve its product’s constant development, research, and innovation. Brinton has its own registered office in Great Britain, Ghana, and India.

The company exports its products to many countries, such as Britain, South Africa, the Netherlands, Portugal, the Persian Gulf countries, Switzerland, New Zealand, Korea, West Indies, Cambodia, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Singapore, Australia, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria.

Brinton products are certified by all major types of relevant accreditations in different countries, such as US FDA, UK MHRA, WHO GMP, ANBISA – Brazil, MOZ Ukraine, Pharmacy and Poison Board of Kenya, NAFDAC Nigeria, Ministry of health Yemen, Ministry of health Congo, IDA Netherlands, Spanish Agency of Medicines and Health Care Products. Etc.

Brinton means Quality. The company has achieved a significant competitive advantage in the market by selling only high-quality pharmaceutical products that provide a safe and healthy life.

Brinton – a global company with modern production platforms, which correspond to all international quality standards.