Benoquin® Monobenzone 20% Depigmenting Cream 20g

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High-quality Benoquin micronized monobenzone 20 a depigmenting cream is used as a topical solution to permanently depigment/bleach normal skin surrounding vitiliginous lesions only in persons with vitiligo. Benoquin monobenzone 20 cream works by increasing the amount of skin pigment molecules (melanin) eliminated from skin cells in the body. Monobenzone is used to permanently depigment (lighten) skin in people with a condition called vitiligo. Depigmenting (lightening) darker skin around areas of skin affected by vitiligo helps even out the coloring and appearance of the skin. Use always with SPF sunscreens.

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High-quality Benoquin Monobenzone Cream 20% Micronized depigmenting cream is used as a topical solution to permanently depigment normal skin surrounding vitiliginous lesions only in persons with disseminated idiopathic vitiligo or melanoma. Benoquin Monobenzone 20% cream works by increasing the amount of skin pigment molecules (melanin) eliminated from skin cells in the body. Monobenzone is used to permanently depigment (lighten) skin in people with a condition called vitiligo. Depigmenting (lightening) darker skin around areas of skin affected by vitiligo helps even out the coloring and appearance of the skin. Use always with SPF sunscreens.

Monobenzone is not used: for freckles & skin blemishes removal, cosmetic whitening, bleaching or brightening of the skin, café-au-lait spots, sun damaged and hyperpigmented skin, melasma conditions, jaundice or other pigmentation disorders not caused by vitiligo.

Brand names: Albaquin cream, Benoquin, Benoquik.


Benoquin Cream with Monobenzone 20% is a topical solution prescribed to depigment or lighten darker skin around areas of vitiligo skin. Benoquin Monobenzone 20% operates by lightening the areas of skin where the cream is applied to in order to even out its color. Note that this cream is only for vitiligo owners and should not be used to treat freckles, blemishes, cosmetic whitening, or jaundice, for this purposes is recommended Hydroquinone creams of other natural skin lighteners.


  • Benoquin cream with 20% monobenzone should be used strictly according to the instructions provided by your dermatologist to get the most effective results from usage. It is normally administered to the area surrounding the discolored patches two to three times each day, but your individual instructions will depend on the severity of your condition and your skin type.
  • Rinse the skin before use to remove loose skin, apply a small amount of cream, gently massage it into the skin, and allow any excess cream to evaporate.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water after each application to prevent the cream from contacting any not-aimed areas or the mucous membranes as this can cause serious irritation.


The usage of Benoquin cream monobenzone 20% may cause side effects in some users such as dry or flaking skin, mild skin irritation, mild redness or swelling of the skin, severe itchiness, burning sensations or intense swelling. Contact your dermatologist if any of above-mentioned symptoms took place to make sure the correct adjustments are made to your application frequency to prevent further problems from occurring. Permanent depigmenting/bleaching of skin area on which cream was applied.


  • Do not apply Benoquin monobenzone 20% cream to the skin that is broken or severely damaged. It is also important to inform your dermatologist if you have psoriasis or other chronic health conditions that may cause unexpected problems during Benoquin cream application and usage.
  • Strictly follow all instructions provided to you by your dermatologist while using Benoquin monobenzone 20% cream. Optimum application dosage can differ based on the user and condition.
  • As this cream may be unsafe for certain users, it is essential you always inform your dermatologist if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, have any allergies or other illnesses, or ongoing health conditions, and if you are taking any other form of supplements or herbal products.

Prior to starting depigmentation therapy with monobenzone cream, the person should understand:

  • The permanent nature of the treatment;
  • The application should always be under strict medical supervision and only by physician/dermatologist advice;
  • The need for lifelong, strict sun protection to maintain benefits and reduce the risk of sun damage including skin cancer;
  • The slow response to treatment and need for ‘touch–up’ sessions;
  • The potentially high cost of treatment;
  • Common and uncommon side effects and safety issues;
  • Risk that repigmentation will be patchy and incomplete;
  • Psychosocial and cultural issues that may arise from change in skin colour.


Monobenzone 20 USP

Cream base

33 reviews for Benoquin® Monobenzone 20% Depigmenting Cream 20g

  1. Draven

    You have to consult dermatologist first prior use it

  2. Jonathon

    It is good only for not severe cases

  3. Clara M

    Fair results, taking time to work

  4. Kiana Meza

    Got it in3 weeks, thanx

  5. Rayan R

    It is not advised to use Benoquin for anything other than Vitiligo. Benoquin is not a substitute for Hydroquinone and could produce irreversible depigmentation.

  6. Damaris P.

    Delivery took 4 weeks

  7. Kamari W.

    Not working for me

  8. Regan Beltran

    Ordered as my derm recommended

  9. Rebeca, Pamela

    Arrived quickly, quality cream!

  10. Maddison Ortiz


  11. Deborah B.

    Great Product I have Vitiligo and this product is great for it Thank you so much .

  12. Taryn Grant

    Thank you

  13. Mary V. B.

    Got It! Its real monobenzone 20 cream, received it today, appreciate for fair trade!! Regards

  14. Giuliana Rodriguez

    Life saver!!

  15. Odin T

    Love the results!

  16. Andreas P.

    Thank you for the great product, on a second stage, good results,

  17. Payton Frey

    This is an only working method for vitiligo

  18. Devyn Friedman

    I had for 6 years Vitiligo and was extreme sheltered as I was very shy for my appearance. My GP reverted me to a dermatologist in London, who on his turn reverted me to another Dermatologist in Ireland. I was prescribed a 20% concentration Monobenzone Cream. First I was skeptical, however, I used the products for 7 months. BUT the results are very satisfying I’m almost (25% to go yet) depigmented, I’m very happy and confident now. It’s worth the large sum I paid. Just wanted to thank every specialist from Ireland who helped me out.

  19. Savannah

    Mixed it with a moisturizer

  20. Caitlin

    Used this cream but swithed to Benoquik, easier to apply

  21. Gaven Henry

    Appreciate fast response

  22. Ryleigh

    The best price you can find, thanx!

  23. Dr.Simmonth

    Very hard to apply, thick hard to use cream base,
    Benoquik is way better and easier to use

  24. Elsie Barrera

    Good to have such a reliable supplier, thank you okdermo

  25. Owen C

    Appreciate fast delivery

  26. Denzel M.


  27. Natalia E,

    It’s hard to apply, you have to mix/dilute it with other substance/cream for easier use

  28. Maliyah Yates

    Got the parcel

  29. Maria A

    I have vitiligo that has spread quickly all over my body. I tried UVB light treatment but it was ineffective. I have been using monobenzone for about 4 months and have had slow but good results. I do develope small rashes from time to time and it did burn some when doing my neck and chest, but only for about 5 mins or so. It is however unpredictable. You can put it on your legs and your face might get a spot ot lighten, while your legs don’t change at all. I also found when I stopped treating certain areas, they began to lighten.

  30. Camille

    I need to dilute it!

  31. Sidney Mcpherson

    Better to use Benoquik. Very thick.

  32. Jett Dillon

    Helped me!

  33. Zephyr (verified owner)

    Not that easy to apply. Haven’t seen much of a difference after 3 months of application combined with hydroquinone 4%.

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