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Vitipause® Vitiligo Topical Gel

Melitane GL + Madecassoside + Greyverse + Cucumis Melo Extract

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USD $42.00


Vitipause® Vitiligo Treatment Topical Gel is a pigment regulating formulation which is intended to promote epidermal pigmentation and improve the appearance of vitiligo. This innovative formulation contains a rich blend of botanical antioxidants which helps in maintaining the free radicals balance in the melanocytes. It accelerates skin pigmentation and restores the melanin levels in the skin.

✓ Rich in antioxidants, supports melanin regulation

✓ A non-greasy gel that helps improve vitiligo

✓ A potent pigment regulating formulation which is intended to promote epidermal pigmentation

✓ Reduces melanocyte. Suppresses autoimmune targeting of melanocytes.

✓ Promotes melanocyte regeneration, improves Vitiligo.

✓ Natural anti-inflammatory benefits and acts as an antioxidant. Promotes collagen synthesis and reduces signs of aging.

✓ Increases the rate of new skin cell formation.

Size: 15ml / 0.5fl.oz
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What is Vitipause® Vitiligo Topical Gel?

Vitipause® Topical Gel is a specially designed formulation for improving the appearance of vitiligo. Madecassoside is a smart, powerful, and highly purified active and one of the most prominent molecules which brings relief to sensitive or atopic and psoriasis-prone skin.

Greyverse stimulates melanogenesis and reduces oxidative stress. Cucumis melo extract is rich in antioxidants which is very effective in Vitiligo treatment. This combination of efficient actives targets the melanin from all directions to give the best possible results.

Vitipause® Vitiligo Topical Gel is made with Melitane GL which is a biomimetic peptide antagonist which mimics the activity of the α-MSH and stimulates melanin production. Cucumis melo extract is rich in antioxidants that naturally contain a high superoxide dismutase (SOD) activity, which has been proposed to be important in stopping the melanocyte’s deconstruction by the oxidative stress in the first step of vitiligo. Madecassoside reduces the overproduction of inflammation mediators which results in provides soothing effects. Additionally, the ingredients present in the gel are repairing agents and have an effect on pigmentation and anti-aging benefits.