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Rotahaler® Inhaler Device

Inhaler Used to Deliver Dry Powder Medications

(1 customer review)

USD $12.00


Rotahaler® Inhaler Device is an inhaler used to deliver dry powder medications for treating lung-related ailments.

Size: 1 Unit
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What is Rotahaler® Inhaler Device?

Requires a Rotacap, a capsule containing the drug powder, to be fitted into the capsule chamber, and inhalation of the drug using the mouthpiece twice.

Breath-actuated: The device automatically releases the medication when the user inhales.

Consistent and accurate dosage: The Rotahaler inhalation device is pre-metered and provides a single, fixed-dose of medication through each capsule that is discarded after each use.

Portable: Being small and handy, this COPD device can be easily carried around for use anywhere as required.

1 review for Rotahaler® Inhaler Device

  1. Meghan O.

    Rotacap inhalers are very easy to use with no harmful propellants to cause you chock or cough.Just put the drug in a small plastic device, twist it, inhale it and relax.Twisting is meant to divide the capsule into two and inhalation will spin the fragments.This will disperse the powder completely which is now ready to go into your bronchi and provide you releif.

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