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Asthalin® Salbutamol Rotacaps

Salbutamol 200mcg

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USD $16.00


Asthalin Rotacaps are inhalers used to relieve discomfort associated with the respiratory system. Asthalin Rotacaps are manufactured by utilizing a bronchodilator called salbutamol. Asthalin Rotacaps is a bronchodilator. It works by relaxing the muscles in the airways and widening airways. This makes breathing easier.

Bronchodilators are a group of drug classes capable of relaxing the bronchioles, so the airways opened up and allowed the air to get an exchange. Asthalin Rotacaps are prescribed commonly for asthma and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients.

Size: 60 Rotacapsules
Brand name: Accuneb, ProAir HFA, Proair Respiclick, Proventil, ReliOn, Ventolin HFA
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What is Asthalin® Rotacaps (Salbutamol 200mcg)?

Asthma is considered a restrictive breathing disorder that is common among the population. The symptoms of the condition may bother the typical lifestyle of these patients. The airways become inflamed, swell and the epithelial lining produces excessive mucus. So Asthalin rotacaps are used in relieving these symptoms.

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease [COPD] is also another type of restrictive breathing disorder characterized by chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Due to the combination of these two disorders, the lungs and the airways become inflamed and narrowed. So it courses to restrict the gas exchange mechanism. Salbutamol can successfully relieve the symptoms of COPD. After the inhalation of salbutamol, the bronchioles get relaxed and widen.

Salbutamol is a beta two adrenoceptor agonist which activates the beta two receptors in the respiratory pathway. The activation of beta two receptors results in relaxing the airways. When the beta receptors get inactivated, they trigger the release of chemicals responsible for inflaming the bronchioles’ muscle layers. So salbutamol can help in relaxing the widening of the airways. Other than that, the epithelial cells produce less mucus, resulting in suppressing the obstructions.

Asthalin Rotacaps are advised to use frequently to get the best results. The regular inhalation of salbutamol can help in preventing relapses. But asthaline inhalers are recommended to take with medical advice. Never use this as an Over counter inhaler as the physician must decide the dose.

Brand names: Proventil HFA, Ventolin HFA, Proair HFA, ProAir RespiClick, Proventil, AccuNeb, Ventolin Injection, Ventolin Nebules PF, Ventolin Oral Liquid, Ventolin Respirator Solution, and Vospire ER.

Side effects of Asthalin® Rotacaps (Salbutamol 200mcg)

There are very common side effects that are experienced by the majority of users at the very first stage. These side effects will disappear when the body gets used to salbutamol. But if these effects dot resolve with time, take immediate actions to take medical advice.

Following are the common side effects experienced by the consumers: Headache, Tremors, Tachycardia, Palpitation, Irritation of the oral cavity.

How to use the Asthalin® Rotacaps (Salbutamol 200mcg)

Asthalin Rotacaps comes with rotahalers and rotacaps. Rotacaps are pre-filled capsules with the required medicine doses. The transparent side of the roacap is placed inside the rotainhaler, and press the rotacaps to get fixed well. Hold the rotahaler from the upper section and rotate the lower part until you hear the crick sound. Now exhale the air out and seal the mouthpiece of the rotahaler inside the mouth. Now breathe in through the rotahaler. Now take the inhaler from the mouth and hold your breath for around 10seconds. Now start to exhale the air slowly. Check the inhaler to ensure there is no remaining medicine inside the inhaler. Wash your mouth with water.


  • It is contraindicated to inhale the asthalin rotacaps with alcohol consumption as it can lead to adverse effects such as drowsiness and sleepiness.
  • The use of asthalin rotacaps during pregnancy is indicated only if the benefits are more important than the risk associated with the pregnancy. To discuss this with the physician if you get pregnant.
  • Best to avoid during breastfeeding.
  • Driving should be avoided as salbutamol inhalation can result in dizziness, drowsiness, and visual impairments.
  • If you are a patient with hypertension, inform the physician. The drugs such as propanol may lower the effects of salbutamol.
  • If you are allergic to lactose and related products, avoid the consumption of asthaln rotacaps as they contain lactose.
  • Stop inhaling salbutamol if you are hypersensitive to salbutamol.