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Cineraria Maritima® Eye Drops

Senecio Bicolor (Cineraria Maritima)

(3 customer reviews)

USD $19.00

✓ It helps to soothe and nourish the eyes

✓ Helps in treating eye diseases like inflammation, conjunctivitis, etc.

✓ Provides relief during the cloudy vision, sensitivity to light and glare, and poor night vision

Size: 10ml / 0.34fl.oz
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What is Cineraria Maritima® Eye Drops

Dr. Reckeweg Cineraria Maritima is an eye drop solution with potent anti-inflammatory properties that helps to set off eye itching, redness, and swelling.

Cineraria Maritima nutrients packed formula protects the lens from oxidative injury. It helps to treat lens and cornea-related conditions such as cataracts, corneal clouding, opacity, and conjunctivitis.

Cineraria Maritimes is an exotic plant with medicinal properties. The aerial parts of this plant (leaves and stem) have been used for hundreds of years as a homeopathic treatment to protect the eyes from diseases and blindness.

Several studies showed that Cineraria Maritimes have a positive effect on the eyes. A study showed that the plant enhances blood circulation and nourishment of the cornea and lens. Additionally, The plant may help prevent or slow down the course of blinding eye diseases such as cataracts.

Indications for Cineraria Maritima® Eye Drops

Dr. Reckeweg Cineraria Maritima aka Senecio Bicolor Eye Drop is indicated in traumatic cases of eye, cataract, eye strain, blur vision, chronic conjunctivitis, glare, and poor night vision.

  • May help in the treatment of cataract
  • Provides relief from dryness in eyes, irritation, burning, eye strain, and blurred vision
  • Increases circulation in the eye tissues and helps in normal metabolism
  • Effective for chronic conjunctivitis, corneal opacity due to high blood sugar levels, old age, or gout
  • Treats conjunctival irritation, overstrained eyes due to an excessive computer or mobile use or TV, and inflammatory eye diseases

The uses of Cineraria Maritima Drops

The active ingredients in this plant have a wide range of therapeutical uses. It is efficient to relieve most eye afflictions, from fleeting eye irritation and minor discomfort to blurry vision and opacified lenses.

Eyes redness, itching, and inflammation: most people experience irritated and inflamed eyes as short and annoying episodes rather than a long-lasting condition. The common causes are dry weather, allergies, hormonal changes, and excessive rubbing. When eyes become inflamed, the blood vessels swell and take more volume on the ordinarily clear conjunctiva, thus the common complaints of red-eye. Inflammation produces molecules that cause itchiness and swelling of the tissues. Cineraria Maritima drops relieve eyes redness and itchiness. The potent anti-inflammatory compounds contained in the solution contradict irritation and clear off the inflammation.

Conjunctivitis: conjunctivitis occurs when the most superficial layer of the white of the eyes and the inner eyelids gets inflamed. The causes of conjunctivitis are allergies, a viral or bacterial infection. Conjunctivitis is usually self-limited. Nevertheless, it requires an ophthalmologist assessment. The blood vessels inside the conjunctiva react to the damaging agents and become excessively dilated. Cineraria Maritima soothes the eyes and clears the redness. It lubricates the conjunctiva and clears off the excessive sticky secretions.

Cataracts and blurred vision: cataracts are common afflictions of the lens. It counts as the first cause of preventable blindness worldwide. The lens is a transparent, biconvex disc that locates behind the cornea. It is composed of fibers and living cells that need nourishment and oxygen to keep the lens s intact construction. The lens and the cornea refract the light and focus it on the back of the eye.

The only cure for cataracts is a surgical replacement, in which the removal of the native, afflicted lens and the transplant of synthetic implants restores vision. The surgical replacement of a natural lens with an artificial lens is significantly effective in preventing blindness, but it also carries the risk of multiple complications and side effects. Thus, preventive medical treatments are of great value.

Research showed that Cineraria Maritima does not cure or reverse cataracts deposition. But it significantly slows down the course of the disease and prevents further cataracts build-up.


  • Senecio Bicolor (Cineraria Maritima)
  • Benzalkonium Chloratum
  • Excipients, Aqua Ad Injectionem