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Bimat-T® Eye Drops

Bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml + Timolol 5mg/ml

USD $23.00

Bimat-T Eye Drops is a combination of two medicines: Bimatoprost and Timolol. Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analog while Timolol is a beta-blocker. They work by decreasing the production of aqueous humor (fluid in the eye), thereby lowering the increased eye pressure.

Bimatoprost can be combined with a beta blocker called timolol. These eye drops are known by the brand names Eyzeetan or Ganfort. They can be prescribed to reduce high pressure in the eye, as well as to help drain fluid from inside it. Treatments for glaucoma can include laser treatments and surgery. They cannot reverse any loss of vision, but they can help to stop it from getting worse.

Size: 3ml/0.10fl.oz Bottle
Brand name: Eyzeetan, Ganfort
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What is Bimat-T® Eye Drops?

Bimat-T Eye Drops Bimatoprost 0.3mg/ml + Timolol 5mg/ml is a combination of two medicines used to treat pressure in the eyes (ocular hypertension) and glaucoma. It works by decreasing the pressure of fluid in the eye (aqueous humor), which helps in lowering the increased eye pressure.

Bimat-T Eye Drops is to be used only in the affected eye in the dose and duration as advised by the doctor. Wash your hands before using this medicine. Check the label thoroughly for directions before use. Do not skip any doses and finish the full course of treatment even if you feel better.

The most common side effects include burning, irritation, itching, and redness at the application site. If these side effects persist for a longer duration, inform your doctor. In case by accident, this medicine goes into your ears, nose, or mouth, immediately rinse it with plenty of water.

Inform your doctor if you have a known allergy to any of the ingredients of this medicine. It is advised not to drive or operate heavy machinery after the use of this medicine as it may cause temporary blurring of vision and may affect your ability to drive.

Most side effects do not require any medical attention and disappear as your body adjusts to the medicine. Consult your doctor if they persist or if you’re worried about them

Benefits of Ganfort Eye Drops

In Treatment of Glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disease that damages the optic nerve which is essential for proper vision. This damage is often caused by abnormally high pressure in the eye. Bimat-T Eye Drops is used to reduce swelling and pressure inside the eye. This helps prevent complications of glaucoma such as blindness and improves vision. This medicine may be used alone or with other eye drops. Glaucoma cannot be prevented. Frequent monitoring and regular checkups can help detect the disease in its early stages.

In Treatment of Ocular Hypertension. Ocular hypertension is a condition where the pressure inside the eye is higher than normal eye pressure due to fluid build-up. Bimat-T Eye Drops increase the flow of fluid from inside the eye into the bloodstream thereby lowering the increased eye pressure. This prevents further damage or complications such as a change in vision or even loss of vision. You should only use Bimat-T Eye Drops in the affected eye and take it regularly as prescribed by your doctor.

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