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Lubrex® Artificial Tear Eye Drops

Carboxymethylcellulose 0.5% / 1% Solution

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Lubrex® Eye Drops are used to relieve dry, irritated eyes. Common causes for dry eyes include wind, sun, heating/air conditioning, computer use/reading, and certain medications.

Carboxymethylcellulose (0.5% and 1% strengths) is the main ingredient of  Lubrex® Eye Drops used in the treatment of dry eyes. It is used as a lubricant to relieve irritation and discomfort due to dryness of the eyes or due to exposure of the eyes to wind or sun.

It helps to soothe the irritation and burning seen in dry eyes by maintaining proper lubrication of the eyes.

Size: 10ml / 0.34fl.oz
Brand name: Extralube, Optive, Ecotears, Leader
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What is Carboxymethylcellulose 0.5%/1% Artificial Tear Solution?

Lubrex® eyedrops are a treatment for dry and irritated eyes. It is an artificial tear solution that relieves itchiness, dryness, and redness of the eyes. The active ingredient in Lubrex eyedrops is carboxymethylcellulose 0.5%, a compound that moisturizes the eyes, increases tear production, and enhances the stability of the tear film.

Dry eyes are a common complaint in ophthalmic clinics, affecting up to 30% of the population. Several factors cause eye dryness: including aging, allergies, and particularly inflammation. The best remedies for dry eyes are artificial tears and eye ointments. Lubrex® reverses the mechanisms behind the impairment of tear film production.

Lubrex® Eye Drops are an eye lubricant or artificial tears used to relieve dry eyes. This can happen because not enough tears are made to keep the eye lubricated. Eye lubricants keep the eye moist, help to protect the eye from injury and infection, and decrease symptoms of dry eyes such as burning, itching, and feeling as if something is in the eye. Lubrex® Eye Drops are a lubricant. It works similar to natural tears and provides temporary relief from burning and discomfort due to dryness of the eye.

Normally your eyes produce enough natural tears to help them move easily and comfortably and to remove dust and other particles. If they do not produce enough tears, they can become dry, red, and painful. Dry eyes can be caused by wind, sun, heating, computer use, and some medications. Lubrex® Eye Drops keeps your eyes lubricated and can relieve any dryness and pain. They will also help protect your eyes from injury and infection. This medicine is safe to use with few side effects. If you wear soft contact lenses, you should remove them before applying the drops.

Lubrex® Eye Drops are usually taken when needed. Use the number of drops as advised by your doctor. Wait for at least 5-10 minutes before delivering any other medication in the same eye to avoid dilution. Do not use a bottle if the seal is broken before you open it. Always wash your hands and do not touch the end of the dropper. This could infect your eye. This medicine may require long-term use and can be taken safely for as long as you need it.

The most common side effects of using this medicine include eye irritation (including burning and discomfort), eye pain, eye itching, and visual disturbance. They are usually temporary and disappear with time. However, let your doctor know if they persist or get worse. Do not drive, use machinery, or do any activity that requires clear vision until you are sure you can do it safely. Consult your doctor if your condition does not improve or if the side effects bother you.

How to use Lubrex eyedrops?

The proper application of Lubrex eyedrops ensures maximum efficiency and prevents side effects as well as infections.

To prevent the contamination of your eyes. Avoid letting the tip of the eyedrops touching a septic surface, such as the fingers or the skin.

Start by washing your hands and face and removing contact lenses. The contact lenses may absorb the preservative compounds in the eyedrops.

After clearing your eyes of makeup or cosmetic debris, pull on the skin of the lower eyelids to create a pocket. Squeeze on the eye drops bottle, so only one drop falls on your eye.

Gently close your eyes while looking downwards. Avoid pressing your eyes shut.

Apply the solution twice a day or as specified by your doctor.

After instilling the eye drops, you may notice vision changes or blurring, avoid hazardous activities such as driving a car.

Temporary side effects that subside after minutes of instilling the eyedrops are watering, stinging, and eye pain.

The symptoms of an allergic reaction to one of the medication components are itching, hives, and swelling of the eyes, face, or throat.


Lubrex® is indicated in disorders of the eyes surface such as dry eyes, redness, and irritation. It restores the tear film stability and enhances the eye glands’ function.

Dry eyes: the eyes are sensitive organs with direct exposure to the environment. the front eye surface is covered with the conjunctiva, a thin membrane that lines the white of the eyes and the inner surface of the eyelids.

The Conjunctiva cells constantly produce small amounts of water with fats creating a protective layer called the tear-film. It works as an interface between the environment and the eye surface. Tears and tear-film lubricate the eyes and prevent water evaporation. Additionally, it fends off against foreign objects (dust) or microbes.

When disruption of the tear layer occurs, either to inadequate tear production or excessive water evaporation, the eyes lose one of their protective barriers and become prone to weather changes or external factors.

The most implicated causative factor in eye dryness is inflammation, which occurs following noxious conditions, such as allergies, injury, or aging. Lubrex contains large molecules that retain water and stop its evaporation. It enhances glands’ function and increases water production.

In conclusion, Lubrex restores the integrity of the protecting tear-film. It lubricates the eyes and shields against harmful environmental factors.

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  • Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose IP 0.5% w/v / 1% w/v
  • Stabilised Oxychloro Complex 0.005% w/v / 0.0075% w/v
  • Water for Injections IP q.s