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Trelegy Ellipta® Powder For Inhalation

Fluticasone Furoate 100mcg + Umeclidinium 62.5mcg + Vilanterol 25mcg

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USD $110.00

Fluticasone, umeclidinium, and vilanterol combination is used to help control the symptoms of asthma and improve lung function. It is used when a patient’s asthma has not been controlled sufficiently with other asthma medicines, or when a patient’s condition is so severe that more than one medicine is needed every day. This medicine will not relieve an asthma attack that has already started.

Fluticasone, umeclidinium, and vilanterol combination is used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. It is used long-term to improve breathing problems and to reduce the number of COPD flare-ups (worsening of your COPD symptoms for several days). This medicine will not relieve a COPD attack that has already started.

Inhaled fluticasone belongs to the family of medicines known as corticosteroids or steroids (cortisone-like medicines). It works by preventing certain cells in the lungs and breathing passages from releasing substances that cause asthma and COPD symptoms. Inhaled umeclidinium and vilanterol are long-acting bronchodilators. These are medicines that are breathed in through the mouth to open up the bronchial tubes (air passages) in the lungs.

Size: 30 Doses Inhaler
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What is Trelegy Ellipta® COPD & Asthma Powder For Inhalation?

Trelegy Ellipta® Powder For Inhalation is the first and only once-daily, 3-in-1 treatment for COPD. With 3 medicines in 1 inhaler, Trelegy Ellipta® Powder For Inhalation can help you breathe easier and improve lung function. It can also help prevent future flare-ups. Trelegy does not replace a rescue inhaler. Your results may vary.

GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Limited launched Trelegy Ellipta (fluticasone furoate/umeclidinium/vilanterol), the first single-inhaler triple therapy (SITT) for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) patients in a once-daily regime. The launch follows the product’s approval by the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) for use of Trelegy Ellipta as a maintenance treatment to prevent and relieve symptoms associated with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in patients aged 18 and above.

A greater number of COPD patients benefit from this world-leading medicine. This is a significant milestone that exemplifies the GSK’s ambition for patients. Healthcare professionals now have a new once-daily, single inhaler triple therapy for the optimal treatment of their COPD patients. COPD is associated with major healthcare and socioeconomic burden on patients and their caregivers. In appropriate patients, studies show that a combination of three different types of medicines for COPD can effectively improve patients’ symptoms and reduce the risk of symptom worsening. Considering 75% of COPD patients have four or more co-existing medical conditions, the burden of managing and taking many medications may overwhelm patients, resulting in suboptimal treatment. Single-inhaler triple therapy has the potential role to simplify treatment and improve treatment adherence and patient outcomes.

In usual clinical care, treatment with single-inhaler Trelegy Ellipta results in significantly more patients with health status improvements and greater lung benefit, versus multi-inhaler triple therapy, with similar safety profiles. Trelegy is delivered via the innovative Ellipta inhaler that provides accurate dosing through its consistent dose delivery mechanism and is associated with less inhaler teaching time compared to other commonly used inhalers.

You should always use it as advised by your doctor but to get the full benefit you should take it regularly. It may take a few days for the spray to take full effect. If you don’t see an improvement in your symptoms after a week you should talk to your doctor.

The most common side effects of Trelegy Ellipta Powder For Inhalation include burning or itching in your nose. Talk to your doctor if you’re worried about side effects or they won’t go away. Using corticosteroids like may Trelegy Ellipta Powder For Inhalation makes you more susceptible to viral infections, so you should stay away from people who have these infections. In general, you should try to avoid situations that make your symptoms worse (things like pollen and dust mites) and it’s best not to smoke.

Before starting to use Trelegy Ellipta Powder For Inhalation you should let your doctor know if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, and discuss the risks and benefits with your healthcare team. If you use this medicine for a long time, your doctor may want to carry out certain medical tests to check your progress.

FF/UMEC/VI was approved in the US under the brand name Trelegy Ellipta in September 2017 for the long-term, once-daily maintenance treatment of patients with COPD. Trelegy Ellipta was approved in the US on 9 September 2020 for the maintenance treatment of asthma in patients aged 18 years and older.

Main active ingredients of Trelegy Ellipta® COPD Powder For Inhalation

Fluticasone Furoate – Fluticasone is a type of medicine known as a steroid (also called a corticosteroid). Inhaled fluticasone is a medicine used for asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). You can take it using an inhaler (sometimes called a “puffer”) which is usually brown or beige. This is called a “preventer” inhaler because it helps to prevent you from getting symptoms. If you have severe asthma or COPD, you may need to use a nebulizer. A nebulizer is a machine that helps you breathe in your medicine as a mist, using a mask or a mouthpiece. You can use a nebulizer in the hospital, or you may be given one to manage your condition at home. Fluticasone nebulizer liquid comes in individual doses called nebules.

Umeclidinium – Umeclidinium inhalation powder (Incruse Ellipta) is a long-acting anticholinergic medication labeled for maintenance treatment of airflow obstruction in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), including emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Vilanterol – Vilanterol Trifenate is a new once-daily highly selective β2-agonist available in the USA and Europe in association with umeclidinium bromide (a long-acting anti-muscarinic agent) and fluticasone furoate (an inhaled corticosteroid) for the once-daily maintenance treatment of COPD. Vilanterol combined in fixed-dose treatments has been tested in numerous clinical trials involving thousands of patients. These new once-daily formulations have the potential to improve compliance with long-term inhaled therapy.