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Revanox® Anti-Aging Serum / Cream

Drieline PF™ 2.5% + Superox C AF™ 12.5% + Lecigel™ 0.5% + Siligel™ 0.5%

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Revanox® Anti-Aging Serum helps to make the skin tighten and brighten. It is an anti-wrinkle deep hydrating, novel, and non-comedogenic formula.

Size: 30ml / 1fl.oz or 50g / 1.8oz
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What is Revanox® Anti-Aging Serum?

Revanox® Anti-Aging Serum is the next-generation anti-aging formula with new effective ingredients:

Drieline PF – Drieline™ PF is a highly purified polysaccharide (ß-glucan) produced by fermentation (a process offering a sustainable and eco-friendly renewal source) that has the property to stimulate collagen synthesis. Drieline™ PF enhances the anti-microbial activity of keratinocytes reinforcing the natural skin defenses system. Drieline™ PF also activates skin renewal and skin protection for maximal activity on healing, redness, and anti-aging properties. Drieline™ PF is thus a multi-functional ingredient that can be used for skin repair, reduction of skin redness, anti-microbial activity, and also to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Superox C AF – Superox-C™ AF is a visible wrinkle reduction and skin luminosity booster. It energizes dull-looking skin, improves skin radiance & luminosity, induces skin brightening, reduces the appearance of skin redness, improves overall skin tone evenness, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Lecigel – Lecigel™ is a versatile phospholipid-based ingredient that combines at the same time emulsifying properties of lecithin with the thickening and texturizing effects of a polymer. Easier to use, Lecigel™ allows a better dispersion either in the oil or water phase, can be easily added at any stage of the formulation process, and is suitable for both hot and cold processes. Lecigel™ offers a unique white oil-free gel cream with the typical “phospholipid touch” characterized by a cool, soft, and silky skin feel, for a unique sensorial skin feel. Also, Lecigel™ is perfectly adapted to the high level of ethanol, over a wide range of pH, and is compatible with electrolytes.

Siligel – Siligel™ is a natural gelling agent that leaves an amazing silicone-like skin feel. Siligel™ is easy to use (cold process, no pre-dispersion) and has an exceptional electrolyte tolerance (up to 20% NaCl), making it the ideal partner for formulations containing stressful ingredients. The versatility of Siligel™ leads to several applications either as a gelling agent, stabilizer, co-emulsifier, suspending agent, and skin feel enhancer as a substitute for silicones and it even has moisturizing properties. Its natural origin with a sustainable green manufacturing process answers today’s demand for eco-friendly ingredients.

Adipofill’in – Adipofill’in™ is a patented L-Ornithine encapsulated in an Ionosome™ delivery system. It works as lipofilling-like alternative and has a new innovative mechanism of action: by activating HIF1-α, Adipofill’in™ reproduces lipohormesis™ phenomenon and induces a face lipostructure by increasing fatty tissue for facial rejuvenation and a complete anti-aging improvement. It provides outstanding and fast results on vasogenic folds. Also, by stimulating adipose tissue growth, Adipofill’in™ mimics a breast lipomodelage and enlarges breast volume with high efficacy.

Biophilic HMB – Biophilic™ H MB is a patented natural lamellar O/W system based on the emulsifying properties of phospholipids combined with other vegetable lipids, allowing the formulation of white and odorless emulsions from cream to butter. The lamellar emulsion mimics the lipid structure of the stratum corneum for perfect skin affinity. Biophilic™ H MB acts as a “second skin” and therefore helps to restore the cutaneous barrier of damaged skin. The emulsion made with Biophilic™ H MB melts on the skin during the application and forms a restructuring film which reduces TEWL. The hydrogenated lecithin in Biophilic™ H MB provides very important thickening properties and is particularly recommended to create rich textures with a sophisticated skin feel, characterized by the “phospholipid touch”.

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