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Rejusure® Salicylic Acid Cleansing Pads

Salicylic Acid + Menthol

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USD $17.00

Rejusure® Salicylic Acid Cleansing Pads are soft and keep your skin moisturized leaving a non-sticky feeling with a soft lingering scent. With the goodness of aloe vera, these wipes are perfect for hands and are suitable for all skin types. Cleansing pads are effective in reducing the number of infection-causing germs. Salicylic acid removes excess oil and dead skin cells & helps kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin.

Irritations or allergic reactions may occur in some people, even after prior use without adverse effects. Therefore, a patch test must be carried out on a small part of the area on the hand before each use. Follow the instructions and if the skin appears normal after 24 hours, proceed with the full application.

Helps clarify skin and unclog pores. Hydrates and gives the skin a glassy texture. Removes excess debris and oils. Antibacterial and antiacne.

Size: 50g / 1.8oz
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What is Rejusure® Salicylic Acid Cleansing Pad?

Rejusure salicylic acid cleansing pads help clear the skin surface from excess dead cells (keratinocytes) and sebum. They contain the small salicylic acid molecules that infiltrate the derm and hydrate deep layers. Salicylic acid removes excess oil and dead skin cells & helps kill acne-causing bacteria beneath the skin. Menthol contributes a cooling sensation to the skin, calms irritation, itching, and burning, eliminates blackheads and whiteheads, diminishes the appearance of dark spots and age spots, and promotes clearer skin.

Cleansing is a significant step in an efficient antiaging skin routine because debris from the environment can potentially accumulate and contribute to aging.

With age, the skin loses its ability to fend off dehydration and moisture loss. It becomes rough and less pliable. Therefore, toxins and pollution particles are more likely to infiltrate the skin and build up in the creases and deep lines, further impairing the skin defenses. Salicylic acid cleansing packs stimulate internal processes with a dual mechanism, relieving the skin from toxins accumulation and delivering potent moisturizers.

Rejusure pads leave a refreshing, non-sticky feeling on the skin’s surface. Because The wipes are aloe vera infused and subsequently scented, they are packed with aloe vera-derived antioxidants. They are suitable for all skin surfaces, including the hands, neck, and face.

Why cleansing the skin is a significant step in an efficient skin routine?

The skin is the largest organ in the body with vast exposure to the environment. In doing its function of protecting the body, the skin area must defend itself against external aggressors from sweat and makeup to UV light and toxins. This function declines with time as the cellular processes slow down with age.

Cleansing your face aids the skin rids itself of debris and dead keratinocytes that otherwise will build up in pores and hair follicles with subsequent infection and inflammation.

Rejusure’s cleansing wipes go a step beyond other cleansers by providing hydrating and keratolytic agents. They meet customer expectations for soft and efficient face purifiers. Salicylic acid is the main compound, and it helps the skin shed dead cells. It loosens the tight intercellular junctions so keratinocytes can detach from the skin surface. Consequently, salicylic acid is a gentle exfoliator. It helps tighten skin follicles and clean clogged pores.

Additionally, skin exfoliation prevents both acne breakouts and aging impact. It enhances cellular turnover, which translates to more collagen and elastin production. A deep cleansing removes toxins that otherwise work as obstacles in the way of proper cellular functioning.

How to use Rejusure s salicylic acid wipes?

Use twice daily, every morning and evening:

  • Rejusure swipes help clean the build-up of the natural exfoliation and sebum secretion occurring during the night.
  • Use every evening to remove the makeup or dirt accumulated on the face surface during the day.
  • Don’t overwash after using the wipes.
  • Read the label carefully in case of allergies to one of the ingredients.