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Alfaglo® Glutathione Anhydrous Gel

Glutathione + Coenzyme Q10 + Vitamin C + Vitamin E

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USD $33.00

Glutathione reduces oxidative stress in the body to improve your overall complexion. With glutathione treatments, you can see:

  • Overall lighter, brighter skin tone
  • Even skin tone with reduced dark spots
  • Reduced blemishes
  • Diminished acne scars

Glutathione is known for giving you a youthful glow and smooth, even skin. Our high-quality treatments can also be combined with other services to enhance your look.

Size: 15g / 0.5oz
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What is Alfaglo® Glutathione Anhydrous Gel?

L-Glutathione reduced is known to be essential in pheomelanin formulation. It switches the production of eumelanin to pheomelanin, thereby giving the skin a lighter tone. The instant boost of glutathione immediately goes to work brightening your skin and improving the skin’s texture. Glutathione is a naturally-occurring substance that works from the inside out to improve your skin’s texture and tone without subjecting it to harmful chemicals or other ingredients.

Glutathione is a naturally-occurring antioxidant that is typically produced by the liver. Although it has many medical uses, this powerful compound can work magic on your skin. Glutathione is present during vital bodily functions like tissue building, producing proteins and chemicals, and boosting the immune system. These processes are not only good for your body, but you’ll see a difference in your skin, too.

Coenzyme Q10 maintains cellular energy levels

Ascorbyl Palmitate lipid fused Vitamin C, for improved dermal penetration

Vitamin E is a topical antioxidant, that helps to strengthen the skin barrier function