Facial Fan Brush

Chemical Peel / Solution / Liquid / Acid Applicator

USD $7.50


The perfect facial mask fan brush for applying chemical peel/acid products.

To clean – thoroughly rinse off any product remaining on the bristles or brush handle.

Soak in a disinfectant solution, and if desired, place in a UV sterilizer.

Items:3 - 5 5%
Items:6 - 9 10%
Items:10 + 15%


What is Facial Fan Brush | Peel/Solution/Acid Applicator

Soft bristles making this fan brush great for use with glycolic, lactic, TCA and other acids peel and post microdermabrasion treatments. Constructed with soft synthetic bristle, aluminum ferrule, 6 inches wooden handle with white lacquer. Not recommended for thick, pasty products such as peel-off masks or creams.



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