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Being a modern company we implement our reach to innovative solution-based products. Since the very beginning, we differentiate ourselves from the competitors with the visibility of products that are way ahead in terms of ingredients, solutions, and results. We mark our presence amongst all leading dermatologists in India. We provide high-quality Derma products for face, body and hair care with the participation of the best Product Analysts and Dermatologists.

Our team includes Product Analysts, Product consultants, Product Managers, Zonal Sales Heads, Regional Sales Heads, Area Sales Heads, and Sales Executives, making our team a big family with 51members. Our selections of products blend generosity, efficacy, quality, purity, approval, and trust of dermats with charm and glamour for the beauty industry making them DERMACEUTICALS.

We basically work on the Three “I” ideology: INNOVATION. INFORMATION. INTERACTION.

Today’s consumer knows more about ingredients than we think. One has to be up-to-date on the latest cutting-edge ingredients and technology in the Cosmeceutical world. Hence, after adding Innovative products to strengthen the shelves of the clinics we move a step ahead with information about those products and esthetic procedures with our live demo and training sessions. This, later on, moves ahead with Interaction where we take care of all Queries and provide a back to back support through our team of product consultants, trainers, dermatologists, and nutritionists grooming customers way ahead with one-stop solutions.