Contractubex® Gel 20g/0.7oz

Cepae Extract + Allantoin + Heparin Sodium Scar Removal Gel

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✓ Treats scars and make them invisible

✓ Supports and heals the skin, relieves itching

✓ Has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

✓ Regulates the production of scar tissue

Contractubex Gel is a scar treatment formulation which makes an improving appearance of both old and new scars. Contractubex is a scar removal gel is an excellent treatment of scars due to its unique combination of active ingredients. It works deep into the scar and reduces it from within and leads to almost an invisible scar. It supports the healing process in the skin and regulates the production of scar tissue.

Contractubex Gel (Extractum Cepae, Allantoin, Heparin Sodium) treats all scar types. It prevents the formation of excessive scar tissue, reduces redness, itching and the feeling of tension, and makes the scar smoother and improves elasticity. Visibly reduces scars resulting from surgery, injury, burns, acne and stretch marks. An easy to use, a greaseless gel that helps scars appear softer and smoother (results depend/vary on the length, skin type, age and location of the scar).

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What is Scar Removal Gel Contractubex®

Contractubex® is the intense gel formula which promotes the healing process of the skin, effectively reduces and makes the scar softer, smoother and more elastic. Contractubex® gel contains a special combination of three active ingredients Extractum Cepae, Heparin, and Allantoin to promote the healing process of your skin and improve the color, texture and overall appearance of your scar. Gel supports the healing process of the skin, has anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling property, softens the tissue structure and helps in tissue regeneration, relieves itching and has a softening effect. Contractubex represents an efficacious and well-tolerated preventative treatment that rapidly and significantly improves the color, stiffness and irregularity of C-section scars.

Topical cepae extract, heparin sodium and allantoin Contractubex® gel is one of the many non-invasive scar treatments available to improve the appearance and physical attributes of scars.

Extractum Cepae – one of the most well-known natural remedies for scar treatment is onion extract.  A proprietary onion extract product improved and softened scars after 4 weeks. People who used an onion extract gel reported improvements in scar texture, softness, redness, and overall appearance after 4 weeks. Researchers think allantoin’s main role is to increase the penetration of Allium cepa, aka onion. While not listed as an active ingredient, onion is a longtime additive of choice for scar treatments. You recognize onion by its smelly sulfur-containing molecules, but it’s the flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol that might improve your scar – possibly by regulating fibroblasts, the cells that help build scaffolding for new tissue.

Heparin Sodium – is an anticoagulant. It is used to treat or prevent clots in the veins, arteries, lungs, or heart. It stops clots from forming or getting bigger, helps better penetrate the other active components of Contractubex® gel.

Allantoin – the headliner in this gel, which claims to “reduce the appearance” of scars, is allantoin, a nitrogen-rich waste molecule excreted in mammalian urine. It softens keratin, the fibrous protein that makes your birthday suit tough and waterproof. That smooths the skin and encourages dead skin cells to slough off.

Benefits of Scar Removal Gel Contractubex®

  • The gel works effectively on all types of skin scars: burns, post-surgery marks, abrasions and cuts
  • The active ingredients promote the growth of scar tissue for faster and effective healing.
  • The gel is a safe and clinically proven for sensitive skins
  • Safe for children and babies

How to use Scar Removal Gel Contractubex®

  • Clean scars are with water and pat dry
  • Apply a thin layer directly onto the scars
  • Massage the gel on for 2-3 minutes
  • Use 2 to 3 times daily for at least 3 months


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Each 1g of Gel contains:

  • Cepae extract 0.1g
  • Allantoin 0.01g
  • Heparin Sodium 50IU
  • Sorbic Acid Ph. Eur. 0.10% w/w
  • Methyl Hydroxybenzoate Ph. Eur. 0.15% w/w


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