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Centaur Pharma

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In 1978, Centaur Pharmaceuticals commenced pharmaceutical manufacturing operations in Mumbai and has now evolved into a vertically integrated pharmaceutical company. Centaur House, our corporate headquarters, is located in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. Centaur has a strong matrix of capabilities across the pharmaceutical value chain including API, formulations, Contract Research and Manufacturing Services, Clinical Research, R&D, regulatory, and marketing.

Exports to 96 countries across five continents are a vindication of Centaur’s commitment to quality, and global acceptance by discerning doctors, patients, and clients. Forty-two percent of our sales accrue from international markets.

With world-class infrastructure and key initiatives across people, processes, and practices, Centaur is poised to leverage synergies across the pharmaceutical spectrum and provide end-to-end solutions to prestigious pharmaceutical partners.

Centaur has successfully co-developed a Globally Patented New Chemical Entity (NCE), DPOCL, for the treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer, an unmet medical need. Centaur’s clinical research division, Lifespan, collaborated with a German biotechnology company and successfully conducted Phase II and III studies in India. Centaur is awaiting marketing approval to introduce the NCE for the first time in the world, in India.

Our most precious assets are the 2776 Centaurians working diligently for the organization across our facilities, head office, and sales teams. We believe that a strategic global approach will widen our geographical spread, enhance business volumes, derisk our revenue streams and help us carve out a niche in the global pharmaceutical market.