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Kryxana® Ribociclib Tablets

Ribociclib 200mg

USD $540.00


Kryxana® Ribociclib Tablet is an anti-cancer medication. It works by blocking proteins (kinases) that are important for the growth and division of cells. This slows the growth of cancer cells and eventually kills them.

Ribociclib is used in combination with letrozole in patients with hormone receptor (HR)-positive, HER-2 negative advanced or metastatic breast cancer. It is also used together with fulvestrant to treat HR-positive, HER-2-negative advanced or metastatic breast cancer in postmenopausal women or in men.

Ribociclib belongs to the group of medicines called antineoplastics. It interferes with the growth of cancer cells, which are eventually destroyed. Since the growth of normal cells may also be affected by the medicine, other unwanted effects will also occur. Some of these may be serious and must be reported to your doctor.

Size: 21 Tablets
Brand name: Kisqali
Title Range Discount
Items: 2 - 4 5%
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What is Kryxana® Ribociclib Tablet?

Ribociclib is a targeted or biological therapy drug. When used to treat breast cancer, ribociclib is taken alongside hormone (endocrine) therapy.

Ribociclib is the drug’s non-branded name. Its brand name is Kisqali. It belongs to a group of drugs called CDK (cyclin-dependent kinase) inhibitors. This group of drugs block the action of kinase, a protein that helps cells to grow and divide. By doing so, they stop the growth and spread of cancer.

If you’re seeking an innovative solution to combat advanced breast cancer, Ribociclib tablets offer new hope on the horizon. With their groundbreaking potential and transformative impact, Ribociclib tablets are a game-changer in advanced breast cancer treatment.

Ribociclib tablets have emerged as a beacon of progress in the fight against advanced breast cancer. Trusted by medical professionals, these tablets work by inhibiting specific proteins that fuel the growth of cancer cells. By disrupting this process, Ribociclib helps slow down the progression of the disease and empowers patients to take control of their health.

The dosage of Ribociclib tablets is tailored to individual needs, ensuring a personalized approach to treatment. Collaborate closely with your healthcare provider to determine the optimal dosage that aligns with your medical condition and overall health goals.

Choosing Ribociclib tablets means embracing a powerful ally in the battle against advanced breast cancer. These tablets have earned their place in modern medicine, standing as a testament to the ongoing advancements in oncology. By integrating Ribociclib into your treatment plan, you’re making a proactive choice for a brighter, healthier future.

Experience the convenience of purchasing Ribociclib tablets online through our platform. Our streamlined process ensures a hassle-free shopping experience, while our secure payment gateway prioritizes your peace of mind. Don’t wait any longer – take the first step towards effective advanced breast cancer treatment by buying Ribociclib tablets today.

Revitalize your journey to recovery with Ribociclib tablets. Consult your healthcare provider, establish the right dosage, and buy Ribociclib online now. Embrace the possibilities that Ribociclib brings, and embark on a path to renewed health and vitality.

Buy Ribociclib Tablets Online: Your Partner in Advanced Breast Cancer Therapy Awaits!

Kryxana 200mg Tablet is an anti-cancer medicine used in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. It helps to slow down the growth of cancer cells and eventually kills them. This way it treats the symptoms of breast cancer such as breast lumps, bloody discharge from nipples, or changes in the shape of the breast.

Kryxana 200mg Tablet may be taken with or without food and usually taken in combination with another medicine. The duration of treatment varies on the basis of your need and response to treatment. Take it in the exact dose and duration prescribed by your doctor. You may be asked for regular blood tests while taking this medication.

Common side effects of this medicine include decreased white blood cell count, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea, hair loss, vomiting, constipation, headache, and back pain. Neutropenia is a well-recognized adverse effect, in which the number of your white blood cells get reduced and your immune system gets weakened. As a result, you may be at greater risk of getting an infection. However, this side effect disappears rapidly once you stop taking the medicine.

Before using this medicine, let your doctor know if you have any preexisting medical conditions. Let your doctor also know about all the medications you are taking. Additionally, inform your doctor if you are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or breastfeeding.

In Metastatic breast cancer. Kryxana 200mg Tablet helps to treat breast cancer and it may be used alone or in combination with other medicines or treatment modalities like chemotherapy. This medicine is used when other medicines have not shown significant improvement and cancer has spread to other parts as well. It relieves the symptoms of breast cancer such as breast lumps, bloody discharge from nipples or changes in the shape or texture of the breast. Kryxana 200mg Tablet kills or stops the growth of cancer cells and also prevents the multiplication of cancer cells. Discuss with your doctor if any of the side effects bother you.


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