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HAIRNA® Healthy Scalp Care Toner

L-Menthol + Salicylic Acid + Dexpanthenol

USD $114.00


Multipurpose hair toner that nourishes deep in the scalp and makes the scalp healthy. Gently polish and enrich your hair.

HAIRNA® Healthy Scalp Care Toner blends all the components that help protect the scalp, helps nourish the scalp, help damaged hair roots, and nourishes the hair. It helps relieve hair loss symptoms.

HAIRNA® Healthy Scalp Care Toner differentiates into three positions:

  • Scalp protection
  • Scalp soothing
  • Scalp barrier reinforcement
Size: 150ml / 5fl.oz
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
Items: 5 - 8 10%
Items: 9 + 15%


What is HAIRNA® Healthy Scalp Care Toner?

Is the scalp also skin? Let HAIRNA® take care of your scalp skin.

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