Premarin® Vaginal Cream 14g/0.5oz

Conjugated Estrogens 0.625mg

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Conjugated estrogens in concentration 0.625mg in Premarin vaginal cream (made by reputable Pfizer), a quality effective mixture of natural isolated estrogens, used to treat menopausal atrophic vaginitis, reducing the following symptoms: vaginal dryness, itching, irritation, inflammation and increased susceptibility to vaginal or urinary infections.

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What is Conjugated Estrogens Premarin Vaginal Cream

Premarin Vaginal Cream contains conjugated estrogens in concentration 0.625mg, a quality effective mixture of natural isolated estrogens (natural estrogen cream), used to treat menopausal atrophic vaginitis, reducing the following symptoms: vaginal dryness, itching, irritation, inflammation and increased susceptibility to vaginal or urinary infections. Premarin (conjugated estrogens 0.625mg) is a hormone produced by the ovaries in the female body that is important for women’s health.

Premarin (Other Brands: Cenestin, Enjuvia) is a medication made of estrogens from natural sources. It’s used for treating menopausal symptoms like vaginal dryness, itching, and hot flashes. It can also be used to prevent osteoporosis in women who are past menopause. At a certain period of women’s life, everyone meets menopause (when the ovaries are not able to produce enough of estrogen) and should deal with its consequences.

Premarin Vaginal Cream helps to cure changes related to menopause inside and outside the vagina by short hormone replacement therapy also known as HRT and cures vaginal atrophy. The symptoms are dry, itching and even burning feelings around the vagina caused by losing elastic properties of vaginal tissues, decreasing of natural lubrication. Transformations in the vaginal tissues may lead to liability to urinary and venereal infections, pain or troublesome feelings during sex and different stages of urinary incontinence. To prevent such type of symptoms Premarin Vaginal Cream is recommended by doctors to fulfill vagina tissues with estrogen, eliminating the root cause.

Premarin Vaginal Cream used to treat moderate to severe painful intercourse due to menopause. For many women who experience menopausal syndrome, changes to the most intimate place on the body – vagina can cause pain during intercourse (sexual act), called dyspareunia. Premarin Vaginal Cream is clinically proven to relieve moderate to severe painful intercourse caused by menopausal changes. Premarin cream works by delivering estrogens directly to the source of the pain, which helps rebuild, refresh vaginal tissue and make intercourse much more comfortable.

Sticking with your treatment plan made by your doctor is key to feeling relief. In a 10-week clinical study, just 0.5 g of Premarin Vaginal Cream twice a week significantly relieved moderate to severe painful intercourse due to menopause. Premarin Vaginal Cream should be used at the lowest effective dose for the shortest duration consistent with the treatment goals and risks for the individual woman. You have to be familiar with all the positive and negative consequences of Premarin cream, consult with your doctor/healthcare specialist first.

Premarin Cream consists of conjugated estrogens, the mix of natural ones only from natural origins. Applying Premarin Vaginal Cream inside the vagina lets estrogen extricate and be absorbed by tissues of delicate vagina skin coat. It helps to maintain physiological PH balance and microflora, thicken vagina skin layer. Premarin cream’s recovering effect is decreasing the symptoms of atrophic vaginitis, it could have a permanent effect with the continuing of usage. As far as we already mentioned, Premarin is mostly short-term used cream, but if you decided to use it for long-term you have to know that it related with some health risks such as endometrial cancer, breast cancer, vein thrombosis. The doctor may also recommend you to take progesterone to antagonize estrogen.

Can I buy Premarin over the counter – yes, it is available online otc, but it is recommended to consult your doctor prior to purchase and use of it. Premarin cream coupon you may always find here.

Premarin cream coupon, can I buy Premarin over the counter?

Discount coupon for Premarin can be found via this link. Yes, Premarin cream is available online in okdermo store.

Do not use Conjugated Estrogens Premarin Vaginal Cream

  • Are allergic to any Premarin Cream ingredients or conjugated estrogens;
  • Have abnormal genital bleeding;
  • Have breast or uterine cancer;
  • Are pregnant or planning pregnancy;
  • Have problems with the liver;
  • Are having a course of other medicine, that could not be taking with Premarin Cream at the same time.

Brand name:

Premarin cream alternatives: Cenestin, Enjuvia, Premarin Intravenous, Estrogens, Premarin Vaginal, Synthetic Conjugated Estrogens A, Duavee, Prempro, Premphase, Premphase 14/14, Estradiol, generic substitute for premarin, premarin cream generic.


Each gram contains (Premarin reviews):

  • Conjugated Estrogens U.S.P 0.625mg
  • Phenylethyl alcohol U.S.P as preservative 0.96%
  • Nonliquefying base


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