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Inga Labs

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Indo German Alkaloids, the parent company of the INGA Group, was established in 1958 by Dr. Abraham Patani on completion of his Doctoral studies in Phytochemistry at the University of Mainz, Germany. With in-depth domain expertise in the field of Alkaloids, the company began its manufacturing activities with a range of phytochemicals and fine chemicals.

As a pioneer in alkaloid research, Indo German Alkaloids initiated the cultivation of plants required for the isolation of active principles at plantations in the northern, southern, and western parts of India.

With a vision to be one of the leading players in the niche phytochemical segment, Inga Laboratories P. Ltd. was established in 1974 for the manufacture of Finished dosage forms.

Inga Laboratories P. Ltd., a research-based pharmaceutical corporation, was established in 1974. The company’s activities are focused on the development, manufacture, and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations at affordable prices.

Inga Laboratories P. Ltd. manufactures galenical forms such as tablets, capsules, liquid orals, injectables, and beta-lactam formulations in compliance with the latest current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Inga has established a number of its brands in specialty segments such as anti-migraine, anti-gout, gynecology, and dermatology internationally. Inga has also collaborated with several multinational corporations for the contract manufacture of pharmaceutical dosage forms at its manufacturing facilities.

Inga Laboratories strives to be a high-quality manufacturer of medicines for patients in India and globally. We comply with global quality standards.

Our employees at Inga are trained to manufacture our products with high levels of integrity and to ensure “Quality Medicines for Healthcare”.