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T.Man Pharma

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Honesty, diligence, patience are the basic qualities that T. Man places particular emphasis on integrity in business. Which the company is considered as an important element by adhering to that is what all personnel and departments should adhere to Until making customers trust until now.

T. Man Pharma was founded in 1972 by Khun Teerawat As Chotiphan in order to be a manufacturer and distributor of medicines and medical supplies, Mitrphan Co., Ltd., The Winners Company Limited and Milano Company Limited are all partners in the production.

Later, with the vision of the founder – to the pharmaceutical industry in Thailand that there are still many opportunities. Together with a strong concept and intention founder wants the Thai people access to quality pharmaceutical products without having to rely on drugs from abroad. Therefore has been established Trustman Pharma Limited Partnership in 1975 and building a factory for the production of medicines and distribution throughout Thailand, with the calculation of Kongsuphakul to be the Managing Director. Acting in the supervision and management of production

On June 10, 1991, Trustman Pharma Limited Partnership changed its name to T. Manfar Limited Partnership as recommended by the Bank of Thailand After that, the company has expanded, developed and improved production systems and processes. And continuously improve the quality In order to have an international quality equivalent. Until receiving many quality standard awards from various institutions Both inside and outside the country, in addition, there has been an investment in research and development agencies under the concept that “Innovation for Thai people to create” until creating new products that will be a phenomenon in the Thai pharmaceutical industry continuously.

From more than 40 years of continuous experience, TTM Pharma Partnership has gained a lot of trust from medical personnel in all branches and consumers. Until now changed to T. Man Pharma and has opened two other affiliates, T. Man Pharma and Heaven Herb Company Limited, to be able to run the business. Fully integrated Because they go to the leading organizations in the production of pharmaceuticals in international standards. With the development of innovative products In order to allow customers to use drugs that are of good quality, fair prices and the highest value as the company’s determination.


1. T. Man Pharma Company Limited: Manufacturer and distributor of medical medications and medical supplies for domestic customers and Export to sell to foreign countries

2. T. Man Pharma Company Limited: Pharmaceutical importers, medical supplies and health promotion products for distribution to domestic customers.

3. Heaven Herb Co., Ltd.: Manufacturer of herbal medicines, traditional medicines, supplements, cosmetics, herbal extracts, and natural products. For sale to domestic and foreign customers.

Our product group:

1) PHARMACEUTICAL LINE – Modern drug product group And medical equipment Consists of products that T.Man Pharma produces itself according to the GMP standard PIC / s and products imported from leading pharmaceutical companies from various countries

2) T-NUTRITION LINE – Supplement product group that focuses on strengthening the body’s health To prevent the chance of disease By gathering from the best quality raw materials from various countries around the world To create as many quality products

3) HEAVEN HERB LINE – herbal medicine products, traditional medicine, including herbal extract products manufactured under the GMP control of herbs and using the equivalent standard for modern drug production internationally And has prevented contamination at every step, thus making every product both quality And maximum safety

4) T-DERMATOLOGY LINE – Products for skin and cosmetics That was developed from a specialized dermatologist team And is also regulated in every step of production by the pharmacist team according to GMP standards, focusing on purity, safety, free of contaminants Which is the cause of allergies Coupled with the best image obtained from the selection of the best raw materials