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Diane 35 Pills (Cyproterone + Ethinyl Estradiol)

Diane 35 Pills contain two kinds of sex hormones: Cyproterone acetate, a progestogen, and Ethinylestradiol, an estrogen. It is prescribed to women of reproductive age who have issues caused by an elevated sensitivity to androgens in their bodies. Androgens are hormones that cause the body to exhibit more male characteristics. Women who are particularly sensitive to androgen may develop acne, oily skin, or a lot of hair in certain parts of the face or body. Furthermore, this medication offers excellent oral contraception. You must not take any other hormonal contraceptive while taking these tablets for any of the situations listed above. [1]

Benefits Of Cyproterone 2mg + Ethinyl Estradiol 0.035mg Tablets:

The compound cyproterone acetate-ethinyl estradiol contains 2 mg of cyproterone acetate (CPA) and 0.035 mg of ethinyl estradiol (EE). Diane-35, Cyestra-35, and Novo-Cyproterone/Ethinyl Estradiol are some of the brand names used in different countries. It contains antiandrogenic, progestogenic, and antigonadotropic effects. The compound’s CPA component inhibits ovarian androgen production and release while also blocking androgen receptors. Ethinyl estradiol boosts sex hormone-binding globulin, which lowers free androgen levels in the blood. [2]

This medicine is used to treat severe acne in women who have seborrhea, an oily skin condition, and unwanted/extra hair development on the body (such as the face and chest). This drug reduces the quantity of oil on the skin, which aids in the treatment of acne. It also inhibits hair growth. According to one study, following six cycles of EE/CPA, 82.8% (95% CI 80.1-85.5) of patients had a “good” or “very good” therapeutic outcome (i.e. a reduction in total lesion count of more than 50%). A similar response was obtained in the various acne grades, with a significant reduction in the number of all lesions during the research. [4]

Open and closed comedones, papules, pustules, nodes, and cysts were reduced by more than 50% in 75.6%, 80.0%, 88.4%, and 85.1% of patients, respectively. By the end of the research, 64.3% of women had a lower grade of acne, with only 4.9% experiencing an exacerbation. Only 3.4% of patients discontinued treatment because of side effects, indicating that EE/CPA was well tolerated. Most of the incidents were moderate, and their frequency decreased as the trial progressed. Blood pressure and body weight did not alter clinically. So, it is an effective treatment for all types of acne. The medication is well tolerated and appears to be an effective treatment option for women suffering from these conditions. [4]

Cyproterone contains anti-androgen (anti-testosterone) characteristics as well. Testosterone is a male hormone (present in small quantities in women) that may worsen acne and produce excessive hair growth. Cyproterone works by inhibiting testosterone production. [3]

Ethinyl estradiol counteracts the effects of cyproterone on the menstrual cycle. When other acne treatments have failed, this drug is used. These hormones inhibit pregnancy by preventing egg release (ovulation) and altering the womb and cervical mucus to make it more difficult for an egg to meet sperm (fertilization) or attach to the womb wall (implantation). Women who take this drug to treat severe acne might also use it as a form of birth control. However, due to the risk of major adverse effects (such as blood clots), this medicine should not be used exclusively for birth control. [3]

Dosing: Cyproterone 2 mg with ethinylestradiol 0.035 mg tab. For women with moderate to severe androgen-dependent acne and/or hirsutism looking for a birth control pill: 1 tab once daily, as instructed on the blister pack. For specific dosing directions, consult your specific product guideline.

How To Use This Medication?

This drug should be taken after eating. If this is your first time using hormonal contraception, you can start taking it on the first or second day of your period.

If you are also using it for contraception, it is recommended that you use a barrier form of contraception, such as condoms, for the first 7 days after starting this medication. Take one yellow (active) pill for 21 days, preferably at the same time every day.


Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are allergic to it, or to any other birth control pills/patch/ring or female hormone treatments (estrogens/progestins), or if you have any other hypersensitivity. This product contains inactive substances that may cause an allergy or other issues. Inform your doctor of your past medical conditions, especially if you have any of the following:

  • Blood clots
  • Coagulation diseases (for example, protein C or protein S deficiency)
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure

This drug can affect your diabetes. If you are diabetic, check your blood sugar levels regularly and discuss your findings with your doctor. If you experience signs of high blood sugar, such as increased thirst or urine, contact your doctor immediately. Your diabetic medication, fitness program, or diet may need to be adjusted.

Inform your doctor if you have recently had or will soon have surgery, or if you will be restricted to a bed or chair for an extended period (such as a long aircraft ride). These conditions raise your risk of blood clots, particularly if you use hormonal birth control. You may need to discontinue this medication for some time.

This drug should not be taken when pregnant. Inform your doctor immediately if you become pregnant or suspect you are pregnant. If you have recently given birth or had a pregnancy loss/abortion after the first three months, see your doctor about reliable types of birth control and when it is safe to begin using birth control containing a form of estrogen, such as this medicine.


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