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Salicure® Salicylic Gentle Foaming Face Wash

Salicylic Acid 2% With pH 5.5

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USD $16.00

Salicure Facewash is a deep gentle foaming cleansing face wash with desmolytic action of salicylic acid 2% (2 percent). It opens the clogged pores and has a skin-friendly pH of 5.5.

Salicylic acid: is known for its property of exfoliating the skin by promoting the shedding of dead cells. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Aloe: prevents dryness and irritation that may be induced by Salicylic acid. Makes skin soft and supple.

For best results in acne: Use of Salicure Face Wash is recommended before application of topical anti-acne treatments as it opens the pores which facilitate penetration of anti-acne drugs easier, faster and deep inside the skin.

Size: 60g / 2.11oz
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What is Salicylic Acid 2.0% Gentle Foaming Face Wash pH 5.5 Salicure®

Salicylic acid which is the main component of Salicure Foaming Face Wash is a keratolytic agent. It encourages the peeling of the top layer of the skin and opening up of the plugged follicles, which helps re-establish the normal skin- cell replacement cycle. For milder acne, salicylic acid helps unclog pores to resolve and prevent lesions. It does not have any effect on the production of the sebum or P. acnes. Like many other topical acne treatments, salicylic acid must be used continuously, even after acne lesions have healed.

Your skin will look much more hydrated after using Salicure and not much prone to breakouts anymore as Salicure Face wash works really well in unclogging the pores. Cleans the face thoroughly and makes it squeaky clean and keeps skin matte for long period of time. Skin gets smoother and softer day by day. Very gentle and not drying; unlike other harsh face washes meant for oily skin. It controls the breakouts to a great extent. Has pH 5.5 (i.e. means it doesn’t alter the pH value of our skin like other face washes)

How to use 2% Salicylic Acid Face Wash For Acne

  • Should be used as part of the daily cleansing routine for the treatment and prevention of acne
  • Gently massage the gel foam all over the wet face avoiding eyes and surrounding areas
  • Allow it to remain for 20 to 30 seconds
  • Rinse thoroughly and pat dry
  • Use daily twice


Salicylic Acid IP 2.0 w/w

Gel Base with Aloe q.s.