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Sialor Milano

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SIALOR MILANO, of the River Pharma Group founded in 2006, is a science–based company with a lot of experience in biotechnological cosmetics that constantly studies, in its own Research Labs, how to combine the active qualities of Natural Substances in order to create new, innovative and effective Formulations full of excellent sensory properties: superb texture, delicate fragrance and functional package. The Results reflect the abilities of our researchers and their individual talent resulting in the excellence of Beauty products by SIALOR MILANO, loved by our clients worldwide.

SIALOR MILANO intends to promote the transparency of its contents and to promptly inform its Customers about the number of functional characteristics of the active ingredients present in the Formulations, always supported by reliable scientific and experimental documentation to ensure efficacy and safety.

SIALOR MILANO is attentive to the needs of its Customers and helps restore personal Beauty and brightness. We believe in this ideal and we strive to turn it into reality on a daily basis.

The Search for Perfection is our daily practice and Excellence is our goal. Every project is a new challenge toward Exceptional Efficacy, for the Beauty of each and every one of you. The results are the living proof of this.