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Ultra Light® Lipolytic Solution For Face & Body

Deoxycholic Acid + Lecithin + Juglans Regia + Fucus Vesiculosus + Aesculus Hippocastanum + Tyrosine

USD $194.00


Ultra Light® is a biological sterilized lipolytic solution for the face and body. Ultra Light is used as a lipolytic for the correction of body and face shape. It is a highly concentrated premium solution that increases fat cell metabolism and releases it quickly by combining only ingredients that are excellent for fat decomposition and has an excellent effect that is differentiated from conventional contour injection.

  • Ultralight is a new injectable that is very effective at reducing the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat).
  • When injected into the fat underneath the chin, ultralight causes the destruction of fat cells. Once destroyed, the cells can no longer store or accumulate fat.
  • Formation of flawless facial lines and beautiful contours.
  • Elimination of excess fat and controlled formation of new fat cells.
  • It can remove cheek fat, buccal fat, subdural sagging fat, and submental fat. It also corrects overdone fat grafts.
Size: 10 Vials (2ml / 0.07fl.oz each)
Brand name: Kybella, Celluform Plus, Belkyra
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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What is Ultra Light® Lipolytic Solution For Face & Body?

Ultra Light® Lipolytic Solution For Face & Body is a unique product of complex action for the elimination of abundant adipose tissue. The rich composition of Ultra Light includes different components that act multi-directionally and eliminate unwanted body volumes. In particular, deoxycholic acid provides a decrease in size and full degradation of fat cells (adipocytes).

Lecithin stimulates the activity of the lipase enzyme that cleaves fat acids and regulates cholesterol levels in the organism. The extract of Juglans Regia improves blood supply and toxins clearance. The extract of fucus vesiculosus promotes skin flattering and the elimination of cellulitis. Tyrosine enhances fat metabolism and accelerates fat burning. In addition, the product provides an antioxidant effect, increases cell regeneration as well as demonstrates an anti-aging effect. Application of Ultra Light results in the elimination of unwanted centimeters in the chin, waistline, belly, flanks, and legs areas, elimination of pronounced cellulitis, and general skin lifting in the corrected areas.

Ingredients of Ultra Light® Lipolytic Solution For Face & Body

Deoxycholic acid (conjugate base deoxycholate), also known as cholanoic acid, Kybella, Celluform Plus, Belkyra, and 3α, 12α-dihydroxy-5β-challan-24-oic acid, is a bile acid. Deoxycholic acid is one of the secondary bile acids, which are metabolic byproducts of intestinal bacteria. The two primary bile acids secreted by the liver are cholic acid and chenodeoxycholic acid. Bacteria metabolize chenodeoxycholic acid into the secondary bile acid lithocholic acid, and they metabolize cholic acid into deoxycholic acid. There are additional secondary bile acids, such as ursodeoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is soluble in alcohol and acetic acid. When pure, it comes in a white to off-white crystalline powder form.


  • Induces fat metabolism activation
  • Induces carbohydrates and fats as energy
  • Reduces edema with increased blood flow

Treatment works:

  • Less pain, Fewer bruises.
  • It takes 5~7 days between each treatment.
  • Better results after repeated application of Light fit Solution.

How to use Ultra Light® Lipolytic Solution For Face & Body

  • Usage per spot is 0.1cc. Do not exceed 2cc at once.
  • Shake the ampoule for a few seconds until the color turns green for a temporary emulsion.
  • Recommended to use along the chin line.
  • After using, massage well on the spot.
  • In the case of using the body, the usage per part is the same.
  • In the case of the body, there are various kinds of fat and size, so its efficacies can’t be sure.
  • Caused by overdosage on the cheek, the top side of the nose, etc., the dimple symptom may occur, so use carefully according to the skill of the operator.
  • In some cases, allergy reactions may be appealed to an individual difference after use. Against this case, prescribe antibiotics (such as Dexa).

Benefits of Ultra Light® Lipolytic Solution For Face & Body

  • The product has a strong lipolytic effect that becomes visible even after 1-2 weeks after the procedure
  • The product provides degradation of adipocytes and does not allow to gain of extra fat tissue because of the controlled division of fat cells
  • The product is safe, hypoallergenic, and has almost no side effects
  • The procedure is almost painless

Scope of Ultra Light:

  • Correction of face shape in the cheek area
  • Elimination of the “second” chin
  • Elimination of excessive fat tissue in the waistline, belly, and flank area
  • Correction of buttocks shape
  • Controlled formation of new adipocytes

The product has contraindications and can only be used by a certified cosmetologist. We are not responsible for the negative consequences of self-use.

Additional Information


Deoxycholic Acid, Lecithin, Juglans Regia, Fucus Vesiculosus, Aesculus Hippocastanum, Tyrosine, Disodium Adenosine Phosphate, Pulsatilla Extract, Sodium Chloride, Riboflavin


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