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CSBio is a leading peptide and instrumentation manufacturing company in Silicon Valley, California. Since its founding in 1993, CSBio has been providing automated peptide synthesizers to the global pharmaceutical community, which includes academic institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and peptide CDMOs (contract development and manufacturing organization). CSBio also produces high-quality custom peptides and cGMP peptides as a peptide CDMO. Our peptide products and instrumentation can be found in production laboratories and pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

CSBio has been deeply engaged with the peptide community across the globe for over 30 years. This includes attending every American Peptide Symposium since 1993, every European Peptide Symposium since 1994, and every Chinese Peptide Symposium since 1994. CSBio also attended the first Indian Peptide Symposium in 2007 and has participated in every IPS since. CSBio has been the sponsor of dozens of conferences and symposiums, the receipt multiple awards within various peptide communities, and has been featured in numerous scientific publications on peptides.

Lipo Lab is one of the top-rated brands among fat-burning products for the face and body. It is manufactured by a South Korean company CSBIO Inc., Ltd. Specially developed formula and composition of Lipo Lab products ensure complete destruction and natural excretion of fat cells from the body, while improved skin structure and elasticity is a pleasant bonus. Lipo Lab uses only high-quality and high-purity components. The series contains several products varying in composition and scope of use.