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J-Cain® Numbing Cream

Lidocaine 10.56%

USD $106.00

J-Cain® Numbing Cream is a South Korean product for local anesthesia during cosmetic procedures. The cream contains 10.56% lidocaine and is economically consumed. J-Cain is used for pre-injection anesthesia, local anesthesia prior to injection, and pain relief in sensitive skin areas.

J-Cain® Numbing Cream is an effective solution for doctors, beauticians, tattoo artists, and other clients looking for an effective cream for local tissue numbness and pain relief. It is one of the most popular pain relief creams on the market and buyers prefer the J-Cain brand when looking for a solution for their clients and patients.

  • Guaranteed numbing effect due to high lidocaine concentration
  • Convenient can (500g): enough for a large number of applications

Color: White-yellowish cream

Effect: Reducing the sensitivity of pain receptors

Size: 500g / 17.6oz
Brand name: Topicaine, Solarcaine, Anestacon, Burnamycin, Lidoderm, LidoRx, Senatec, Xylocaine
Title Range Discount
Items: 2 - 4 5%
Items: 5 - 8 10%
Items: 9 + 15%


What is J-Cain Numbing Cream?

J-Cain is a highly effective skin cream that can help relieve discomfort and pain after procedures such as tattooing, skin peeling, laser hair removal, body piercing, cosmetic surgery, and so on. The anesthetic cream reduces the sensitivity of the patient’s pain receptors.

To enhance its effectiveness, wrap the treated area after applying the cream. Wait for the effect of J-Cain cream for 25 minutes. Remove the film and wash off the cream. For J-Cain cream, the effect lasts 60 minutes. After applying the cream, you may feel cooling, followed by increased numbness in the application area. The cream is completely safe and effective.

J-Cain® Numbing Cream is a topical pre-procedure anesthetic used to make an injection procedure painless. The human body’s response to pain involves pore narrowing and vasoconstriction, which hinders the penetration of a needle or a cannula into the skin during injection and most likely results in skin injury (bleeding, edema, and irritation). The use of the J-Cain Cream 10.56% allows for avoiding the adverse consequences of injections due to the high content of lidocaine. The product is approved by the KFDA, it does not cause allergies or skin-burning sensations. J-Cain has one of the strongest numbing effects among local anesthetics in the world market.

How to use J-Cain® Numbing Lidocaine 10.56% Cream

Apply to the affected area and then wrap in a bandage for maximum effect. Wait 30 minutes for the J-cain cream to work, then remove the bandage and wash off with water. The effect lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

Please note that after applying the cream, you may feel a cool and numb feeling in the areas where you apply the cream. The cream is guaranteed to be safe, but do not use more than 2g of cream in a 24-hour period.

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