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Pilon® Piles, Fissures, Haemorrhoids Ointment

Kasisadi Oil 25% + Zinc Oxid 5% + Camphor 1%

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USD $14.00

Pilon® ointment contains Kasisadi Oil, Yashad Bhasma, and Camphor as active ingredients. It is used to treat piles, fissures, and hemorrhoids. The key benefits/uses of Pilon® ointment:

✓ Kasisadi Oil: Treats piles by shrinking hemorrhoids

✓ Yashad Bhasma: Helps in wound healing and acts as anti-inflammatory

✓ Camphor: Acts as antispasmodic, anesthetic, sedative, nerve pacifier, and anti-inflammatory

✓ Relieves pain, swelling, bleeding, and itching

Apply before and after each defecation with the applicator.

Size: 25g / 0.9oz
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What is Pilon® Piles, Fissures, Haemorrhoids Ointment?

Pilon® Piles, Fissures, Haemorrhoids Ointment is an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine. Pilon Ayurvedic Ointment for piles hemorrhoids is an ayurvedic cream for the treatment of piles. This pile cream helps in relieving pain and reduces itching. The ointment contains Kasisadi Oil and Yashad Bhasma to offer a completely natural solution for treating piles. This pack contains an applicator for convenient application.

Kasisadi Oil is a polyherbal Ayurvedic formulation, well known for the treatment of piles or hemorrhoids. It is used for external application on piles, corns, or warts to soften the inflamed tissues and reduce their size. Its antiseptic and disinfectant activities help in combating itchiness and pain by preventing the growth of microorganisms and bacteria in the anal area.

Pile is a condition marked by a collection of inflamed and swollen tissues which often results in constipation, anal bleeding, pain, and constant irritation. Kasisadi has an alkaline and corrosive nature that is effective in abrasion and shrinking the external growths that cause piles. It has shown amazing results in curing first- and second-degree piles.

An anal fissure is a small cut, crack, or tear in the anus and anal canal. This causes severe pain accompanied by bright red bleeding during and after the bowel movement. Kasisadi Oil and Zinc combination is very effective in healing such wounds whilst keeping the infections at bay.


  • Kasisadi Oil 25% w/w
  • Yashad Bhasma (Zinc oxi 5% w/w Kapoor (Camphor) 1%
  • Ointment base q.s.