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Xylocaine® Lidocaine Numbing Ointment

Lidocaine / Lignocaine 5%

(3 customer reviews)

USD $23.00

Xylocaine 5% Ointment is a local anesthetic. It works on the skin by blocking pain signals from the nerves to the brain. This numbs the area and decreases pain sensation.

For temporary relief of pain and/or itching associated with minor burns, sunburns, minor cuts, scrapes, insect bites or minor skin irritations. To minimize the pain before any needle insertion such as collagen injections, electrolysis, hair removal (laser hair removal, waxing), laser treatments, tattoo piercing/removal.

Size: 30g / 1.05oz
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What is Lidocaine/Lignocaine 5% Ointment Xylocaine®

Lidocaine 5% topical is used to temporarily numb and relieve pain from minor burns (including sunburn), skin abrasions, insect bites, and other painful conditions affecting mucous membranes. Lidocaine belongs to a class of drugs called local anesthetics.

Xylocaine® Ointment is used as a topical local anesthetic to provide analgesia (pain relief) to a local area of skin for certain minor surgical procedure. These include needle insertion, such as taking blood samples or applying intravenous catheters; cleaning leg ulcers; superficial surgical procedures like split skin grafting and superficial surgery involving genital skin. When applied to the skin prior to the procedure, Xylocaine® Ointment provides effective analgesia throughout the procedure, which continues for some time after.

Xylocaine® Ointment contains an anaesthetic lignocaine 5%. This anesthetic is amino amide that acts directly on nerve endings in the skin to block the generation and transmission of specific nerve impulses in a defined area, and this provides reversible loss of sensation in the superficial pain receptors. Lignocaine work by stabilising the membranes of nerve cells by blocking the influx of sodium ions through voltage-gated sodium channels in the cell membranes and this inhibits the generation of a nerve impulse and its transmission to the brain, which means that no sensation of pain will be received by the pain receptors, although other sensations such as pressure may still be perceived. Xylocaine® Ointment is absorbed through the layers of the skin reaching the nerve endings and pain receptors, where they work together to numb the area of skin before a potentially painful procedure such an injection.

Brand Names: AneCream, Bactine, Glydo, LidaMantle, Lidoderm, LidoRx, Medi-Quik Spray, RadiaGuard, Regenecare HA Spray, Solarcaine Aloe Extra Burn Relief


  • Lidocaine/Lignocaine USP 5% w/w
  • Ointment Base q.s.

3 reviews for Xylocaine® Lidocaine Numbing Ointment

  1. Ada and Debbie Fruke

    Can’t believe this topical works! I have used many but none with lidocaine. Nighttime is the worst time for my pain to kick in most. I have fibromyalgia also osteoarthritis. My hand joints can give me a fit, as well as muscle pain in my legs. I use this on both, it has helped every time especially enough I can go to sleep. It’s no hot/cold stuff and thank goodness, no ODOR! No smell at all. This was a great price here on okdermo. I will not be without it now for sure.

  2. Victoria D.G.

    It did calm my pain, I will keep it always in fridge

  3. Sofia Wert

    This stuff is wonderful!! Goes on thick; penetrates slowly, and stays there a really long time. My shins were killing me, no sleep, no rest, hard to even walk went to the VA and was assured it was all in my head! HAH!! Since then I went to a pain clinic (had MRI’s) and found it was a narrowing in my lower spine/ This is the only thing that I have found to completely quiet the pain. I’m buying more today!

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