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Dr. Reckeweg R77 Drops

Anti-Smoking Drops

USD $32.67

Indications: For withdrawal of smokers, smokers hangover, headache caused by smoking too much and thus arisen vasoconstriction, nausea, pain in the stomach, constipation, arrhythmic palpitation (beating of the heart), liver complaints, tympanitis. Disturbances of the function of the connective tissues. Disturbances of the endocrine, vascular disturbances, smoker’s leg.

Size: 22ml / 0.75fl.oz
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Mode of action of main ingredients of Dr. Reckeweg R77 Drops

The combination of the ingredients counteracts damages coming from a permanent supply of nicotine. If taken regularly over a longer period of time, the power of resistance will be strengthened the function of the autonomic nervous system will be restored and the vessels will better be supplied with blood. As a result that the nicotine for maintenance of an imitated equilibrium gets superfluous and, general well-being arises if tobacco is renounced.

Agaricus: Circulatory disturbances, irregular beating of the heart, liver bloated, coated tongue, pain in the stomach, and nausea.

Echinacea angustifolia: Strengthens the power of resistance, internal antiseptic with influence on the Iympathic system. Stimulation of all detoxification mechanisms.

Natrium chloratum: Temporal headache, arrhythmic palpitation, constipation with hard and dry stool.

Robinia: Pain in the stomach caused by smoking too much, acid gastritis (catarrhs of the stomach).

Tabacum: Against abuse of tobacco with collapse, paleness, perspiration, trepidation, cold of the limbs, neuralgia and vertigo, nausea, and vomiting. Specifically effective on peripheral and arterial disturbances. Smoker’s leg.

Dosage of Dr. Reckeweg R77 Drops

3 times daily 15-20 drops in some water


In case of nervousness due to withdrawal additional use of Vita-C15 forte Tonic is recommended.

Etiology: Bacteria of all types exist on the skin and in the bowel. These creatures live in symbiosis with their human host. The immune system of the host keeps the bacteria in check so they can help the digestion, absorption, and detoxification processes. Bacteria provide many needed functions and are needed for existence. Antibiotics attack these bacteria directly without the benefit of the immune system.


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