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Let’s take a look at the world of healthcare solutions by Gel Craft Healthcare (P) Limited, exclusively distributed globally by Bionova Corporation. Choose to buy or customize products using Medigel® technology.

Gel Craft Healthcare ℗ Limited (commonly referred to as GC) is the sole and original manufacturer of Organic & Aqua Gel Technology. Founded by a patriot with a background in Chemical Engineering coupled with IT and specialization in CS & MBA (Marketing), dedicated his life towards achieving new standards of comforting life of old, vulnerable, and injured people by adding health benefits through gel care.

The procedures were reshaped for visualization of knowledge to the general community pertaining to this ignored area of pain induction by another patriot with a Ph.D. in Life Sciences. A new dimension of cosmetic and natural health care solutions was developed by a Plant Specialist (a person of Indian origin, trained herself at the best laboratories of the Canadian sub-continent).

All these specialists are pioneers of their research work and have conglomerated their efforts for providing comfort and life-saving / enhancing solutions. All these technologies, services, and commercial products are available in a single window solution, Bionova Corporation, a unit of GC with exclusive global distribution and business rights.