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Fourrts Labs

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Good health is the primary goal of any individual, society, or the nation as a whole. Fourrts was founded in 1977 with a strong commitment to society to deliver quality health care. Fourrts with its impressive standing in the Pharma Industry for over 40 years is committed to excellence in health care. Fourrts is an Ethical, Transparent, Spirited, and Vibrant organization with a progressive outlook.

The dedicated approach of Fourrts has made available a range of innovative, value-added, evidence-based products for ailing patients.

Fourrts products have found immediate acceptance by practicing doctors both in India and Overseas. At present Fourrts products are available all over India and in over 50 countries around the world. Today Fourrts is rated as one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in India.

Fourrts is backed by a dedicated and well-trained professional team of over 2500 professionals.

Fourrts has stood the test of time for more than 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry. We at Fourrts have always endeavored to deliver quality products to benefit the end-users – the patients. We have always believed in an ethical and straightforward approach in all business dealings.

These values have enabled us to establish a strong and enduring relationship with our customers in India and Overseas. We are always in the process of collaborating with forward-looking organizations in order to strengthen our product offering.

Every Fourrtsian is a thorough professional dedicated to excellence. The name Fourrts will always stand for the highest levels of quality, integrity, and business ethics. Our pursuit for excellence shall continue forever.