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BioPlus presents a new paradigm for the bio-industry based on its unique technology and expertise in bio-material applications.

Also, we are constantly challenged to improve the quality of human life and a healthy future.

MDM® technology completed by BioPlus through research and development is growing rapidly in recognition of its technology in overseas markets,
including manufacturing of various bioproducts such as anti-adhesion agents, Biomaterial breast implants, artificial cartilage as well as filler.

We perform various missions for a healthy and beautiful society. We are a customer-centered company that pursues sharing and human management of customer satisfaction. We continue our efforts to create new values for tomorrow.

HyalDew presents a series of hyaluronic acid- (HA)-based fillers from the South Korean company BioPlus Co., Ltd. A unique 3-staged HA cross-linking technology is used for the manufacture of HyalDew products, which allows for regulating HA cross-linking rate and gel viscosity. As a result, the HyalDew series contains 4 products with different gel parameters for various needs: HyalDew All, HyalDew Mid, HyalDew Fine, and HyalDew Shine.