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Kiara® Reju Moisturizer and Skin Firming Treatment

Hyaluronic Acid 20mg/ml + Polynucleotides 5mg/ml + Niacinamide 1mg/ml

USD $112.00


Kiara Reju presents a series of skin boosters from the Korean company BioPlus Co., Ltd. Unlike most bio-revitalization boosters based solely on PDRN, Kiara Reju also contains HA to provide more hydration to the skin and thus enhance the rejuvenating effect.

  • Improvement of elasticity, tone, and structure of the skin
  • Prolonged skin hydration effect
  • Stimulates the regeneration of all layers of the skin
  • Restoration of the epidermal barrier
  • Activates skin microcirculation
  • Kiara Reju is a booster for bio-revitalization

The aesthetic effect lasts up to 12 months.

Size: 3 Syringes (2.2ml/0.07fl.oz)
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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What is Kiara® Reju Moisturizer and Skin Firming Treatment?

An excellent product for moisturizing and firming the skin. PDRN is a unit of DNA that is the basic unit of energy supply to the human body. Combined with hyaluronic acid (a natural moisturizing factor), PDRN is a powerful skin regeneration and hydration agent that can simultaneously stimulate skin regeneration and radiance.

Kiara Reju is a series of skin boosters based on polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN), hyaluronic acid (HA), and niacinamide. PDRN is a powerful anti-aging agent, which triggers tissue regeneration processes, while HA is a key molecule involved in skin hydration. With aging, the HA content of our skin gradually decreases. Kiara Reju moisturizes the skin, improves its elasticity, and makes it more luminous and radiant. The presence of niacinamide in the composition reduces inflammation after the procedure.

Recommended Course of Kiara® Reju Moisturizer and Skin Firming Treatment

Treatment should be proceeded according to the scheme of 1-2 procedures in 10-12 days, depending on the condition of the skin.

The drug works not only as a moisturizer but also gives the effect of light and clear skin, filling with moisture from the inside.

  • Immediate filling of the skin with moisture;
  • Improving skin tone and elasticity;
  • Normalizes the dermal layer of the skin;
  • Strengthens the barrier function of the skin;
  • Creates radiant skin.

Recommended needle sizes: 30G * 4mm, 31G * 4mm, 30G * 12mm can also be used.

Benefits of Kiara® Reju Moisturizer and Skin Firming Treatment

  • Treatment of the first signs of aging (fine wrinkles and superficial wrinkles)
  • Repair of damaged skin (due to exposure to UV rays and excessive cosmetic treatment)
  • Improvement in skin texture and tone
  • Smooth acne scars and other skin blemishes
  • Decrease in unwanted skin pigmentation

The product has contraindications. We are not responsible for any side effects you may experience after self-administering the products. For any procedure, it is recommended that you consult a doctor or healthcare professional.

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