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Return / Refund Policy

Orders fulfilled by OKDERMO.com always shipped only to Shipping Address of the customer, provided by the customer during the order process in OKDERMO.com site. It’s only customer’s responsibility to provide us with the true, verified and right shipping address and parcel receiver information. Customer controls the delivery to verify it is accurate and error free.

At the complaint, the customer contacts OKDERMO.com via email: [email protected] and gives relevant information, order number and the reason for complaint. We are solving any issues from our side and trying to help you as much as we can. Contact OKDERMO.com via email: [email protected] before returning any items first and foremost. If a package is unclaimed – the customer has to pay for shipping and a handling fee. Delivery problems cannot be connected with OKDERMO.com, we are using 3rd party couriers and shipping companies (EMS Express, Global Express etc).

  • If we did not comply with the conditions, and you have not received your order within 30 days from the date of payment, we will refund the damage in full. In this case, the full sum you have spent will be refunded to your bank account.
  • Our products are non-returnable, so choose them carefully and responsibly when ordering. There are several cases exist when we can make the refund: when the product is severely damaged or you did not receive your order (only after thorough inspection of our guilt, with added proof photos from you, we will send you an identical product or make a refund on our discretion).
  • You can request a refund contacting us via email: [email protected] and filling out the form. The reason for the return of money or identical goods can be when Customer received the wrong item; when Customer received badly damaged goods due to bad transportation.
  • When we receive your application for a refund, there are two different return operations (depending on the case and the Customer requirements):
    1. Order Reshipping: we carefully review your application, and if the fact of damage and/or non-compliance is confirmed, we will – send you an identical product; when the product is ready to ship –  we will ship it out immediately and a track-number will be sent on your e-mail.
    2. Payment Refund: we carefully review your application, and if the fact of damage and/or non-compliance is confirmed, we will refund you the money within 1 to 4 weeks on your bank account/card.
  • The customer can cancel their order, but only in case if the order was not shipped yet from our warehouse (you can check order status by contacting the technical support via email: [email protected]). In this case, you’ll have to pay the transaction fees to the bank for this operation. The sum of all fees will be automatically deducted from the total purchase price, and the remainder of the sum will be refunded to your bank account within 5 business days.
  • We are fulfilling our Customer’s orders as soon as possible and always work with the open mind. If the Customer applies for Chargeback (which in turn carries a high cost and low rating of the Site for processing payment systems), the operation with the requirements of the Customer will be performed immediately. But in this case this person will be banned and added to the international payment processor blacklist, moreover, such a Customer will not be able to buy products from our Site and similar websites.
  • Registered and paid-up order cannot be changed. In the case when Customer would like to change paid order he should just make one more order. The new order will be delivered in a separate package.

Transport damage: If the product is lost or you, upon receiving, notice that the item has been damaged during transport, you should immediately report this to the shipping company and OKDERMO.com. Don’t accept such a parcel, it is not our responsibility, it is your right to not accept such a damaged parcel from the transport company. The best solution is to not accept such a damaged packaging and make a reclamation in the name of the transport company.

Unclaimed packages: For packages that are not cashed (unclaimed or refused by the addressee) at your post office within 14 days and returned to our warehouse, OKDERMO.com not bear any responsibility and reserves the right not to refund any payments, moreover okdermo.com may charge you a handling fee to cover the return shipping and freight companies’ administrative costs.

All inquiries: [email protected]

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