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Proanthocyanidins are chemical compounds. They give the fruit or flowers of many plants their red, blue, or purple colors. They were first studied for their importance as plant pigments. But these compounds may help prevent cancer. Proanthocyanidins are in a group of compounds called polyphenols. These belong to a subclass called flavonoids. Effective in the following cases:

  • UV Induced Hyperpigmentation
  • Chloasma and Melasma
  • Skin Lightening
  • Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)
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What is Proanthocyanidin 75 mg Tablets Procdina®

Proanthocyanidin has a lightening effect on ultraviolet-induced skin pigmentation, it is demonstrated that Proanthocyanidin is effective in lightening the UV-induced pigmentation of guinea pig skin. This effect may be related to the inhibition of melanin synthesis by tyrosinase in melanocytes and the reactive oxygen species (ROS)-related proliferation of melanocytes and also may show identical results on the human skin pigmentation such as melasma. These data suggest that Proanthocyanidins extract may be useful as a skin whitening agent when taken orally.

Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins have been studied for a long time and demonstrated various phytopharmaceutical applications. The objectives of this study were to assess the cutaneous lightening and anti-aging effects of Proanthocyanidins after 56 days of consumption, in healthy Asian women. The cosmetic efficacy of the product was assessed through various biometrological evaluations. Phenolic compounds, Flavonoids, and Proanthocyanidins from plants are responsible for the antioxidative activities of herbal products. This is explained by their chemical structure and their ability to donate free electron and hydrogen.

This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled and cross-over study evidenced the safety and efficacy of the 100 mg Proanthocyanidins supplementation from 28 days of intake: in comparison to the placebo, the skin on pigmentary spots became significantly lighter and less red, skin on the face was more firm and its surface was less wrinkled.

After 56 days of consumption, the skin was additionally significantly more elastic and the yellow constituent of the skin decreased on the normal skin. Taken together, these results proved that Proanthocyanidins supplementation can be considered as an innovative approach to skin whitening and anti-aging treatments. It represents an interesting alternative to topical products and supports the skin from the inside out. The beneficial effects of Proanthocyanidin was maximally achieved after 6 months and these was no further improvement after this period. The latter Proanthocyanidin intake for 5 months may prevent chloasma from becoming worse prior to the summer season. Proanthocyanidin is safe and useful for improving chloasma.

Other names: anthocyanidin, anthocyanadins, anthocyanin, celphinidin, cyanidin, delphinidin, malvidin, pelargonidin, peonidin, petunidin



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Proanthocyanidin 75mg


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