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LED Light Therapy Facial Mask

Photon-Electroporation Rejuvenation

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USD $47.00


The LED Facial Mask is designed to give you an easy and professional LED Light Facial treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Through photodynamic therapy, the LED Mask will change the appearance of your skin. Increase blood flow and collagen production, whiten skin wrinkles, tighten skin, improve pigments, fine lines, anti-aging, reduce skin oil, smooth skin, promote skin, reduce redness and swelling.

This LED light therapy mask is suitable for all skin types. Choose your favorite color setting and start to restore facial beauty. The LED light treatment mask can transmit natural light waves, activate the photographer in the skin cells, and beautify your skin tone. This skin care mask uses 150 non-ultraviolet, non-heat-generating LED bulbs with no side effects.

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What is LED Light Pro-Therapy Facial Mask?

The LED Light Therapy Mask is an optimal skincare experience for your face. The combination of LED light programs provides effective treatment for a vast range of common skin problems. The versatility of the LED Therapy Mask works by exposing the skin to 7 proven wavelengths of light, delivered at a safe therapeutic dose, to combat visible signs of aging, hyperpigmentation, minimize scarring, killing acne bacteria, and more. All while leaving your skin soft and smooth. Bring salon technology to the comfort of your own home and experience LED Mask work miracles on your skin. 7 different LED light color waves available:

  1. Red Ligh (630nm wavelength) – Great anti-aging benefits because of its ability to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Help increase blood circulation and stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen and speed up metabolism, making your skin firm and shiny smooth texture.
  2. Blue Light (470nm wavelength) – Great for acne treatment. Stimulates the production of oxygen radicals that kills acne-causing bacteria, without damaging the skin. Inhibit acne growth with anti-inflammation and skin repair effects, reduce the risks of leaving scars.
  3. Green Light (520nm wavelength) – Reduce skin oil secretion for enhanced oil and water balance to achieve neutralization and a stable state.
  4. Yellow Light (590nm wavelength) – Used to cleanse the skin, boost lymphatic flow, and increase the production of new skin cells. Improve cell oxygen exchange and promote microcirculation to replenish energy for skin cells.
  5. Purple Light – Dual-frequency light of red light and blue light to repair acne and improve lymph metabolism.
  6. Cyan Light – Enhances cell energy and promotes metabolism to enhance skin vitality.
  7. Laser Light – Activate the natural renewal system to fade the fine lines and tighten the loose skin for anti-aging effect and restoring a younger and healthier skin looks.

Operating time: The recommended operating time is between 10 and 15 minutes.

Proven to help treat common skin conditions: acne, anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, eczema, regular cuts, abrasions and burns, scars, and stretch marks.

Benefits of using LED Light Pro-Therapy Facial Mask?

  • Adopt LED light photodynamic therapy will activate deep cells and strengthen microvessels to solve different skin problems, no high heat, and no side effects, suitable for all skin types.
  • Come with 7 adjustable color lights in different wavelengths which can give off energy for beneficial effects, such as lightening the pigmentation to fade spot and whiten the skin, smoothing wrinkle and fine lines to restore skin elasticity and tightness, shrinking pores and inhibiting acne for enhanced skin repair effect and so on.
  • Full face mask design with built-in nose pad and protective goggles can be worn directly with ergonomic fit and enhanced stability, secure to fasten without dropping off easily.
  • One button control allows you to operate by one hand, user friendly to instantly power on/off, and switch light modes according to your demands.
  • Premium ABS and PC material, non-toxic and odorless for enhanced safe applications, healthy, and non-irritating to your delicate skin.
  • Lightweight and portable design, convenient to put in your bag to carry around, suitable for personal home use and professional salon use.