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CGG Cosmetics

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We want to change how we look after ourselves by drawing attention to the areas and the problems that we often overlook, or consider unimportant – but do in fact, affect how we feel and consequently how we appear. By addressing the root of these issues, we bring to you the key to a longer-lasting, deeper, and more meaningful version of beautiful.

When we say we develop highly targeted remedial products, we mean it. From the ingredients to the textural experience, we’re making sure that it’s all closely monitored, formulated and repeatedly tested. We simply won’t launch a product if it does not live up to a very high standard of quality and efficacy.

Our nature-forward approach to formulation ensures our ingredients and actives are in their most natural skin-friendly usable form. We take every precaution to eliminate anything that has the smallest chance to adversely affect your body and our environment. Every one of our products are tested clinically to ensure 100% dermatological safety.

We do not use ingredients that will hinder the longevity of our natural resources, or harm our furry friends – be it their habitats or the animals themselves. We’ve also started a recycling program for our containers. It’s the little things that matter, and every little effort can count positively towards saving our planet.