OKDERMO.COM its quality, rare & affordable skin care cosmeceuticals with worldwide shipping! Rare anti-wrinkle, skin lightening and bleaching, pigmentation lowering solutions, facial hair removal, anti acne, anti ageing and eyelash growth products.

Our store was developed to bring you the best available price/quality options on the marked. Buying from us – you can be assured that any other company cannot give you better conditions than we. We carry only working and tested range of rare and hard-to-find cosmeceuticals which was essentialy made and developed for results.

We have a wide range of skin care cosmeceuticals – eyelash growth serums and solutions, lash enhancers with proved effectiveness, solutions which slows down aging process – anti aging creams and gels against fine lines, wrinkles, bumpy, rough, uneven tone of skin, dry sensitive or mature skin. Also hair loss treatment products, anti blemishes and spots, skin whitening creams for real shiny face, even solutions against vitiligo suffering persons!

We have also products against dermatitis and eczema (comedones, seborrhea – seborea, papules, pustules, fordyce spots, pimples, enlarged pores, oily skin, spots and blackheads). Additionaly we are official distributor of cosmeceuticals against hyperpigmentation, dark discolorations, age and liver spots, sun damaged skin, sun spots, freckles and melasma / chloasma. All our solutions will help your skin to be perfect and stay beautiful without makeup!

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