TAN-X® Inflamed Gum Astringent

Iodine 0.3% + Menthol 0.08% + Potassium Iodide 0.5% + Tannic Acid 30% + Thymol 0.05%

USD $24.00

TAN-X® Inflamed Gum Astringent contains Tannic acid, Iodine, Thymol, and Menthol as active ingredients. Used as a powerful astringent to treat bleeding gums.

For gum massage in inflamed bleeding gums.

Size: 30ml / 1fl.oz

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What is TAN-X® Gum Astringent?

  • The astringent acts as an antiseptic, tighten gums and fight against gum diseases.
  • Tannic acid provides excellent efficacy against spongy bleeding gums
  • Iodine acts as a strong antiseptic
  • Thymol acts as an abundant
  • Menthol acts as a counter-irritant

Apply to the affected area with a cotton applicator for 2 – 3 minutes


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